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Live Monitoring

Live monitoring is for troubleshooting the system you are currently working on, and is a helpful tool to see if communication is flowing through to and from your devices.


To monitor a system and seeing the flow of data, the project file in the controller needs to be uploaded with Project Designer 1.26 or later


You are able to see wether peripheral devices on the network or serial are connected and hence finding the ones that are not.

We are able to see if TCP, PJLink, Telnet & serial connections are communicating with the controller connected, but also what data is flowing back and forth..

It is also possible to see the state of inputs and outputs, high/low, triggered/untriggered as well as minitoring IR commands sent out.


Watch the video and the description below to get started:

The way you get started is to press "Live Monitoring" in the Systems view.


Then, if you are sure you have the matching project loaded, just press "Start".

If you haven't got the latest project loaded or if you are in the field and want to load from the system, then press "Download project", this is possible from USB or the network.


When you press start you can see below, that the Inputs are being triggered (red=low, green=high). When the outputs are triggered they will turn red.


The LAN connection is shown with the green/red circle indicating which device is not connected, in the example below the connection to the preamplifier is pulled and then re-connected (on LAN please allow approximately 10 seconds in order to re-connect)

On the serial connections you are able to see outbound and incoming communication indicated by arrows on the ports or opening the live data window.



Beware that you cannot monitor live data in between Neets Extension devices. 



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