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How to enable PUSH mode for Input State changes on Biamp Extension amplifiers

When using the GPIO's as inputs on the Biamp AMP-D225H amplifier or Biamp PM4100 preamplifier with a 3rd party control system, a setting can notify the control system about state changes. 


Out of the box the amplifiers are using the PULL method where you have to ask the amplifier for the state of the inputs at a certain time interval. However, this method is not ideal as you might miss an update between asking for the state on the inputs. 

Instead, we recommend using the PUSH mode where the amplifiers announce input state changes as feedback to the control system. You need to enable this in the amplifier in the following way:


1. Connect using Docklight Scripting to the amplifier either using a USB-A to Mini USB-B to the 'CONFIG' port at the front of the amplifier or via the IP address and port 5000.


2. Send this command:


3. Amplifier will confirm the setting by sending this:



When inputs changes state, you will receive the following message either via RS232 or IP:


Where 'X' is the GPIO number. See example below with GPIO 1. 




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