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Parlé SBC 2 / Neets Sound Bar SB-2 - FAQ

Q: Can I connect the Neets SB-2 to any TV? 

A: Most TV's on the market now has an HDMI connector with either ARC (Audio Return Channel) or eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) which is backwards compatible with ARC. The SB-2 has an HDMI connector that supports ARC and hence works with most TV's.

NOTE: Beware that there might be small variations to how the TV manufacturers have implemented ARC, and hence we cannot guarantee compatibility with all TV models. 


Q: Does the Neets Sound Bar SB-2 work with video conference systems?

A: Yes, the sound bar has a USB Audio input which will make it work as a USB speaker which most VC systems support. There are also Unbalanced (RCA) and Balanced inputs available as well. 

If the requirement is an all-in-one VC system with microphone, speaker and webcam have a look at the Collabo 2.0 bundle for smaller meeting spaces that includes the SB-2 as well. 


Q: How can the Neets Sound Bar SB-2 be controlled?

A: The sound bar can be controlled either via the TV remote if using HDMI-ARC, USB Audio or via serial data (RS232) using a Neets control system or any other control system using our control protocol. 


Q: Does the Neets Sound Bar SB-2 work without a Neets control system? 

A: Yes, the Sound Bar has an 'Auto on/off' mode where it automatically powers on/off, depending on the presence of a signal on the inputs. The mode can be activated by a switch on the back of the device. See more here


Q: How many EQ Presets are available and what is the difference?

A: There are 3 different presets available. We have created this article that describe which use cases the presets are  optimized for. 



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