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Source behavior on Sound Bar SB-2

In Auto on/off mode, it will power on by the first active source and that will stay active until signal timeout. What does this mean?

When the Sound Bar have powered on the activating input source, it will be kept as the active source for as long as there is a signal. When the signal is removed, the Sound Bar will be kept on for an additional 3 minutes before automatically powering off again. And the wake-on-signal function will start over again sensing for an active signal.

To take a real example that some may experience. A TV with HDMI-ARC is connected to the Neets SB-2. At the same time a Laptop is also connected to the sound bar via USB Audio. 


In this example the TV is turned on first and hence HDMI-ARC is the current active source on SB-2. The user now wishes to change source to USB and looks for the Sound Bar SB-2 as a source on his Laptop audio output. 

It will however not show up as a source on the laptop until the TV is switched off and the USB source will get chosen as the active source on SB-2 instead via signal sense (Auto on/off). 

Likewise, if the USB source was activated first then the TV will not detect the Sound Bar on HDMI-ARC before the USB is disconnected from the Laptop.



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