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Source behavior on Sound Bar SB-2

On the Sound Bar SB-2 only one source will be active at the same time. What does this mean?

To take a real example that some may experience. A TV with HDMI-ARC is connected to the SB-2. At the same time a Laptop is also connected to the Sound Bar via USB Audio. 


The TV was turned on first and hence is the current active source on SB-2. The user wishes to change source to USB and looks for the Sound Bar SB-2 as a source on his Laptop audio output. 

It will however not show up as a source on the laptop until the TV is switched off and the USB source will get selected as the active source on SB-2 instead either via signal sense (Auto on/off) or using a control system (RS232)  

Likewise, if the USB source was activated first then the TV will not detect the Sound Bar before the USB is disconnected.

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