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How to limit the maximum volume?

It is now possible to limit the maximum attainable volume on the Parlé SBC 2 / Neets Sound Bar - SB2. Meaning, that the users can only regulate the volume up to a certain point, and never go beyond that, using either the TV remote via ARC, PC/Mac volume via USB or using a control system via RS232. 

The maximum volume has to be set using RS232 either by using a Impera Control System or using a PC with a serial port or USB>Serial adaptor. Any adaptor should work just fine. The connection from a PC should look like the illustration below. 


When connected to the laptop using RS232, connect mains power to the Parlé SBC 2 / Sound Bar - SB2 and open Docklight Scripting. Download the Docklight project file attached at the bottom of this article and open it in Docklight. 


Locate the Max volume commands in Docklight and send the command with your preferred maximum level (default is 100). Sound Bar will confirm the command with a NEUNIT=1,OK.

For additional confirmation that the setting has been stored, the setting can be read out using the Max volume ? command as well. 


There is no need to save settings. Setting will be stored in the memory, even after power cycle.







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