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Mode switch - Explained

The mode selection switch is used to select between RS-232 control mode and the Auto on/off mode combined with one of the three EQ presets (Video Conference, Music & Present).


Auto On/off mode

When the switch is set in one of the three Auto on/off modes, the conferencing bar will activate the Wake-on-signal function and work autonomously powering on and off.

Setting the switch in Auto on/off mode will ensure that Wake-on-signal is activated even if Wake-on-signal was previously disabled by a command in RS-232 mode.

In Auto, on/off mode, the RS-232 control port will still be active, but the Sound Bar will not react to incoming commands or queries. Instead, the conferencing bar will reply to an RS-232 command or query telling the connected control system that the conferencing bar is set to Auto on/off mode.


RS-232 mode

In RS-232 mode, the RS-232 port will be active. The RS-232 port is used to control the conferencing bar by commands, and status from conferencing bar can be requested by queries.

The Wake-on-signal function will by default be disabled in RS-232 mode. But by RS-232 command it is possible to activate the function if both Wake-on-signal and RS-232 control is needed for the application.

To control the conferencing bar by RS-232 connect a control system to the RS-232 port with the following settings:

  • Baudrate: 19200
  • Databit: 8
  • Stopbit: 1
  • Parity: None

Please be aware that RS-232 control is deactivated if the Sound Bar is set to Auto on/off mode. The commands for RS-232 control can be found in the product manual. 

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