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Neets EasyConnect

Slide49.PNGThere are basically two (2) options to go for in the range of EasyConnect, the power only version or the control version. 

Common for both is that they both have 6 cables included as described below, they are 1,7 meters long and are male-male.

The power-only can be fitted with outlets for DK, DE (Schuko), Swiss and UNI power version, in this you will find two outlets.

On the control version there is one outlet in the same options as above, but you can choose to fit a Neets controller in them as well. The choices are; OsCar, EcHo, EcHo Plus and SieRRa II. (Controllers are bought separately)

You can choose to fit the optional cable bag underneath to avoid legs under the table to get tangled in the cables.


Neets MiniConnect - MC1

This is a round cable cubby intended for smaller installs, where you need fewer cables than in the EasyConnect. You can fit three cables into the holes in the bottom of the MiniConnect, easily done by removing the finger shaped brackets and fitting the plastic gliders around the cables and refitting the fingers again.

It only takes a 100mm (4") cup drill to fit the MiniConnect in the table.



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