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Project Designer - Function section

In this video on Functions, you will see that in order to get functionality on the buttons you simply drag the sequences from the left of the screen onto the buttons.

Below you can see the different sectors in the Functions view, still the ribbon is on top with some of the special functions like button grouping, clear button and the scripting window.

On the left hand side, the sequences of the drivers you added in the System view are available.

Drag the sequences on to the buttons where you need them, below are some Functions or attributes you can add to the buttons, often used functions are the "Screen function", the "Add mute function" and "Link element" 

When you want to see and maybe rearrange the order of the sequences, you have a view on the right hand side called Actions. Just remember that the different sequences are fired after each other only within the one device. When the button is pressed, "device 1" will send its command sequences onto its port, but we are not waiting for it to be done before sending "device 2's" command sequences. They will be sent immediately on its own port. No reason to wait, when all devices have their own separate ports.

The led blinking on the button is defined by the device with the longest execution/waiting period (e.g. power on 22 sec. and change source 3 sec. = 25 sec. total amount of blinking LED time)


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