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Project Designer - Start screen and options

This video will explain to you, the starting screen of Neets Project Designer and the settings you can alter.

Navigation and naming of sections on this view is as below:

To the left is your general navigation and in the white window you see all the Neets controllers, even the ones phased from production.

When you click on one of the controllers you will see all sorts of different templates, which is a great help when you need inspiration.

In the graphical themes for UI, you will find themes such as Bolzano, Arona and Matterhorn. These are a really great jumpstart for when you want to design something really good looking for your customers.


In the options you are able to change the theme of Project Designer between Normal and Dark mode.

Change the language between English, German, French or Chinese.

Last box is the File locations, where you are able to decide where to default save your Projects, Device drivers and graphical elements for the UI controllers.


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