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How to set Soundbar SB-1 to Always On

When using the Neets Soundbar SB-1 as a speaker for Video conferencing or online training sessions without a control system (i.e. Collabo 2.0) there are situations, where there will be no audio feedback from the participants in the meeting for longer periods of time.

This means that using the standard settings with Automatic power on/off based on signal sense the soundbar will turn off after a set period of time. When participants finally start speaking again, there is a boot-up time before the soundbar is ready to play again, so there might be some audio that will be lost in the process.

The best way to avoid this, is to configure the soundbar to be always on.


What you will need:

Docklight Scripting - Get it here

Docklight file with setup commands - Get it at the bottom of this article

A USB>Serial (RS232) adaptor cable - Get it here

A SUB9 cable connected to Soundbar SB-1 RS232 port (Tx, Rx, GND)  





1. Put the mode switch in the socket panel of the SB-1 in "RS232" mode.

2. Power On the Soundbar SB-1 using the Neets supplied power supply.

3. Connect the USB>Serial adaptor to your PC and connect the SUB9>Phoenix cable to the RS232 connector on Soundbar SB-1 

4. Open Docklight Scripting and open the Soundbar SB-1 Docklight file.

5. Select the COM port that the USB>Serial device is using and verify that Communication settings are like this:  


6. Press the mceclip0.png icon to open the connection to the soundbar.

7. Send the commands "Wake On Signal Off" and "Power On". Sound Bar will confirm that each command is received. 


8. Remove mains power from soundbar and confirm that, when powered on, it will turn on automatically (white front LED) and it is playing sound from the correct source. 

9. If no sound is playing, then select the correct source i.e. "Input RCA" and verify that sound is coming out. 




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