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Introduction to Neets Academy


With this series of articles you are able to step through, you will learn all the basics of the Neets products and software.

It is built of videos primarily, but also text, pictures and quizzes to support and engage you in the learning.

Begin the training




How to acquire certification 

When you are done going through the material, you can choose to go send in two project files as an exam and receive feedback plus a certificate for completion if satisfactory!


Examination instructions

These exercises are to be completed in the best way possible, and then send the project files to starting the subject with Neets Academy.

Afterwards you will receive feedback via mail on the sent project files, if both tasks are completed with satisfaction, you will receive a certificate.

Should you get stuck, please review the chapter in Neets Academy or send a mail to the above address or search our knowledge base for info on the specific question.

The exam assignments can be seen in the PDF attached to this article below

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