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Using a QR code to access the web GUI on Neets Control Systems

In order to access the GUI on a Neets controller, all you basically need is a browser. This is because the GUI is created as a website in HTML. 

Normal business is that there will be a dedicated Touch Panel in the room you wish to control with the Neets Control APP installed, but any device works with just a browser.

And to make it even smarter, you can simply create a QR code like the one below. Hang it by the door and let the users scan the code, so that they can get access to the user interface.

The QR code here is going to, but with the QR code creaters on the big internet you can easily change that.

I used to create this one!


The supported Neets Controllers are OsCar, EcHo Plus, SieRRa I+II, LiMA, TanGo, AlFa I+II and DelTa.

N.B. on the OsCar and EcHo Plus you will not get the full customizable GUI, but on the other hand a representation of the keypad as shown below.


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