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Firmware doesn't get updated. Tried uploading several times

Are you working with a TanGo, Lima, AlFa II or Sierra II and are you experiencing that, no matter how many times you upload the project, the firmware doesn't get updated. 



The root cause is that the control system is not deleting the older firmware files after upload and reboot, so it is booting on the first available firmware file, which is the oldest. See the image below where, multiple firmwares are available on the SD card.




In order to fix the problem here is what to do:

1. Disconnect power from Neets Controller
2. Remove the SD card from the product and insert into PC card reader.
3. Manually delete the old firmware file (i.e. 3.25.1.bin and 3.25.3 in the above example), so only one firmware file remains.
4. Re-insert SD card and after booting up, it gets the firmware file remaining on the SD card. 


This issue should be solved in firmware 3.27.0 and later (Project Designer 1.27.0). 






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