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How to upgrade the firmware in Solvo by Neets / Devio SCR-10

In some cases, you might be asked by Biamp Support to try a firmware upgrade on your Solvo / Devio SCR-10.


NOTE: Beware that there are two versions of Solvo which is a 2K version and a 4K version and they have different firmware versions. Here is how to tell which version you have.

The latest version of the firmwares are attached at the bottom of this article. 


Here is how to do the firmware update:


1. Please install the 'Solvo by Neets / Devio SCR-10 - Upgrade' application attached below.


System requirements:

Windows 8, 10 (Supports both 32 and 64 Bit versions)

1GHz (gigahertz) processor or faster (x86 compatible).

1-2GB (gigabyte) RAM.

30MB available hard disk space.

A screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.




2. Please download the firmware file attached in this article at the bottom and place it somewhere on your PC, where it can be easily located later in the process (i.e. Downloads or your Desktop).


3. Connect Solvo / Devio SCR-10 to mains power using the 5V Power Supply provided with the product and let it boot. Booting takes approximately 5 seconds. 


4. Connect the provided Solvo USB cable (3 meter USB-B to USB-A) from the Solvo USB-B port to the PC.


5. Locate the pinhole at the back of the Solvo in between the USB ports and the power connector. See the image below.



6. To enter flashing state (DFU mode) use a sharp object to press the pinhole button and hold the button pressed for approximately 7 seconds until the front LED flashes red.


7. Go to Windows Device Manager and it should show the following device.



8. Update the driver like shown on the below screens. The Solvo firmware update driver is located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Solvo by Neets - Upgrade\Driver"







9. Start the "Solvo by Neets - Upgrade" application from the start menu.



The Solvo upgrade application, should show green indication and indicate that the Solvo is connected and show the currently installed version. (i.e. 0101 = 1.1)



10. Now load the firmware file downloaded earlier by pressing the 'Choose' button and find the location of the firmware *.dfu file and click "Open".



11. Now click 'Upgrade' to start the flashing process. 



12. Firmware now flashes. Takes approximately 15 seconds and upon successful update it leaves flashing state (DFU mode) and reboots with the new firmware.



13. Once completed it will inform that the firmware upgrade is completed and that it has left flashing mode (DFU mode).



14. Close the Solvo by Neets - Upgrade application upon completion.



If something goes wrong during the update process (cable unplugged, loss of power etc.) the Solvo is able to revert back to the previous firmware and boot again on the old firmware.


If you experience any issues during or after the update progress please contact Neets support. 


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