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Project Designer 1.26.0 - Telnet connection method not connecting

When using a device driver in Project Designer 1.26.0, that uses Telnet as connection method to the device, it doesn't get connected. Live monitoring shows that the connection state stays purple, and never becomes red or green. 


Root cause

Bug introduced in the Telnet connection module in 1.26.0. 


Try using another connection method such as TCP or RS232 to the device instead. If that is not an option, downgrade to Project Designer 1.25.3 by uninstalling 1.26.0 and installing Project Designer 1.25.3 from here

Project file from 1.26.0 cannot be opened in 1.25.3, but in case you have a big project with UI design, try to send it to your local distributor or Neets support, and we will try to convert it to an older version for you.  


Reported to RnD. Will be fixed in the next release. 

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