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Solvo - USB device not working

In some cases we have seen that some USB devices will not start up or is not recognized by the PC/Mac, when connected to the USB ports of the Solvo. 

If you experience that a USB device is working correctly when plugged into a PC/Mac USB port, but not working when plugged into Solvo's USB ports, then most probably it is one of two causes. 



Issue could be caused by the USB cable. USB 3.0 devices must have a USB 3.0 certified cable.

And cable length should not exceed 3 meters (10 ft.). Issue might be caused by the device running close to the tolerance of the standard, because of cable length, cable quality or interference from the surroundings. Try with a shorter cable of a good quality. 


Power Consumption

Issue could also be caused by the peripheral device using more power than what is specified as maximum power consumption by the USB standards. 

For a USB 1.0 or 2.0 device the maximum consumption should be 500 mA

For a USB 3.0 device the maximum consumption should be 900 mA

The Solvo by Neets complies with the standards on the 1x USB 3.0 and USB ports, but that being said we have made some improvements to the Solvo, to accommodate for peripheral devices that uses slightly more power than what is allowed by the standards. The improved hardware starts at serial number 206000500.  


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