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Solvo - Multiple microphone behavior?

When using Solvo in an application that requires better speech intelligibility from possibly a larger audience, than what a USB camera microphone can deliver, then using an external mixer with professional microphones could be an option.


One thing to keep in mind when designing the system is to choose the right components for the job to minimize the risk of errors for the users. That includes keeping the input/output options to a minimum.

This means that, ideally there should be only:

  • 1x Webcam
  • 1x Audio Output device
  • 1x Audio Input device 

Meaning i.e. that if you already have an external microphone system, then don't choose a webcam with built-in microphones as well. Then it could lead to that Windows / MacOS would choose the wrong one.

See the example below that contains two microphone devices. 



Instead of the above you might want to select a USB camera without a microphone or a model where the USB microphone can be disabled. In the example below it is a AVer Cam340+. 



This way Solvo will only detect one microphone and expose that to the operating system on the PC/Mac. For the audio output, it will send the audio to the 3.5mm mini-jack output connnection to the Neets SB-1.


Read this article to know more about, how the audio input and output works on Solvo.  



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