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Using USB extenders with Solvo

In some cases you might need to place a USB device further away from Solvo than the 3 meters (10 ft.) recommended by the USB 3.0 standard.

We are not actively testing extenders in Biamp, but we would love hearing from you when you use an extender with success on a project, so that we can share that with fellow Biamp users around the world.

If you have tested a USB extender with success that is not on the list below please get in touch

Here is a list of devices that we have been informed should be working well in combination with Solvo.


 Brand  Model(s) Ext. PSU needed  Length  
  Hall Research     CUSB3-AP30     No   30m
  Hall Research     CUSB3-AP50     No   50m


PLEASE NOTE that if you experience issues with Solvo, then always remove and test without the extender device before asking for support. If it works correctly without extension, then then there is most likely an issue with the extender device. 

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