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Issues when installing Project Designer 1.25.3

If you have updated from Project Designer 1.24 and go to 1.25.3, then you should be sure to uninstall the previous version before installing the new.

We have reports from users that installs direct, that they get an error message when starting a new project from the start screen.

The following text appears:

Method not found: 'Boolean Neets.ProjectDesigner.Model.Hardware.ControlSystems.ControlSystemBase.get_ExecutedCiscoOnLoad()'.

   at Neets.ProjectDesigner.Client.ViewModel.Workspaces.Feedback.FeedbackItemViewModels.FeedbackWorkspaceAreaViewModel.set_SelectedFeedbackSystemDeviceViewModel(FeedbackSystemDeviceViewModelBase value)

   at Neets.ProjectDesigner.Client.ViewModel.Workspaces.Feedback.FeedbackWorkspaceViewModel.ProjectContextClosed(NotificationMessage`1 message)


Reason is that the old version is not being uninstalled, so this needs to be done manually.

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