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Issues updating Project Designer from a version before 1.25.3 to version 1.25.3 or newer.

If you have updated from a Project Designer version before 1.25.3 and go to something newer, then you should uninstall the previous version manually, before installing the new.

We have reports from users that installs via the updater, that they get unwanted behavior from project designer when updating. 

Root cause is that the old version is not being uninstalled automatically, so you will end up with two versions installed simultaneously. It is quick to check if this is the case in "Add or remove programs". Browse down to Neets and check if you have two versions installed. 


How to solve it?

In the Windows tool "Add or remove programs". Be sure to remove both the old and the new updated version (i.e. Neets Project Designer 1.24.0 and 1.26.0), and do a new clean install using the latest Project Designer installer downloaded from

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