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No sound coming out of Collabo

If there is no sound coming out of Collabo, then there is a few steps you can check to ensure sound output.

  • Ensure the speaker is plugged into a wall outlet and that is turned on.
  • Make sure the power of speaker is on, this is easily checked by seeing if there is a white light on the front of it.
  • Maybe the remote end of the conversation has not turned their microphone ON.
  • Make sure the phono cable is connected in both the Collabo USB dock and the speaker.
  • Make sure the control switch is set to AUTO ON/OFF.
  • Play a test track, e.g. music, to wake the speaker up!
  • Set your computer to output sound to the speaker by pressing the speaker icon in the bottom right side of your desktop and select to output to "HP USB Media Audio"


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