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Unable to load webpage on Neets Amplifier 2:25


There is a known bug on Neets Amplifier 2:25 serial number 184300390 through 184300590. 

You are not able to load the webpage and sometimes even when loaded you will not be able to press some of the buttons.

Another hint to see this issue is that the IP section is not filled with numbers.

The amp will work as usual with a Neets control system, it is only if you need to access the settings in the website you will encounter this issue. (e.g. when using it with a third party controller)


If you have access to the website, go to the System page and all the LAN settings will seem empty!


Simply change the Speed to AUTO, press SAVE in the bottom of the page and then power cycle the amp. This should do the trick and the webpage should look as below after the fix!



Instead of using the webinterface to set up the amp, you can send the commands with RS232 or through the USB port using Docklight or similar terminal software.

Remember to send the save command at the end of your settings in order for the amp to remember the settings after a power cycle!

Attached you'll find the Docklight file for setting up the amp.

Here's a guide on how to use Docklight! 

If you need the website for anything, send the device back as an RMA followed by this form and we will repair the amplifier.


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