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Solvo/Devio SCR-10 and USB-C

The cable included in the box is a USB-A > USB-B 3.0 cable. See figure 1. 

Neets_USB_cable.jpg            USB-C-USB-A.jpg

Figure 1: Biamp USB 3.0 cable                 Figure 2: Example of USB-C to USB-A adaptor cable. 

Some laptops doesn't have a USB-A port, so a USB-C to USB-A converter will be needed in many cases. See figure 2 for an example. This cable is not included in the box, as it is seen as an optional accessory. 


Charging Laptop

Many laptops are charged using USB-C. Be aware that Solvo/Devio SCR-10 connected to a laptop using USB-C, will not be able to charge a laptop. This means that a charger will have to be connected to an additional USB-C port, or by using an adaptor with both USB-C connector (for charging) and USB-A 3.0 connector (for Solvo/Devio SCR-10). See an example of an adaptor like that on figure 3. 


Figure 3: USB-C - USB-A adaptor with USB-C charging


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