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TIP: Color wheel for RGB lighting

Creating a color wheel in Project Designer

In some cases we get requests for creating a color wheel so that the users can select a custom color in room. The below method is one way of making this happen



1. In Project Designer, on your Ligting control page, insert a picture of a color wheel. For best results choose one with transparent background. Example color wheel can be found in project file attached. Lock the color wheel, so that it will not move when you start adding buttons on top of it. 



2. Create transparent buttons on top of the color wheel. Find the transparent buttons under Interface > Insert > Button in a way so that it will cover the wheel. The resoulution of how many colors can be selected depens of the amount of buttons on the wheel.



3. Go to Function and add programming to each button that sets an RGB color matching the color on the wheel with an RGB value on a compatible RGB light controller. 



For more details see the example project attached.,


NOTE: One limitation to be aware of is, that the user cannot press and hold on the wheel and then run their finger around the wheel for changing the color. They will need to press different places on the wheel.  

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