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Using Docklight for troubleshooting

When troubleshooting communication, the support team at Neets, use terminal software called Docklight or Docklight Scripting, where the scripting version is also able to communicate on a network.

You can download the different versions here:

Docklight is available in both a paid and free version, where the free version doesn't let you save your files and you are not able to copy/paste strings either. The paid version is very helpful when developing drivers in Neets Device Editor and the pricing is fair.

You can see in the video below to get an idea of what the software can do. In many cases, here or on our website we will add a Docklight file for our products to help you trouble shoot or create a driver for a third party controller.

You can add commands, send/receive, change COM ports and much more with ease in the software!

The only thing you'd need for sending serial commands is a RS232 port, which many modern laptop doesn't have, but all you need then, is our USB to RS232 adapter, which we of course sell on our website.

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