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Project Designer 1.25.0

New features:

  • Integration of Cisco Touch 10
  • Possible to remove missing LAN device error
  • Possible to remove missing EXT device error
  • Possible to remove missing NEB unit error
  • Support for more than one PIR sensor

Bug fixes:

  • Max TELNET connections limit on Kinetis and ColdFire
  • Sending a UDP message to a non exsisting IP will halt the system
  • Fix problem when import of graphical pages
  • Telnet timing out
  • Level start/stop. Stop commmand is not send
  • NEB Level never stops counting
  • Liv monitor will not show more than 3 Neets LAN extensions
  • 2 x Unifom on Tango, do not show the right label
  • Uniform with Tango as extension, Live monitoring is not working


Release date:  31-01-2020

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