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-------------------------------This product has been discontinued----------------------------------

With more and more complex technology in meeting rooms it is more important than ever to make it simple and intuitive to start up a presentation.

That is why we have created Welcome to the Room, a solution that helps presenters to start a meeting on time - without any stress.

With the solution installed it will be trouble-free to start a presentation, without having to interrupt the IT supporter or wasting your colleagues time trying to figure out how the AV equipment works.

The solution included:
• Neets Control System - SieRRa II
• Printed label for the keypad
• Media player
• Easylux PIR sensor
• USB key including Neets Project Designer project file and a “Start Presentation” image to display
• System overview

Note: Cables, frame and back box for the SieRRa II are not included.

This solution is discontinued and there will be no further development.

Files are attached to this article, so that you can create the great user experience for your end users, on your own!

We do no longer sell the PIR or the Media Player, but these can be substituded by other products. Make sure the PIR is of good quality and should include presence detection as well, not only movement sensor. The PIR we sold in this solution was Esylux PD-C360i/8 mini UC. The media player is just a small of the shelf player with SD card and HDMI output and this can in some cases be substituted by a USB stick in the USB input on the TV, if the TV is able to autoplay the "Start Presentation" image.

Explaining video on the concept:

Real life demonstration of the concept:

A short ontroduction from ISE 2018:


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