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Can I expand the Impera controller to control more devices with RS232, LAN or I/O's?

Yes, you can connect up to 8x extension devices on LAN, like other Impera Control Systems, Switching Relays, and audio amplifiers. They all offer additional serial, LAN and I/O ports to control more devices.


Here is a complete list of devices that can be used as LAN extensions:


Switching Relays:

Biamp Switching Relay - 4

Biamp Switching Relay - 8

Neets Switching Relay - 4

Neets Switching Relay - 8



Biamp PM4100

Biamp AMP-D225H

Neets Amplifier 2:25

Neets Preamplifier


Keypad control systems:

Impera Oscar

Impera Echo Plus

Impera Uniform

Impera Sierra II


Rack control systems

Impera Lima

Impera Tango

Impera Alfa II

Neets DelTa (EOL)

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