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[ADVANCED] Adding a progress bar to your design

Adding a progress bar with a timer or percentage is not a default in Project Designer, but it can be accomplished with scripting.

In some cases you would want to show an end user that the system is busy, perhaps when a mediaplayer is busy showing a movieclip.

We have made an example project file which you can download below, but note that we will not support this feature, but the description and video should help you as much as needed.

It is expected that you have a good portion of experience with Biamp, other controllers or scripting before you start playing with this feature!


You have different options in the project, the first is to get a sub page with a progress bar showing percentage counting up, the second is a sub page with a timer that counts down and the third and final is a count down with a button being pressed at the end. This button press can be used for activating a next step in you project e.g. jump to a page, play next, change button appearance etc.

The will definitely need to tweak the paramters to fit your specific project, therefore you can find the different "handles" to adjust below:

First of you will probably need to adjust the timer and as you can see below you just need to mark the button, then press script code in the right hand lower corner, then adjust the digits within the parentheses.

Watch how to do it in the video below:


The next handle you can pull is in the second row of buttons "Show remaining time", where time is shown instead of percentage! Notice the addition of "true" after the time, this enables the actual time remaining to be shown. If you set it to "false", it will just show percentage again!

In the last line of buttons, you will find a second digit, this refers to the button ID which the button will press when the timer runs out. So find the button ID for the button you wish to press and edit the digit in the line of code on the "counting button".


Your subpage might not be named "progressbar", so press the "Show system code" button in top to find the name.

Go to "Global variables" and then change the bottom tab to Functions, drag "Hide/Show sub page" into the scriptwindow to get the correct name for the "#define PROGRESS_SUBPAGE sp_progressbar" string, then copy paste to replace the name in the string.

Watch the videoclip below to see how:



Remember to activate "Show button ID", as this is very helpful in the scripting realm.

One of the reasons is that, it makes it possible to find the progress bar ID e.g. if you have created your own progress bar then the ID number in the script will change to a different value. 


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