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Adjusting the volume on Sound Bar - SB1

Out of the box the Neets Sound Bar is adjusted to level 0, but the range of the volume is -70 to +12. 

So, in some cases the sound pressure from the Sound Bar might be to low or to high and you wish to adjust it.

This can be done in two ways, both described below:

(Remember to set the switch on the backside of the Sound Bar into RS-232 mode)

Method 1: Using a computer 

You will need a computer with a serial port, if you do not have that, then use a USB-to-RS232 converter in order to be able to transmit command sequences to the Sound Bar.

You can send commands to the Sound Bar through Neets Device Editor using the play button beside the sequence string as shown below.

If you do not have access to Neets Device Editor you can use a standard terminal application e.g. Docklight, PuTTY or Hercules to transmit commands.

Attached below you'll find both the Neets Device and a copy in Docklight format.

All you then need to do, is send the required volume to the Sound Bar! (There is no need to send a save command, like you would need on our amplifiers)

Method 2: Using a Neets Control System

Temporarily you can configure a button on the Neets controller to send a specific volume, or you can create a volume up and down function on two buttons in order to easily find the best suited volume level.

Simply program a Neets control system, e.g. Neets EcHo with Neets Project Designer and upload to the controller, then connect the RS-232 port and transmit the commands to the Sound Bar.

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