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Warranty and repairs (RMA)

Warranty Period

For Neets branded products, Neets undertakes to either rectify defects in delivered goods by repair, or substitute delivery for a period of 36 months from the date of invoice (From Neets).

Defects caused by abuse and/or incorrect use are not covered by the remedial actions of Neets.


The customer is responsible for transportation and risk of all parts shipped for repair at Neets. While Neets bears all cost and risk when returning substitute or repaired parts, it will happen to the destination stated in the agreement or if not stated – to the place of delivery. Once Neets receives the defective parts, the defect will be rectified as quickly as circumstances allow (normally within five (5) working days from receipt).


I suspect that my Neets product is defective, what do I do?

Since Neets has been acquired by Biamp, the RMA procedure has now been adopted into Biamp's service request procedure.

Please visit Biamp Product Repairs, Service & Return Authorization Requests for the procedure on how to handle a defective product.


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