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How to connect to a control system with web interface from WWW

So, what can it do for me?
If you have one of our control systems with web interface (e.g. Sierra II), it is possible to control it from outside the LAN.

So, what do I need to know?
Making the Neets Control system visible on the internet is not recommended. Neets Control
systems are not designed to work as a IoT devices and we recommend that you only do this for short term testing or maintenance.

How to do it?
You must follow these steps:

1) Make a normal project as usual for the control system.

2) Note the public IP address (WAN) that is accessed from www (You can find it here

Remember that others can share your public IP address. If this is the case, this solution will not
work. Contact you Internet service provider and ask for a public IP address.

3) Configure the router that has access to the internet.
a. Login to the router administration page.
b. Make a port forward record. See example below (depending on the router).
Enter a name (e.g. Meeting room)
Select a port to use (in this case 3389). Make sure the port is not in use for other
purposes on the network.
Choose the TCP protocol.
Enter the IP address to forward too. This should be the (static) IP address of the control
system. (In this case
Last step is to enter the port to forward to, this is always port 80.

4) Open a browser and enter the WAN IP address and port number (x.x.x.x:3389 depending on the port number you selected in step 3). Now you should be able to access the local control system from the internet.

If you need detailed information about your exact router, you can visit this site:

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