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Neets Device Drivers in general

It has to be easy for you to configure a new project, and therefore we put a lot of effort into getting the world's leading brands of AV devices certified into our program.

To save your precious time we have created a device driver library that you automatically have access to, when you download our software*.

Do it yourself
You can develop your own device drivers with Neets Device Editor.

You can also choose to let us do it for you.
To get a device driver approved please follow this procedure:

1. Contact Neets Support and plan the details
2. Send the AV-equipment to Neets A/S
3. We will develop the Neets Certified Device Driver and release it through Neets Device Indexer
4. We will ship the AV-equipment/ device back to you afterwards.
(When we receive the AV-equipment, you should expect the development of new device drivers to be 2-4 weeks)

Once our Device Driver Developer has tested and approved a device driver, it will achieve the label “Neets Certified”.

Please make an appointment for the development of new device drivers before you ship the AV-equipment to us. This will make the process easier for us and we can commit us to the assignment accordingly to your needs.

We have a complete list of our drivers in an another article, please find it here. 


*With Neets Software follows Neets Device Indexer. It automatically checks for updates and gives you a notification if new drivers are available. You can then click "Download new device drivers" and your Neets Certified Driver library will be updated and re-indexed. Or you can manually open Neets Device Indexer and check for Device Drivers. New Certified Drivers are released 4-5 times a year.

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