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Accessing the settings on touch interfaces

In order to access the settings on all of the different interfaces offered by Neets there are different approaches in the different apps and devices.

All are described below:


Neets Touch Panel:

In order to acces the settings in a Neets Touch panel, you will need to use the sim ejector tool or a paper clip to press the button as seen in the picture below.


Apple iOS:

Access the settings from the frontpage of iOS and find Neets Control from the list on the left side.


Android (Legacy):

When you have the Neets control application open, you will need to press the volume rocker up/down numerous times. 

Web browser:

In a browser (E.G. Internet Explorer/Safari) it is not possible to access any settings, just make sure you are within the same IP range as the control system.

If you do need to change your view to one of the other interfaces with other id's than ID1, then you need to change the following webaddress from to (Y= 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) 

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