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Where is all my devices after a fresh install of Project Designer?

If you only have very few device drivers in the systems page after a fresh install of Project Designer, it is probably because your computer did not allow our installer to write in certain folders on the computer.

Please remember when you install Neets Project Designer to run the installer with administrators rights, do this by right-clicking on the installer and select "Run as administrator"

If this does not help you in getting all of your devices, please find the file SetupUpdater.exe as shown in the path below and again make sure to run this as administrator as well. Accept all the pop-up boxes during the install and you should get a lot of devices to choose between!



If this does not help, try and double-click the Neets Device Indexer in the process bar of Windows, then select Download new device drivers and if that does not help, press "Reindex all devices".


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