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How to buy and use a KNX license

The process of buying a KNX license is not difficult, just different from your normal buying proces on


What you do is that you go and find the product on the website and add it to your basket, then go through the steps as you would on any webshop and finalize by buying with your credit card.

Once you have received a receipt the license is added to your company account, and not your user account. The KNX license can then get used by any employee in your organization.

The way to use the license is to drag in any KNX IP interface in system and create all your sequences and add them as functions on your buttons.

After you have completed your project, simply upload it to the controller and one license key will be deducted from your company account in the upload process.

The license follows the hardware and cannot be transferred to another Impera controller.

Remember to be logged in, inside Project Designer, or else we can't see the licenses you've bought.

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