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Getting started with Neets Project Designer / Biamp Project Designer

In this article you will find the videoes that we find very helpful in getting started with Project Designer.

Watch the video below in order to get a head start using Project Designer.

Please find the project file attached in the bottom of this article if you want to play around.

The video here is explaining how to add a screen to a projector solution, built on QueBec II/III.

The video below shows how easy you can add other Biamp/Neets control systems, Amplifiers and  Switching Relays to your system and get additional expansion possibilities by doing it!

When working in Project Designer you will find that many of the standard Windows shortcuts also works inside our software, e.g.

CTRL+C = Copy

CTRL+V = Paste

CTRL+X = Cut

CTRL+A = Mark all

Also in some cases it will be helpful if you could see two keypads or two graphical interfaces at the same time. This makes it easy to copy functions from one interface to another.

Watch how:


If you need to know more on how the device drivers are created, please give this article a view.


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