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BSS Blu and Neets Control

BSS Blu mixers can be controlled by Neets. We dont have a standard driver due to the fact, control strings are based on the name of the blocks added to your system design and those names can be anything of the system designers Choice.

To control Level blocks there are some steps that needs to be taken:

  • First you need to create your device, below you can see a short video on how to
  • Create a new project and assign the BSS BLU-xxx to one of the control systems
    RS232/LAN ports
  • Insert following text in global variables:
    #define CONTROL_BSS_VOLUME Stack1 (The stackX number is not always 1, find this number by watching this video)
  • Now all volume controls will follow this protocol on this port.
BSS have released an article on third party control than can be found here.
Attached you can find an example of the driver, but you can only use it as inspiration and to get an idea about the syntax BSS uses.


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