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List of device drivers created by Neets

Below is a list of all the devices, Neets have created device driver for.
You will find them all within Project Designer.

This list contains 4750 devices.

Press F3 on your keyboard to search for model name or manufacturer.

Liste over devices

Manufacturer Model Tested on hardware
3m x45 No
Acer X1173A No
Acer X1385WH No
Acer P5327W No
Acer P1385WB No
Acer S1385WHne No
Acer S1385WHBe No
Acer P1525 No
Acer H5381BD No
Acer P5627 No
Acer P1623 No
Acer X1285 No
Acer H6805BD No
Acer S1285N No
Acer X1173 No
Acer P5227 No
Acer X1273 No
Acer X1140 No
Acer X1140A No
Acer X1240 No
Acer S1210 No
Acer S1212 No
Acer S1213 No
Acer X118H No
Acer X128H No
Acer D616D No
Acer V9800 No
Acer H6810BD No
Acer P1350WL No
Acer H6535i No
Acer X1125C No
Acer X1225W No
Acer X1325WC No
Acer X1525C No
Acer V6810 No
Acer F8200 No
Acer F8220 No
Acer F8600 No
Acer H6810 No
Acer H7850 No
Acer V7850 No
Acer P1385W No
Acer P1250B No
Acer P1285B No
Acer P1150 No
Acer P1250 No
Acer P1350W No
Acer H7550ST No
Acer H7550BD No
Acer Z650 No
Acer H6510BD No
Acer H6518BD No
Acer U5220 No
Acer P1185 No
Acer P1285 No
Acer EV-WU80H No
Acer P1350WB No
Acer DX212 No
Acer P5307WB No
Acer S1213Hn No
Acer S1213Hne No
Acer P1500 No
Acer P1340WG No
Acer P1341W No
Acer X1340WH No
Acer P1340W No
Acer V6810 No
Acer H6810 No
Acer EV-X65H No
Acer X1623H No
Acer AX319 No
Acer X1185 No
Acer BS-112 No
Acer KX316 No
Acer DNX1723 No
Acer X1323WH No
Acer X1123H No
Acer X1223H No
Acer H6530BD No
Acer VH-432 No
Acer D1P1719 No
Acer V6820i No
Acer X122 No
Acer F8610 No
Acer V36X No
Acer U5320W No
Acer S1285 No
Acer V50U No
Acer AU540 No
Acer DX620 No
Acer BS-520 No
Acer KU330 No
Acer DWU1729 No
Acer H6540BD No
Acer E156D No
Acer HE-806J No
Acer GM532 No
Acer P1387 No
Acer P5207B No
Acer P5515 No
Acer X1373WH No
Acer U5320B No
Acer P6500 No
Acer P6600 No
Acer P6200 No
Acer P6200S No
Acer X1626H No
Acer P1650 No
Acer H6531BD No
Acer P1655 No
Acer P1555 No
Acer X1626AH No
Acer D860D No
Acer P1287 No
Acer H6502BD No
Acer X152H No
Acer EV-833H No
Acer P1173 No
Adb ADB TNR2850ST No
Adisplay 75010-4KT Yes
Adisplay 55010-2KT Yes
Adisplay 65010-4KT Yes
Adisplay 86010-4KT Yes
Allen&heath Qu-32 No
Allen&heath Qu-24 No
Allen&heath Qu-16 No
Allen&heath ALLEN&HEATH QU No
Amc MP 05 Yes
Amc iComC 2x20 Yes
Amc MP 03 Yes
Amc iMIX2 Yes
Amx ACV-2100 No
Amx ACV-2100 Yes
Amx Acendo Vibe ACV-5100 Yes
Amx ACV-5100 No
Amx NMX-DEC-N1222 No
Amx NMX-ENC-N1222 No
Analog way QMX150-H No
Analog way SPX450-H No
Analog way VIO 4K V701 No
Analog way SMX250 No
Analog way QVU150-3G No
Analog way PLS350-H No
Analog way SMX250-H No
Analog way ASC3204-4K-PL No
Analog way ASC1602-4K No
Analog way SmartMatriX Ultra No
Analog way SPX450 No
Analog way EKS550 No
Analog way ASC4806-4K-PL No
Analog way NXT1604-4K No
Analog way NeXtage 08 - 4K No
Analog way QMX150 No
Analog way PLS350-3G No
Anthem MRX510 Yes
Anthem MRX710 Yes
Anthem MRX310 Yes
Apantac KVM-1-RH-LAN No
Apantac KVM-1-EH-LAN No
Apantac KVM-1-EH-LAN/RH-LAN No
Apart PR4000R Yes
Apart ZONE4 No
Apart PMR4000R Yes
Apart SDQ5Pir Yes
Apart PR1000R Yes
Apart PC1000RMKII Yes
Apart CONCEPT1 Yes
Apart PM 1122 No
Apart PCR3000RMKII Yes
Apart AC12.8 No
Apart audio ZONE4 No
Apart audio AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 No
Apart audio CONCEPT1T No
Apart audio CONCEPT1 No
Apple Apple TV 2nd and 3rd generation Yes
Aprilaire 8872 No
Aprilaire 8871 No
Aprilaire 8870 No
Aprilaire 8870 series No
Arec LS-series No
Arec LS300 No
Arec LS200 No
Ask C160 No
Aten VS0104 No
Aten VS174 No
Aten VS0108 No
Aten VS0108HA No
Aten VS0108HB No
Aten VP1920 No
Aten VS0110HA No
Aten VS0201 No
Aten VS0401 No
Aten VS172 No
Aten VS0102 No
Aten VE8950R No
Aten VE8950T No
Aten VS0801A No
Aten VM6809H No
Aten VM6404HB No
Aten VM6404H No
Aten VS0801HB No
Aten VS0801H No
Aten VS482 No
Aten VS481C No
Aten VS481B No
Aten VS1818T No
Aten VS1808T No
Aten VS1814T No
Aten VS1804T No
Aten KE8900S No
Aten VM0202H No
Aten VS482B No
Aten VP1421 No
Aten KE6912 No
Aten KE6910 No
Aten KE6900ST No
Aten VE8900R No
Aten VE8900T No
Aten VE8900 No
Aten VP2730 No
Aten KE6920 No
Aten VM0404 No
Aten VP1420 No
Aten KE8952 No
Aten CL3884NW No
Aten CS1822 No
Aten CS1824 No
Aten KE6900A No
Aten KE6900 No
Aten KE6922 No
Aten Aten - VP2730 No
Aten VM3909H No
Aten VM0404HA No
Aten VM0808HA No
Aten Aten - VP1421 No
Aten VM1600A No
Aten VM3404H No
Aten VM51616H No
Aten VM5404H No
Aten VM5404D No
Aten VM5808H No
Aten KE9952 No
Aten KE9950 No
Aten KE9900ST No
Aten KE8950 No
Aten KE6940A No
Aten KE6940 No
Aten VM5808D No
Aten VM3200 No
Atlona UHD-CAT-8 No
Atlona AT-UHD-SW-51 Yes
Atlona UHD-CAT-4ED No
Atlona HDR-M2C-QUAD No
Atlona AT-UHD-SW-52ED No
Atlona AT-UHD-SW-52 Yes
Atlona SW-510W No
Atlona UHD-CAT-4 No
Atlona SW-510W No
Atlona AT-UHD-PRO3-66M No
Atlona SW-510W No
Atlona HDR-M2C No
Atlona AT-PRO2HD1616M Yes
Atlona AT-UHD-SW-5000ED Yes
Atlona GAIN-120 No
Atlona AT-UHD-CLSO-601 Yes
Atlona AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED Yes
Atlona AT-UHD-CLSO-824 Yes
Atlona AT-UHD-PRO3-1616M No
Atlona AT-OPUS-68M No
Atlona AT-PRO3HD44M Yes
Atlona AT-PA100-G2 No
Atlona AT-UHD-HDVS-300-KIT No
Atlona AT-UHD-CLSO-840 No
Atlona AT-OPUS-810M No
Atlona AT-PRO2HD88M Yes
Atlona AT-UHDCLSO-612 No
Atlona AT-UHD-PRO3-44M No
Atlona AT-OPUS-46M No
Atlona AT-OME-SW32 No
Atlona GAIN-60 No
Atlona JUNO-451 No
Atlona AT-HDVS-200-TX No
Atlona AT-OME-ST31A No
Atlona AT-H2H-44M Yes
Atlona AT-HD-SC-500 Yes
Atlona AT-HDR-H2H-44MA No
Atlona AT-UHD-PRO3-88M No
Atlona AT-H2H-88M Yes
Atlona AT-HDR-H2H-88MA No
Atlona AT-OME-MS42 No
Atlona AT-OME-PS62 No
Atlona AT-OME-SR21 No
Atlona AT-GAIN-120 No
Audac SMA350 No
Audac MTX48 No
Audac SMA500 No
Audac SMQ750 No
Audac SMQ500 No
Audac PMQ240 No
Audac PMQ480 No
Audac PMQ600 No
Audac SMQ350 Yes
Audac M2 No
Audac MTX88 No
Audac SMA750 No
Audio technica ATDM_0604 No
Audiocontrol maestro m9 and maestro m5 No
Audiocontrol AVR-7 No
Audiocontrol M6800 No
Audiocontrol Rialto 600 No
Audiocontrol M4840 and M4800 No
Audiocontrol Bijou 600 No
Audiocontrol M6400 No
Audiocontrol M4840 No
Audiocontrol Bijou rialto 600 No
Audiocontrol M6800 & M6400 No
Audiocontrol AVR-9 No
Audiocontrol Concert avr-9 & avr-7 No
Audiocontrol D4600 No
Audiocontrol D2800 No
Audiocontrol D2800 & D4600 No
Audiocontrol maestro m9 No
Audiocontrol maestro m5 No
Audiocontrol M4800 No
Audio-technica ATUC-50CU No
Avenview SW-HDM2-T4K-4X1 No
Avenview SW-HBT-C6IRLT-8X8E No
Avenview SW-HBT-C6IRLT-4X4E No
Avenview SC-MLT-DVI-4 No
Avenview SW-HDM-2X2 No
Avenview SW-HDM2-T4K-4X4 No
Avocor E-series No
Avocor AVF-7510 No
Avocor AVF-8650 No
Avocor F-series No
Avocor AVF-6510 No
Avocor E65 No
Avocor AVF-8410 No
Avocor AVF-7550 No
Avocor E55 No
Avocor E75 No
Avocor E86 No
Avocor AVW-6555 No
Avocor AVF-7515 No
Avocor AVF-6515 No
Avocor AVF-8415 No
Avocor AVF-6550 No
Avonic AV-CM20-VCU Yes
Avonic CM40-IP No
Avonic CM60-IP No
Avonic CM61-IP No
Avonic CM73-IP No
Avonic CM70-IP No
Avonic 10/20202 No
Avonic CM71-IP No
Avonic REC200 No
Avonic CM44 No
Avonic CM60 No
Avonic CM60-IP No
Avpro edge AC-MX1616-AUHD No
Avpro edge AC-210-HDBT No
Avpro edge AC-210-HDBT No
Avpro edge AC-AMP-2024 Yes
Avpro edge AC-EX40-444-PLUS No
Avpro edge AC-EX100WPP-UHD No
Avpro edge AC-EX100TT-UHD No
Avpro edge AC-EX100-444 No
Avpro edge AC-DA28-AUHD Yes
Avpro edge AC-MX42-AUHD No
Avpro edge AC-MX44-AUHD-GEN2 No
Avpro edge AC-MX1616-AUHD-HDBT No
Avpro edge AC-MX1616-AUHD-HDBT-AVDM No
Avpro edge AC-MX88-AUHD-GEN2 No
Avpro edge AC-MX88-UHD-GEN2 No
Avpro edge AC-MX88-AUHD-HDBT No
Avpro edge AC-MX88-AUHD-HDBT-GEN2 No
Avpro edge AC-MX88-AUHD-HDBT-AVDM No
Avpro edge AC-MX9XHDL-HDBT No
Avpro edge AC-MX88-UHD No
Avpro edge AC-MX44-AUHD-HDBT No
Avpro edge AC-FRESCO-CAP-4 No
Avpro edge AC-AVDM-AUHD No
Avpro edge AC-SC2-AUHD No
Avpro edge AC-MXMV122-UHD No
Avpro edge AC-SC1-AUHD No
Avpro edge AC-SW62-UHD No
Avtek Meeting Cam (PTZ) Yes
Avtek Touchscreen 55" Pro w. PC Yes
Avtek Touchscreen 65" Pro Yes
Avtek Touchscreen 55" Pro Yes
Avtek Touchscreen 65" Pro w. PC Yes
Barco PGWX-62L Yes
Barco HDX-W14 No
Barco HDX-W18 No
Barco HDX-20 FLEX No
Barco PGWX-62L-K No
Barco PGWU-62L Yes
Barco G60 No
Barco F80-Q12 No
Barco F70-W8 No
Barco F70-4K8 No
Barco F80-4K7 No
Barco F80-4K9 No
Barco PGWU-62L No
Barco F85 No
Barco UDX-W32 No
Barco RLS-W12 Yes
Barco F22 series No
Barco TDE6118 No
Barco F90-4K13 No
Barco UDX-4K22 No
Barco UDX-4K32 No
Barco UDX-U32 No
Barco PGWX-62L No
Barco XDL-4K30 No
Barco XDL-60 No
Barco XDL-75 No
Barco F80-4K12 No
Barco CTPN-41B Yes
Barco FL35 No
Barco CTHD-61B Yes
Barco F90-W13 No
Barco FS35 IR No
Barco PGWU-62L-K No
Barco F35 No
Barco PDS-902 3G No
Barco HDX-W12 No
Barco CTWQ-51B Yes
Barco F90-W13 No
Barco F22 No
Barco F80-Q9 No
Barco F80-Q7 No
Barco Z ignore No
Barco F90-4K13 No
Barco CTWU-61B Yes
Barco F50 WUXGA No
Barco F50 WQXGA No
Barco F50 Panorama No
Barco F50 1080 No
Beinghd MINI-MANAGER-900 No
Beinghd MINI-MANAGER-3600 No
Beinghd FIX-MANAGER-900 No
Beinghd VPX-500 No
Beinghd FIX-MANAGER-800-E No
Beinghd HRS-5500 No
Beinghd FIX-MANAGER-400-4K60 No
Beinghd FIX-MANAGER-400 No
Beinghd VPX-401-4K No
Beinghd FIX-MANAGER-1800 No
Beinghd FIX-Manager-1800-PLUS No
Beinghd MINI-MANAGER-1800 No
Beinghd CVT-4K60-501 No
Benq Lu710 No
Benq L710 No
Benq LK990 No
Benq LX785 No
Benq LU785 No
Benq LU9245 No
Benq LU951ST No
Benq L6000 No
Benq LW720 No
Benq LX720 No
Benq LH720 No
Benq L720 No
Benq LH890USTD No
Benq LW890UST No
Benq LK970 No
Benq MW826ST No
Benq MW864UST No
Benq MX854UST Yes
Benq MX852UST+ Yes
Benq MX842UST Yes
Benq MX818ST Yes
Benq MX819ST Yes
Benq MV809ST No
Benq MX822ST Yes
Benq Lh930 No
Benq MX825ST No
Benq LX890USTD No
Benq LW890USTD No
Benq LX770 No
Benq LH770 No
Benq L930 No
Benq LH890UST No
Benq MH856UST Yes
Benq TW529 No
Benq MW529 No
Benq MX525A No
Benq MX528 No
Benq MS524A No
Benq MS527 No
Benq MH740 Yes
Benq MP720p No
Benq MS531´ No
Benq MV809ST No
Benq MS535 No
Benq PW9520 No
Benq SU922 No
Benq TH683 No
Benq W1090 No
Benq MS517H No
Benq BH380 Yes
Benq L890UST No
Benq CP6501K No
Benq HT9060 No
Benq RP860K No
Benq RP750K No
Benq RP704K No
Benq MW526A No
Benq CP8601K No
Benq MS521H No
Benq BH280 Yes
Benq TH534 No
Benq TW533 No
Benq MH534 No
Benq MW533 No
Benq MX532 No
Benq LX890UST No
Benq RP654K No
Benq MX604w No
Benq HT3550 No
Benq LU951 No
Benq Lu950 No
Benq Lu930 No
Benq L930 No
Benq Lu9915 No
Benq LU9915 No
Benq MW855UST Yes
Benq MU641 No
Benq SL6501 No
Benq MW605w No
Benq SH915 Yes
Benq MH606 No
Benq MW605 No
Benq MX604 No
Benq SL6502K No
Benq SL5502K No
Benq SL4302K No
Benq SL8502K No
Benq SL7502K No
Benq SL490 No
Benq SH940 Yes
Benq MH606w No
Benq SU964 No
Benq W1600 No
Benq TH682ST No
Benq TH671ST No
Benq TH670 No
Benq TH670s No
Benq TH530 No
Benq ST4301K No
Benq ST5501K No
Benq SX765 No
Benq LU951ST No
Benq SU917 Yes
Benq ST860K No
Benq SW916 Yes
Benq SX914 Yes
Benq MX808ST No
Benq SH753 No
Benq MX863UST No
Benq SX751 No
Benq ST650K No
Benq ST430K No
Benq ST550K No
Benq RP790 Yes
Benq SU765 No
Benq MW571 No
Benq MH741 No
Benq MH684 No
Benq MW705 No
Benq MX631ST Yes
Benq MX661 Yes
Benq MX666 No
Benq MW665 No
Benq MS610 No
Benq MX611 No
Benq RP8601K No
Benq MW526E Yes
Benq MW732 No
Benq MW632ST Yes
Benq MW724 Yes
Benq MW727 Yes
Benq MW767 Yes
Benq MW769 Yes
Benq MW820ST Yes
Benq MW843UST Yes
Benq MW853UST+ Yes
Benq MW855UST+ No
Benq MU706 No
Benq MU613 No
Benq MH856UST+ No
Benq SU754 No
Benq W1400 Yes
Benq W1350 Yes
Benq W1110s No
Benq W1110 No
Benq W3000 No
Benq W8000 No
Benq W11000 No
Benq W1210ST No
Benq X12000 No
Benq MX704 No
Benq MW612 No
Benq MX707 No
Benq MX525E Yes
Benq MH550 No
Benq MW550 No
Benq MX550 No
Benq MS550 No
Benq MX723 Yes
Benq MX726 Yes
Benq MH530 No
Benq MH733 No
Benq RP6501K No
Benq W770ST Yes
Benq MX3082+ No
Benq LU951 No
Benq RP7501K No
Benq RP702 Yes
Benq RP653K No
Benq RP553K No
Benq RP652 Yes
Benq RP6502 No
Benq RP7502 No
Benq RP8602 No
Benq RP552 No
Benq RP552H No
Benq RP840G No
Benq RP653 No
Benq RM8602K No
Benq SK750K No
Benq MH680 No
Benq MH750 No
Benq W2700 No
Benq MS630ST Yes
Benq SW752 No
Benq RP703 No
Benq ST750K No
Benq MX505A No
Benq RP750K No
Benq RP750 No
Benq MS3081+ No
Benq MS504A No
Benq MX507 No
Benq RM7502K No
Benq MS506 No
Benq PW9620 Yes
Benq MX768 Yes
Benq MX766 Yes
Benq MX731 No
Benq MW864UST No
Benq MW883UST No
Benq MX882UST No
Benq PU9530 No
Benq MU686 No
Benq PX9510 No
Benq PL490 No
Benq PL552 No
Benq PL553 No
Benq PH5501 No
Benq PX9710 Yes
Benq PU9220+ No
Benq RM5502K No
Benq RM6502K No
Benq PU9530 No
Benq PW9520 No
Benq PX9510 No
Benq PH5502 No
Benq PX9210 No
Benq PX9230 No
Benq RM8601K No
Benq RM7501K No
Benq RM6501K No
Benq RM5501K No
Benq PU9730 Yes
Benq MH760 No
Benq PU9220 No
Benq LX9215 No
Benq W1080ST+ Yes
Benq LW820STD No
Benq SX920 No
Benq SW921 No
Benq M535 No
Benq LX770 No
Benq MW535 No
Benq W1050 No
Benq LU9235 No
Benq LX820ST No
Benq LX820STD No
Benq LU950 No
Benq LW820ST No
Benq MS524E Yes
Benq MH535 No
Benq HT2550 No
Benq W1120 No
Benq W7500 Yes
Benq W1070+ Yes
Benq W7000+ Yes
Benq LH770 No
Benq W750 Yes
Benq W1700 No
Benq W2000w No
Benq SX930 No
Benq SU931 No
Benq W1050S No
Benq HT1070A No
Benq LU9915 No
Benq LU9715 No
Benq W2000 No
Beyer dynamic MIX 10 NG2 No
Biamp Tesira Fortè CI Yes
Blustream PRO88HBT70CS No
Blustream C88 No
Blustream PRO88HBT100CS No
Blustream PRO88HBT70 No
Blustream PRO48HBT70CS No
Blustream PLA66L No
Blustream PRO16HBT70CS No
Blustream HMXL88 No
Blustream CMX88AB No
Blustream HMXL88-V2 No
Blustream MFP62 No
Blustream PLA88L No
Blustream MX44VW No
Blustream HD11CTRL No
Blustream PLA66L-V2 No
Blustream PLA66ARC No
Blustream PLA66ARC-V2 No
Blustream PLA88ARC-V2 No
Blustream PLA88ARC No
Blustream HMXL44CS-KIT No
Blustream MX44AB-V2 No
Blustream PRO88HDMI-V2 No
Blustream PRO16HBT100CS No
Blustream PRO48HBT70CS,PRO48HBT70 No
Blustream CMX44AB No
Blustream CM44-KIT No
Blustream CMX42AB No
Blustream MFP72 No
Blustream HMXL66 No
Blustream PRO4V4H8HBT70 No
Blustream PLA88L-V2 No
Blustream ACM200 No
Blustream C66 No
Blustream PRO88HDMI No
Blustream SW41AB-V2 Yes
Blustream RX70AMP No
Blustream MFP112 No
Bose PSx04D No
Bose PS404D No
Bose ESP-88 No
Bose ESP-880A/AD No
Bose ESP-880 No
Bose ESP-880A No
Bose ESP-880AD No
Bose ESP-1600 No
Bose ESP-1600 No
Bose ESP-1240AAD No
Bose ESP-1240 No
Bose ESP-1240A No
Bose ESP-1240AD No
Bose ESP-00 No
Bose ESP-88AAD No
Bose Lifestyle No
Bose PM8250 No
Bose PM8xxxN No
Bose PM8250N No
Bose PM4xxxN No
Bose PM4500 No
Bose PM4500N No
Bose PM4250 No
Bose PM4250N No
Bose EX-1280C No
Bose ESP-88A No
Bose ESP-88AD No
Bose PS604D No
Bose ESP-88 No
Bose ESP-00 II No
Bose PM85000N No
Calypso CA-1000(IR) No
Calypso CA-1000 No
Canon LV-WX300USTi No
Canon 4K600STZ No
Canon 4K501ST No
Canon 4K500ST No
Canon LV-WX300UST No
Canon 4K6020Z No
Canon LV-X420 No
Canon WUX400ST Yes
Canon LV-X310ST No
Canon LV-WX300ST No
Canon 4K601Z No
Canon WUX4000 Yes
Canon MU500Z No
Canon LX-MU700 No
Canon LX-MH502Z No
Canon LV-X300ST No
Canon XEED WUX6600Z No
Canon WUX500ST No
Canon LX-MU600Z No
Canon LX-MU800Z No
Canon XEED WUX5800Z No
Canon XEED WUX7500 No
Canon XEED WUX6700 No
Canon XEED WUX5800 No
Canon XEED WUX7000Z No
Canon WUX450 Yes
Canon 4K601STZ No
Canon WUX450ST No
Canon 4K600Z No
Canon WUX6500 No
Canon WUX6010 No
Canon WX450ST Yes
Canon WX520 Yes
Canon LV-HD420 No
Canon LX-MW500 No
Canon LX-MU500 No
Canon 4K6021Z No
Canon WUX5000 Yes
Canon 4K5020Z No
Canon LV-WX320 No
Canon LV-WX310ST No
Canon LV-X320 No
Casio XJ-M251 No
Casio XJ-ST155 Yes
Casio XJ-F200WN Yes
Casio XJ-SK600 (YA-S10) Yes
Casio XJ-M256 Yes
Casio XJ-M141 Yes
Casio XJ-UT312WN No
Casio XJ-M256 No
Casio XJ-F10X No
Casio XJ-M246 No
Casio XJ-M241 No
Casio XJ-M156 No
Casio XJ-M151 No
Casio XJ-M146 No
Casio XJ-M141 No
Casio XJ-M251 Yes
Casio XJ-M241 Yes
Casio XJ-A142 No
Casio XJ-F11X No
Casio XJ-UT352WN No
Casio UT310WN Yes
Casio XJ-A142 Yes
Casio XJ-A147 Yes
Casio XJ-A242 Yes
Casio XJ-UT352W No
Casio XJ-A252 Yes
Casio XJ-M246 Yes
Casio XJ-A147 No
Casio XJ-A242 No
Casio XJ-A247 No
Casio XJ-A252 No
Casio XJ-A257 No
Casio XJ-ST145 Yes
Casio XJ-UT311WN No
Casio XJ-A247 Yes
Casio XJ-F10X Yes
Casio XJ-V2 Yes
Casio XJ-V100W No
Casio XJ-V110W No
Casio XJ-F20XN No
Casio XJ-H1600 Yes
Casio XJ-H1700 Yes
Casio XJ-V110W Yes
Casio XJ-H2650 Yes
Casio XJ-A257 Yes
Casio XJ-L8300HN No
Casio XJ-H1750 Yes
Casio XJ-M156 Yes
Casio XJ-S400W No
Casio XJ-F20XN Yes
Casio XJ-F210WN Yes
Casio XJ-H2600 Yes
Casio XJ-FF211WN No
Casio XJ-M146 Yes
Casio XJ-M151 Yes
Casio XJ-F210WN No
Casio XJ-H1650 Yes
Casio XJ-V10X Yes
Casio XJ-F21XN No
Casio XJ-F100W No
Casio XJ-F101W No
Casio XJ-F200WN No
Casio XJ-UT351WN No
Casio XJ-UT331X No
Casio XJ-V1 Yes
Casio XJ-V10X No
Casio XJ-UT351W No
Casio XJ-V100W Yes
Casio XJ-F100W Yes
Christie Roadster HD10K-M No
Christie LWU502 No
Christie Christie WU12K-M No
Christie Christie HD10K-M No
Christie Roadster WU12K-M No
Christie Christie DS+10K-M No
Christie Christie DS+14K-M No
Christie LW502 No
Christie LWU501i No
Christie LW551i No
Christie LX601i No
Christie LW401 No
Christie Roadster S+14K-M No
Christie DHD555-GS No
Christie LX501 No
Christie Christie WX10K-M No
Christie LWU421 No
Christie UHD751-P No
Christie Christie WU7K-M No
Christie LX602 No
Christie DWU555-GS No
Christie DWX555-GS No
Christie DWX851 No
Christie LWU620i No
Christie LHD720i No
Christie DXG1051 No
Christie UHD861-P No
Christie Christie HD14K-M No
Christie UHD651-L No
Christie UHD551-L No
Christie DHD851 No
Christie DWU851 No
Christie DWX951 No
Christie DHD951 No
Christie DWU951 No
Christie LWU720i No
Christie D13WU-HS No
Christie WU25 3DLP No
Christie Boxer 2K30 No
Christie Mirage 304K No
Christie 4K10-HS No
Christie Christie HD6K-M No
Christie LWU650-APS No
Christie Boxer 2K20 No
Christie D16HD-HS No
Christie HD16K-J No
Christie D13HD-HS No
Christie D20WU-HS No
Christie D16WU-HS No
Christie Boxer 4K20 No
Christie Boxer 4K30 No
Christie Crimson HD25 No
Christie Roadster S+10K-M No
Christie Christie WU14K-M No
Christie LWU530-APS No
Christie LWU900-DS No
Christie LWU755-DS No
Christie 4K7-HS No
Christie Roadster HD14K-M No
Christie LHD878-DS No
Christie Boxer 2K25 No
Christie 4K45 4K No
Christie D20HD-HS No
Christie Roadster WU14K-M No
Christie DS+10K-J No
Christie HD20K-J No
Christie WU20K-J No
Christie S+22K-J No
Christie HD14K-J No
Christie DHD410S No
Christie DHD1075-GS No
Christie DHD630-GS No
Christie DWU630-GS No
Christie DHD635-GS No
Christie DHD800 No
Christie FHD553-XE-R No
Christie DHD599-GS No
Christie DHD700-GS No
Christie D4K3560 No
Christie DUW350S No
Christie DWU850-GS No
Christie FHQ981-L No
Christie DWU1075-GS No
Christie D12HD-H No
Christie D12WU-H No
Christie LWU701i No
Christie LW751i No
Christie LX801i No
Christie LWU601i No
Christie LW651i No
Christie Christie DS+6K-M No
Christie DHD850-GS No
Christie DWU599-GS No
Christie FHD552-XV No
Christie DWU700-GS No
Christie FHD552-X No
Christie DHD400S No
Christie FHD492-XV No
Christie FHD553-XE-HR No
Christie FHD493-XE No
Christie FHD553-XE No
Christie FHD553-XE-H No
Christie D4K2560 No
Cisco SX-10 and Touch 10 No
Cisco SX-80 and Touch 10 No
Cisco MX200 G2 and Touch 10 No
Cisco Webex Board 55 and Touch 10 No
Cisco Webex Board 70 and Touch 10 No
Cisco Webex Board 85 and Touch 10 No
Cisco DX70 and Touch 10 No
Cisco DX80 and Touch 10 No
Cisco Desk Pro and Touch 10 No
Cisco SX20 Video conference Yes
Cisco SX-20 and Touch 10 No
Cisco Room Kit Plus and Touch 10 No
Cisco Room 70 Dual and Touch 10 No
Cisco Room Kit Mini and Touch 10 No
Cisco Room Kit Pro and Touch 10 No
Cisco Room Kit and Touch 10 No
Cisco Room 70 Single and Touch 10 No
Cisco MX300 G2 and Touch 10 No
Cisco Room 55 and Touch 10 No
Cisco MX700 and Touch 10 No
Cisco C20/C40/C60 Video conference Yes
Cisco MX800 and Touch 10 No
Cisco MX800 Dua and Touch 10 No
Clearone Collaborate Pro 600 series Video conference Yes
Clevertouch Impact Plus No
Clevertouch Impact & Impact plus No
Clevertouch Impact No
Comcast RNG110 (Comcast) Yes
Contemporary research 232-ATSC 4K No
Crown 4|300BL No
Crown 4|1200BL No
Crown 4|1200 No
Crown 4|600 No
Crown 4|300 No
Crown 2|1200BL No
Crown 2|1200 No
Crown 2|600BL No
Crown 2|600 No
Crown 2|300BL No
Crown 2|300 No
Crown CDI Drivecore Series No
Crown 4|600BL No
Ctouch LEDDURA 47" Yes
Ctouch Laser air No
Ctouch LASER 60" Yes
Ctouch Leddura 2Share No
Ctouch Leddura 2Meet No
Ctouch Leddura XTS No
Ctouch Runner No
Ctouch Leddura No
Ctouch Leddura xt No
Ctouch Laser No
Ctouch LEDDURA 84" Yes
Ctouch LEDDURA 70" Yes
Ctouch LEDDURA 65" Yes
Ctouch LEDDURA 55" Yes
Ctouch Laser Sky No
Ctouch LASER 70" Yes
Ctouch Laser Nova No
Cyp PU-8H8HBTPL-4K22 No
Cyp AU-A220 No
Cyp AU-A300 No
Cyp OR-42-4K22 No
Cyp EL-31TT-4K22 No
Cyp OR-HD62CD-4K22 No
Cyp OR-HD88HC No
Cyp OR-42SA-4K22 No
Cyp PUV-2100TX-AVLC No
Cyp PUV-2600RX No
Cyp PUV-442-4K22 No
Cyp EL-5400 HDMI Yes
Cyp AU-A300-HBT Yes
Cyp HDBT-EL-5500-HBT Yes
Cyp EL-6010-4K22 Yes
Cyp EL-7500V Yes
Cyp PUV-1620A-RX No
Cyp EL-5500-HBT No
Cyp PUV-1082PL-4K22 No
Cyp PUV1650RX Yes
Cyp PUV1650TX Yes
Cyp EL-41PIP No
Cyp EL-41S-4K22 No
Cyp PUV-44XPL-4K22-KIT No
Cyp EL-7500 Yes
Cyp PUV-1250PL-TX No
Cyp OR-44-4K22 No
Cyp OR-44U-4K22 Yes
Cyp OR-88U-4K22 Yes
Cyp OR-HD62CD No
Cyp PU-424HBTE No
Cyp PUV1650TX & RX Yes
Cyp EL-7300 Yes
Cyp EL-7400V Yes
Cyp EL-41HP-4K22 No
Cyp EL-42S No
Cyp OR-42CD-4K22 No
Cyp AU-A50 No
Cyp AU-A300-HBT No
Cyp PUV-1082-4K22 No
Cyp EL-2600V No
Cyp EL-5400-HBT No
Cyp EL-8300VA No
Cyp EL-8500VA No
Cyp AU-D820S No
Cyp MODX-1616 No
Cyp SY-12H-4K22 No
Cyp QU-28S-4K22 No
Cyp PUV-662PL-4K22 No
Cyp PU-442PL-KIT No
Cyp PU-44XL-KIT No
Cyp PU-8H8HBTE-4K22 No
Cyp EL-5500 No
Cyp PUV-662-4K22 No
Daewoo DX-9810(Revised) No
Dantax DV-105 No
Dell 7760 No
Dell 5100MP No
Dell S518WL No
Dell S560P No
Dell Dell S500/S500wi No
Dell S500 No
Dell S500wi No
Dell P519HL No
Dell S560T No
Dell 1550 No
Dell 1650 No
Dell S718QL No
Dell 4100MP Yes
Dell S560 No
Dell Converge Pro2 No
Denon DN-508MX No
Denon AVR-X6400H No
Denon DN-500BD No
Denon DN-500BD MKII No
Denon DN-500CB No
Denon DN-500DC No
Denon DN-700C No
Denon DN-501C No
Denon DN-700AVP No
Denon DN-700AV No
Denon DN-500R No
Denon DN-700R No
Draper europe ab Euroscreen control box No
Dusky control Foxtel Pace 420 No
Dusky control Sky+ No
Dusky control Sky+HD No
Dusky control Foxtel iQ No
Dusky control Sky No
Dvigear DVI-4521b No
Dvigear DVI-3571a No
Dvigear DVI-4541b No
Dynalite Dynet RS485 No
Ecler HUB1616 No
Ecler HUB1408 No
Ecler Ecler ePLAYER1 No
Ecler ePLAYER1 No
Ecler Ecler MIMO1212SG No
Ecler eMIMO1616 No
Ecler Ecler DAM614 No
Ecler DAM614 No
Ecler Ecler CA40 No
Ecler CA40 No
Ecler Ecler CA200z No
Ecler Ecler VEO-XTI1C-XRI1C No
Ecler Ecler VEO-XTI2L-XRI2L No
Ecler Ecler eMIMO1616 No
Ecler VEO-MXH44 No
Ecler MIMO1212SG No
Ecler MIMO1616 No
Ecler Ecler MIMO1616 No
Ecler MIMO4040DN No
Ecler Ecler MIMO4040DN No
Ecler Ecler MIMO88-88SG No
Ecler Ecler CA120-120Hz No
Ecler Ecler NXA series No
Ecler CA120 No
Ecler VEO-SWH44 No
Ecler Ecler VEO-SWH44 No
Ecler VEO-SWM45 No
Ecler Ecler VEO-SWM45 No
Ecler MIMO88SG No
Ecler CA200z No
Ecler CA120-120Hz No
Ecler MIMO88-88SG No
Ecler NXA series No
Eiki LC XB40/N Yes
Eiki EK-351W No
Eiki EK-307W No
Eiki EK-306U No
Eiki EK-301W No
Eiki EK-100W No
Eiki EK-510UL No
Eiki EK-620U No
Eiki EK-501W No
Eiki EK-502X No
Eiki EK-512X No
Eiki EK-512XL No
Eiki EK-511W No
Eiki EK-820U No
Eiki EK-510U No
Eiki EK-800U No
Eiki EK-600U No
Eiki EK-601W No
Eiki EK-612X No
Eiki EK-610U No
Eiki EK-350U No
Eiki LC-XB23 No
Eiki EK-511WL No
Eiki EK-612X No
Eiki EK-309W No
Eiki EK-120U No
Eiki EK-121W No
Eiki EIP-XHS100 No
Eiki EIP-WX5000 HD No
Eiki EK-611W No
Eiki EK-625U No
Eiki EK-611W No
Eiki EK-621W No
Eiki EK-623U No
Eiki EK-831U No
Eiki EK-355U No
Eiki EK-818U No
Eiki EK-812U No
Eiki EK-815U No
Eiki EK-308U No
Eiki EK-610U No
Eiki EK-351W No
Eiki lc-xnp4000 No
Elc AC612 DIN Mount No
Engineering solutions RS-232 Driven Double DMX Engine No
Engineering solutions RS-232 Driven Double DMX Engine Yes
Epson EB-98H No
Epson EB-575Wi No
Epson CB-575Wi No
Epson EB-575Wie No
Epson BrightLink 575Wi+ No
Epson BrightLink 575Wi No
Epson EB-965H No
Epson EB-940H No
Epson EB-C2100XN No
Epson EB-97H No
Epson EB-X30 No
Epson EB-X29 No
Epson EB-X27 No
Epson EB-S29 No
Epson EB-C2000X No
Epson EB-PL-1835 No
Epson EB-945H No
Epson EB-Z11000W No
Epson 6050UB No
Epson EH-TW7400 No
Epson Pro Cinema 4050 No
Epson Home Cinema 4010 No
Epson EB-Z9750U No
Epson EB-Z11000 No
Epson BrightLink 585Wi No
Epson EB-Z9870 No
Epson BrightLink 585Wi+ No
Epson EB-Z9900W No
Epson EB-C2020XN No
Epson EB-C2030WN No
Epson EB-C2060XN No
Epson EB-C2070WN No
Epson EB-C2080XN No
Epson EB-696Ui No
Epson EB-Z11005 No
Epson EB-G6750WU No
Epson EB-1410WT No
Epson BrightLink Pro No
Epson EB-CE310Wi No
Epson EB-CE260Wi No
Epson EB-G6050W No
Epson EB-G6250W No
Epson EB-G6450WU No
Epson EB-900 No
Epson EB-G6650WU No
Epson EB-Z8450WU No
Epson EB-Z10000 No
Epson EB-Z9900 No
Epson EB-Z9810 No
Epson EB-Z9800 No
Epson EB-Z8250 No
Epson EB-Z8150 No
Epson EB-Z9800W No
Epson EB-G6550WU No
Epson EB-700KG No
Epson EB-900V No
Epson EH-TW9400 No
Epson EB-910W No
Epson EB-G5800 No
Epson EB-G5500 No
Epson EB-C520XE No
Epson EB-C450XE No
Epson EB-1410Wi No
Epson PL-4200W No
Epson EB-B1575WU No
Epson EB-600KG No
Epson PL-G5750WU No
Epson EB-5450WU No
Epson PL-5450WU No
Epson EB-C450WU No
Epson EB-C400WU No
Epson EB-Z8455WU No
Epson EH-TW8400 No
Epson PL-4300 No
Epson EB-905 No
Epson EB-C1030WN No
Epson PL-93e No
Epson EB-93H No
Epson EB-93+ No
Epson EB-C2010X No
Epson EB-C2010XH No
Epson EB-95 No
Epson PL-93 No
Epson EB-96W No
Epson EB-93 No
Epson EB-915W No
Epson EB-925 No
Epson EB-G5750WU No
Epson EB-D6150 No
Epson EB-D6155W No
Epson EB-D6250 No
Epson EH-TW8400W No
Epson PL-95 No
Epson BrightLink 595Wi+ No
Epson EB-1980WU No
Epson EB-1975W No
Epson EB-1970W No
Epson EB-590WT No
Epson EB-595Wi No
Epson CB-595Wi No
Epson EB-595Wie No
Epson EB-93e No
Epson BrightLink 595Wi No
Epson EB-C1040XN No
Epson EB-585Wi No
Epson CB-585Wi No
Epson EB-595Wi Yes
Epson EB-585Wi Yes
Epson EB-585W Yes
Epson EB-580 Yes
Epson EB-575Wi Yes
Epson EB-595WT No
Epson EB-Z10000U No
Epson C1020XN No
Epson EB-C520XH No
Epson EB-Z9850W No
Epson EB-Z9805W No
Epson EB-Z8355W No
Epson EB-Z8350W No
Epson EB-B1585W No
Epson EB-G5950 No
Epson EB-Z9750WU No
Epson PL-G5650W No
Epson EB-Z10005U No
Epson EB-Z9870U No
Epson EB-Z9875U No
Epson PL-Z10000UNL No
Epson PL-Z9870UNL No
Epson PL-Z9900WNL No
Epson EH-TW9400W No
Epson EB-Z10005 No
Epson EB-G6900WU No
Epson EB-C1000X No
Epson EB-C1010X No
Epson EB-955WH No
Epson EB-950WH No
Epson EB-950WHV No
Epson EB-99WH No
Epson EB-W29 No
Epson EB-C450WH No
Epson EB-G6350 No
Epson EB-1985WU No
Epson EB-G6800 No
Epson EB-G5900 No
Epson PL-G5900 No
Epson PL-G5600 No
Epson EB-C520XB No
Epson EB-C450XB No
Epson EB-G5650W No
Epson EB-G6150 No
Epson CB-S04 No
Epson L1060UNL No
Epson L1070U No
Epson L1070UNL No
Epson L1075U No
Epson PowerLite-107 No
Epson PL-970,PL-2042 No
Epson Powerlite S39 No
Epson EB-426WT No
Epson EB-S31 No
Epson L12002QNL No
Epson CB-S31 No
Epson EB-S300 No
Epson EB-S130 No
Epson EB-436Wi No
Epson EB-436WT No
Epson EB-CS520Wi No
Epson PL-530 No
Epson EB-S04 No
Epson PL-2245U No
Epson PL-Z9870NL No
Epson EB-W39 No
Epson PL-W16 No
Epson PL-W16SK No
Epson PL-990U No
Epson EB-990U No
Epson PL-700U No
Epson L1060U No
Epson PL-2265U No
Epson Pro L1060U No
Epson PL-975W No
Epson PL-2250U No
Epson EB-2142W No
Epson Pro L20000UNL No
Epson L20000UNL No
Epson Pro L12000QNL No
Epson L12000QNL No
Epson EB-CS500Wi No
Epson BL-710UI No
Epson EB-1420W No
Epson EPSON L610W No
Epson EPSON L610 No
Epson EB-L400U No
Epson EPSON L500W No
Epson EPSON L500 No
Epson EB-Z8050W No
Epson PL-Z8050W No
Epson EB-426Wi No
Epson EB-Z8000W No
Epson EPSON L615U No
Epson EB-421i No
Epson EB-CS500Xi No
Epson Pro L1715SNL No
Epson PRO L1715SNL No
Epson Pro-1755UNL No
Epson Pro-L1755UNL No
Epson Pro-L1750UNL No
Epson PL-Z8000W No
Epson EB-U130 No
Epson EB-431i No
Epson EB-CS510Xi No
Epson EB-S17 No
Epson PL-S17 No
Epson X39 No
Epson EB-U04 No
Epson EB-U32 No
Epson EPSON L510U No
Epson CB-U32 No
Epson EPSON L610U No
Epson PL 1284 No
Epson PL U32+ No
Epson PL Home Cinema 1040 No
Epson EX9200 Pro No
Epson VS355 No
Epson VS350 No
Epson EB-L510U No
Epson PL-520 No
Epson CB-U04 No
Epson Pro-G7000WNL No
Epson EB-G7900U No
Epson EB-G7805 No
Epson EB-G7800 No
Epson EB-G7500U No
Epson EB-G7400U No
Epson EB-G7200W No
Epson EB-G7100 No
Epson PL-1286 No
Epson Pro-G7000W No
Epson EB-1263W No
Epson Pro-G7100 No
Epson Pro-G7905UNL No
Epson Pro-G7905U No
Epson PL-1781W No
Epson PL-2142W No
Epson PL-2247U No
Epson PL-W39 No
Epson EB-G7000W No
Epson 5050UBe No
Epson EB-440W Yes
Epson PL-Z11000WNL No
Epson PL-Z9750UNL No
Epson Z11005NL No
Epson EMP-30 Yes
Epson EMP-821 No
Epson EMP-822 Yes
Epson EB-G7905U No
Epson 5050UB No
Epson EMP-822H Yes
Epson EX5260 No
Epson EX5230 Pro No
Epson EX3260 No
Epson EB-W28 No
Epson EB-W28+ No
Epson EB-EX7235 No
Epson EB-EX7230 No
Epson PL-1266 No
Epson EMP-X3 No
Epson Pro-L1100UNL No
Epson U42 No
Epson EX9210 Pro No
Epson EX7260 Pro No
Epson Pro-L1715SNL No
Epson Pro-L1300U No
Epson Pro-1300UNL No
Epson Pro-L1200U No
Epson PL-1780W No
Epson Pro-L1100U No
Epson EB-G6970WU No
Epson Pro-G7500UNL No
Epson Pro-G7500U No
Epson Pro-G7400UNL No
Epson Pro-7400U No
Epson Pro-G7200WNL No
Epson Pro-G7200W No
Epson Pro-G7100NL No
Epson Pro-L1200UNL No
Epson Pro-G7805NL No
Epson PL-109W No
Epson PL-980W No
Epson EB-980W No
Epson PL-108 No
Epson EB-L25000U No
Epson Pro-L25000U No
Epson EB-L1500U No
Epson EX9220 No
Epson EB-L1405U No
Epson EB-G6870 No
Epson Pro-G7805 No
Epson EB-G6770WU No
Epson EB-G6570WU No
Epson EB-G6470WU No
Epson EB-G6270W No
Epson EB-G6070W No
Epson EB-G6370 No
Epson PL-Z9800WNL No
Epson EB-L1505U No
Epson EB-X04 No
Epson PL-X21 No
Epson CB-X21 No
Epson EB-X21 No
Epson EB-S21 No
Epson CB-X17 No
Epson PL-X17 No
Epson EB-W22 No
Epson CB-X25 No
Epson CB-X22 No
Epson CB-X20 No
Epson EB-X20 No
Epson EB-4955WU Yes
Epson EB-1420Wi No
Epson EB-1965 No
Epson VS240 No
Epson EX3240 No
Epson PL Home Cinema 640 No
Epson PL S31+ No
Epson CB-S04E No
Epson Home Cinema 1060 No
Epson Home Cinema 760HD No
Epson EB-460 Yes
Epson EB-4850WU Yes
Epson EB-4855WU Yes
Epson EB-5510 No
Epson EB-1430Wi No
Epson Home Cinema 660 No
Epson EB-5520W No
Epson EB-5535U No
Epson EB-695Wie No
Epson EB-675Wi No
Epson EB-680Wi No
Epson EB-685Wi No
Epson EB-695Wi No
Epson EB-695W No
Epson EB-1785W No
Epson EB-1450 No
Epson EB-975W No
Epson PL-W17 No
Epson EB-X550KG No
Epson EB-1945W No
Epson EB-2040 No
Epson EB-2140W No
Epson EB-2155W No
Epson EB-2165W No
Epson EB-2245U No
Epson EB-2255U No
Epson EB-2265U No
Epson EX5250 Pro No
Epson PL1785W No
Epson BL-695Wi No
Epson EB-L610U No
Epson EB-4955WU No
Epson EB-X500KG No
Epson CB-W32 No
Epson PL-4100 No
Epson Z10005UNL No
Epson EX7240 Pro No
Epson VS345 No
Epson EH-TW540 No
Epson PL Home Cinema 740HD No
Epson PL W32+ No
Epson PL 1264 No
Epson PL W04+ No
Epson EB-W31 No
Epson EB-W420 No
Epson EB-4950WU Yes
Epson CB-W04 No
Epson EB-585W No
Epson EB-W04 No
Epson EB-W32 No
Epson Pro-1500UH No
Epson Pro-L1500UHNL No
Epson Pro-L1405U No
Epson L20002UNL No
Epson VS250 No
Epson EH/CH-TW650/TW610 No
Epson EH650 No
Epson CH-TW650 No
Epson EH-TW610 No
Epson EB-W130 No
Epson EB-570 No
Epson EB-4950WU No
Epson EB-4855WU No
Epson Pro-1505UHNL No
Epson EB-4850WU No
Epson Pro-1405UNL No
Epson EB-4750W No
Epson EB-4550 No
Epson PowerLite-4650 No
Epson CB-4650 No
Epson EB-570 Yes
Epson EB-575W Yes
Epson EB-C2040XN No
Epson CB-570 No
Epson EB-C2050WN No
Epson EB-580e No
Epson PL-580 No
Epson CB-580 No
Epson EB-580 No
Epson EB-575We No
Epson PL-575W No
Epson CB-575W No
Epson EB-575W No
Epson EB-585We No
Epson PL-585W No
Epson CB-585W No
Epson EB-2055 No
Epson PL-570 No
Epson EB-1450Ui No
Epson EB-X130 No
Epson EB-700U No
Epson Pro-1505UH No
Epson EB-1781W No
Epson EB-1795F No
Epson PL-1785W No
Epson EB-4650 No
Epson PL-1785F No
Epson EB-1940W No
Epson EB-1440Ui No
Epson EB-1460Ui No
Epson BL-1450UI No
Epson BL-1460UI No
Epson EB-1840W No
Epson EB-92 No
Epson PL-1795F No
Epson EB-1945W No
Epson EB-2065 No
Epson CB-X31 No
Epson CB-X04 No
Epson EB-X36 No
Epson EB-X31 No
Epson PL-2255U No
Epson EB-710UI No
Epson EB-1850 No
Epson EB-5510 No
Epson EB-1970W Yes
Epson EB-1980WU Yes
Epson EB-1985WU Yes
Epson EB-1960 No
Epson EB-1950 No
Epson EB-1955 No
Epson BL-685Wi No
Epson EB-4750W Yes
Epson PL-675W No
Epson PL-685W No
Epson EB-C3001X No
Epson BL-1485FI No
Epson BL-1485FI:BL-1485FI+ No
Epson BL-1480FI No
Epson EB-5535U No
Epson BL-1470UI No
Epson EB-680 No
Epson EB-4650 Yes
Epson EB-460i Yes
Epson EB-4550 Yes
Epson EB-450Wi Yes
Epson EB-450W Yes
Epson EB-2245U No
Epson BL-1480FI:BL-1480FI+ No
Epson EB-2250U No
Epson EB-X300 No
Epson EB-5530U No
Epson EB-536Wi No
Epson EB-536WT No
Epson EB-535W No
Epson EB-525W No
Epson PL-680 No
Epson PL-535W No
Epson EB-680e No
Epson PL-2065 No
Epson PL-2155W No
Epson PL-2165W No
Epson EB-685We No
Epson EB-685W No
Epson EB-675W No
Epson EB-5520W No
Epson PL-525W No
Epson EB-C261M No
Epson EB-1761W No
Epson PL-1761W No
Epson PL-L510U No
Epson EB-C261MN No
Epson PL-610U No
Epson EB-C3005WN No
Epson PL-615U No
Epson EB-C301MN No
Epson PL-1751 No
Epson PL-1771W No
Epson EB-1975W Yes
Epson EB-5530U No
Epson EB-1880 No
Epson CB-X36 No
Epson EB-1870 No
Epson EB-1860 No
Epson EX5240 No
Epson VS340 No
Epson EB-1751 No
Epson PL-5510 No
Epson EB-X350 No
Epson CB-X31E No
Epson PL X36+ No
Epson L1075UNL No
Epson EB-G6170 No
Epson EB-B1500 No
Epson EB-S27 No
Epson PL-610 No
Epson PL-L400U No
Epson EB-C3011WN No
Epson PL-L610W No
Epson PL 1224 No
Epson PL-5520W No
Epson PL-5535U No
Epson PL-5530U No
Epson EB-1776W No
Epson PL-1776W No
Epson EB-C301MS No
Epson EB-1771W No
Extron FOX T USW 203 SM No
Extron IN1608 xi IPCP SA No
Extron SW6 HD 4K No
Extron DVS 605 A No
Extron 4x1 VGA No
Extron DA2 HD 4K PLUS No
Extron DTP CrossPoint 82 4K IPCP MA 70 No
Extron DTP CrossPoint 86 4K No
Extron DTP CrossPoint 86 4K IPCP SA No
Extron DTP CrossPoint 86 4K IPCP MA 70 No
Extron DXP 1616 HD 4K No
Extron DXP 168 HD 4K No
Extron DXP 44 HD 4K No
Extron IN1608 xi IPCP MA 70 No
Extron DTP CrossPoint 84 4K No
Extron DTP CrossPoint 84 4K IPCP SA No
Extron MLS 506MA No
Extron DVS 605 No
Extron IN1608 xi MA 70 No
Extron DVS 605 D No
Extron DVS 605 AD No
Extron IN1804 No
Extron IN1804 DI No
Extron IN1804 DO No
Extron ISS 408 No
Extron MPS 601 No
Extron MLS 506SA No
Extron SW8 HD 4K No
Extron MAV Plus 1616 A No
Extron IN1608 xi No
Extron IN1608 xi SA No
Extron DTP CrossPoint 84 4K IPCP MA 70 No
Extron SW4 HD 4K No
Extron DXP 88 HD 4K No
Extron DXP 88 HD 4K PLUS No
Extron DXP 88 DVI Pro No
Extron FOX T USW 103 No
Extron FOX T USW 203 No
Extron IN1604 DTP No
Extron IN1604 HD No
Extron FOX T USW 203 MM No
Extron SW2 DVI A Plus No
Extron SW2 DVI A PLUS No
Extron SW2 DVI Plus No
Extron IN1606 No
Extron SW2 HD 4K PLUS No
Extron DXP 44 DVI Pro No
Extron SW4 HD 4K PLUS No
Extron SSP 7.1 No
Extron RAC 104 No
Extron MVC 121 Plus No
Extron XTP II CrossPoint 3200 No
Extron XTP CrossPoint 1600 Frame No
Extron XTP CrossPoint 1600 Frame w/RPS No
Extron XTP II CrossPoint 1600 No
Extron XTP II CrossPoint 1600 Frame w/ RPS No
Extron MLS 506 No
Extron SW6 HD 4K PLUS No
Extron SW2 HD 4K No
Extron DTP CrossPoint 82 4K No
Extron SW4 HD 4K No
Extron SW2 HD 4K No
Extron SW2 HD 4K PLUS No
Extron SW4 HD 4K PLUS No
Extron SW6 HD 4K PLUS No
Extron SW8 HD 4K PLUS No
Extron SW8 VGA Ars No
Extron SW2 DVI A Plus No
Extron SW8 DVI Plus No
Extron SW8 DVI A Plus No
Extron DTP CrossPoint 108 4K No
Extron DXP 84 HD 4K PLUS No
Extron DTP CrossPoint 108 4K IPCP MA 70 No
Extron DXP 84 HD 4K No
Extron DTP CrossPoint 82 4K IPCP SA No
Extron DMP 44 LC No
Extron DMP 44 LC Yes
Extron DMP 64 No
Extron DMP 128 Plus No
Extron DMP 128 Plus AT No
Extron DMP 128 Plus C No
Extron DMP 128 No
Extron DMP 128 C P No
Extron DMP 128 C P AT No
Extron DXP 44 HD 4K PLUS No
Extron SW6 HD 4K No
Extron DTP CrossPoint 108 4K IPCP SA No
Extron AXP 50 C AT No
Extron MPS 409 No
Extron MPS 602 No
Extron AXP 64 C AT No
Extron DMP 128 Plus C V No
Extron DMP 128 Plus C V AT No
Extron SW 12A No
Extron SW2 VGA Ars No
Extron SW4 VGA Ars No
Extron DMP 128 Plus C AT No
Extron MSW 4V rs No
Focus touch FT70-P10 Yes
Focus touch FT55-P10 Yes
Focus touch FT82-P10 Yes
Fohhn FR-21 Yes
Foxtron DALInet Yes
Foxtron DALIRS232 Yes
Fsr DV-HMSW4K-88 No
Genee GTouch4k No
Genee Collaboration Touch Screen No
Genee GTouch Collaboration Touch Screen No
Genee GTouch 4k & FHD No
Genee GtouchFHD No
Genee GTouch 15 series No
Genee GTouch15 No
Genee GTouch 14 series No
Genee GTouch14 No
Gericom GTV 3203 Yes
Gude Control 8045 Yes
Gude Control 8041 Yes
Gude Control 8031 Yes
Gude Control 8035 Yes
Gude Control 8021 Yes
Gude Control 8025 Yes
Gude Control 8226 Yes
Gude Control 1202 Yes
Hall research HSM-04-02 Yes
Hall research VS-2A No
Hall research DVS-4A No
Hall research DVS-2A No
Hall research HSM-88-4K No
Hall research HSM-44-BX No
Hall research HSM-04-04 Yes
Hall research VS-2 No
Hall research VSA-X21 No
Hall research VSM-I-A-4-JA4 No
Hall research VSM-A-4-4 No
Hall research HSM-I-04-02 Yes
Hall research HSM-I-04-04 Yes
Hall research SC-1080H No
Hall research SC-12BT Yes
Hall research SC-3H No
Hall research SSW-HD-4 No
Hall research UD2A-EDID-R No
Hall research HD-AUD-IO No
Hall research UD2A-EDID-S No
Hall research VS-4A No
Hall research AMP-4840 No
Hall research SC-1080R No
Hall research AMP-4840 No
Hall research AMP-7040 No
Hall research EMX-I-AMP No
Hall research EMX-AMP No
Hall research FHD264-S No
Hall research SW-HD-4 Yes
Hall research UD2A-EDID No
Helvar Digidim 9xx No
Hitachi CP-CW251WN No
Hitachi CP-WU9100B No
Hitachi CP-WU9100W No
Hitachi CP-WU8700 No
Hitachi CP-WX8750 No
Hitachi CP-WU8600 No
Hitachi CP-WU8460 Yes
Hitachi CP-WX5500 No
Hitachi CP-CX301WN No
Hitachi CP-WU8700W No
Hitachi CP-AX3503 Yes
Hitachi CP-AX3003 Yes
Hitachi CP-AX2503 Yes
Hitachi CP-AW3003 Yes
Hitachi CP-AW2503 Yes
Hitachi CP-X5555 No
Hitachi CP-CW301WN No
Hitachi CP-HD9321 Yes
Hitachi CP-CX251N No
Hitachi CP-DH300 No
Hitachi CP-EX3051WN No
Hitachi CP-EX3551WN No
Hitachi CP-EX4551WN No
Hitachi CP-EW3051WN No
Hitachi CP-EW3551WN No
Hitachi CP-WU8461 No
Hitachi CP-HD9950B No
Hitachi CP-WU8451 No
Hitachi CP-HD9320 Yes
Hitachi CP-EW302N No
Hitachi CP-EX252N No
Hitachi CP-EX302N No
Hitachi CP-HD9950W No
Hitachi CP-WU13K No
Hitachi CP-WU8600W No
Hitachi CP-X2542WN No
Hitachi CP-EW4051WN No
Hitachi UHD7510BKPC No
Hitachi CP-WX5505 No
Hitachi CP-X9110 Yes
Hitachi CP-X8170 Yes
Hitachi CP-X5022WN Yes
Hitachi CP-X4022WN Yes
Hitachi CP-WX9211 Yes
Hitachi CP-WX9210 Yes
Hitachi DV-PF7E No
Hitachi UHD7510WH No
Hitachi LP-AW3001 No
Hitachi UHD7510BK No
Hitachi CP-HD9320 No
Hitachi CP-HD9321 No
Hitachi Generisk No
Hitachi MP-WU5603 No
Hitachi CP-WU5505 No
Hitachi CP-X5550 No
Hitachi CP-WU5500 No
Hitachi UHD7510WHPC No
Hitachi CP-WX4041WN No
Hitachi CP-X8800 No
Hitachi CP-X3042WN No
Hitachi CP-X4042WN No
Hitachi CP-WX3042WN No
Hitachi CP-X2541WN No
Hitachi CP-X3041WN No
Hitachi CP-X4041WN No
Hitachi CP-X9111 Yes
Hitachi CP-WX3541WN No
Hitachi CP-WX4042WN No
Hitachi CP-WX4022WN Yes
Hitachi CP-WU9411 Yes
Hitachi CP-WU9410 Yes
Hitachi CP-X8800W No
Hitachi LP-EU5002E No
Hitachi LP-TW4001 No
Hitachi LP-TW3001 No
Hitachi LP-AW4001 No
Hitachi CP-WX3041WN No
Hitachi CP-WX5506M No
Hitachi CP-WX30LWN No
Hitachi CP-AW3506 No
Hitachi CP-AX2505 No
Hitachi CP-AX3005 No
Hitachi CP-AX3505 No
Hitachi CP-AW2505 No
Hitachi CP-WX8265 No
Hitachi LP-WX3500 No
Hitachi CP-WX8650 No
Hitachi CP-X30LWN No
Hitachi CP-WU5506M No
Hitachi CP-AW3005 No
Hitachi MC-EX303E No
Hitachi MC-EX353E No
Hitachi MC-WU8461 No
Hitachi MC-WU8451 No
Hitachi LP-WU9100B No
Hitachi LP-WU9750B No
Hitachi LP-WU6500 No
Hitachi MP-WU5503 No
Hitachi LP-WU6600 No
Hitachi LP-WU6700 No
Hitachi LP-WU3500 No
I3 L3403FHD No
I3 L3403UW No
I3 L3502W No
I3 L3302FHD No
I3 L3002UW No
I3 L3303W No
I3 L3503W No
I3 Touch V8404 T10 4K Yes
I3-technologies E1065 No
I3-technologies P7505 No
I3-technologies P84044K No
I3-technologies P7004 No
I3-technologies P6504 No
I3-technologies P5504 No
I3-technologies E1075 No
I3-technologies P6505 No
I3-technologies E1055 No
I3-technologies E1086 No
I3-technologies P8404 No
Idk corporation MSD-6203 No
Idk corporation MSD-702UHD No
Idk corporation MSD-702 No
Idk corporation MSD-701UHD No
Idk corporation MSD-6204 No
Idk corporation MSD-502 No
Idk corporation MSD-7204UHDTB No
Idk corporation MSD-701 No
Idk corporation MSD-6206 No
Idk corporation MSD-701AMP No
Idk corporation MSD-7201UHDTB No
Idk corporation MSD-7202UHDTB No
Idk corporation MSD-7203UHDTB No
Idk corporation MSD-801UHD No
Idk corporation MSD-501 No
Idk corporation MSD-402 No
Idk corporation MSD-6208 No
Idk corporation MSD-802UHD No
Iiyama TE5503MIS-B1AG No
Iiyama LE4340UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LE4340S-B1 No
Iiyama LH4981S No
Iiyama TF5538UHSC-W2AG No
Iiyama TF3238MSC-W2AG No
Iiyama TF3237MSC-W3AG No
Iiyama TE9803MIS-B1AG No
Iiyama TE8603MIS-B1AG No
Iiyama TE6503MIS-B1AG No
Iiyama LH4346HS-B1 No
Iiyama LH9852UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LH8642UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LH7542UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LH6542UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LH5542UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LH5042UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LH4342UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LH4282SB-B1 No
Iiyama LH4281S No
Iiyama TE7503MIS-B1AG No
Iiyama TH4265MIS-B1AG No
Iiyama LE6540UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LE5540UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LE7540UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LE8640UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LH5581S No
Iiyama LH5550UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LH5050UHS-B1 No
Iiyama LE5040UHS-B1 No
Iiyama TH5565MIS-B1AG No
Iiyama LH3246HS-B1 No
Iiyama LH4982SB-B1 No
Iiyama LE3240S-B1 No
Iiyama LH5546HS-B1 No
Iiyama LH4946HS-B1 No
Iiyama TF6538UHSC-B2AG No
Iiyama TF5538UHSC-B2AG No
Iiyama TF4938UHSC-B2AG No
Iiyama TF4338MSC-B2AG No
Iiyama TF3238MSC-B2AG No
Iiyama LH5582SB-B1 No
Infocus IN2104 Yes
Infocus IN2102 Yes
Infocus IN126STx No
Infocus D55K3MB No
Infocus IN136ST No
Infocus IN138HD No
Infocus IN134 No
Infocus SP2080HD No
Infocus UM_IN13X IN13XST IN213X series No
Infocus INL3149WU No
Infocus IN37 Yes
Infocus IN126x No
Infocus IN3140 Series No
Infocus IN2104EP Yes
Infocus IN128HDx No
Infocus INFXX33e Series No
Infocus SP1081HD No
Infocus D65K3MB No
Infocus D75K3MB No
Infocus D86K3MB No
Infocus IN35 Yes
Infocus IN42+ Yes
Infocus IN5855L No
Infocus IN5854L No
Infocus IN5852L No
Infocus IN5552L No
Infocus IN5554L No
Infocus IN3144 No
Infocus IN116xa No
Infocus IN2106EP Yes
Infocus IN124STx No
Infocus IN5555L No
Infocus IN136 No
Infocus IN128HDSTx No
Infocus IN228 No
Infocus IN2124x No
Infocus IN226 No
Infocus IN224 No
Infocus IN226ST No
Infocus IN138HDST No
Infocus IN114xa No
Infocus IN2134 No
Infocus IN112xv No
Infocus IN114xv No
Infocus IN116xv No
Infocus IN2128HDx No
Infocus IN124x No
Infocus IN38 Yes
Infocus IN226iST No
Infocus IN3146 No
Infocus INL3148HD No
Infocus INV30 Yes
Infocus IN35W Yes
Infocus IN220 Series No
Infocus IN2102EP Yes
Infocus IN2136 No
Infocus IN2138HD No
Infocus   No
Infocus IN2106 Yes
Infocus IN3148HD No
Infocus IN2126x No
Infocus IN134ST No
Infocus IN119HDG No
Infocus INL148HDUST No
Infocus INL146UST No
Infocus INL144UST No
Infocus SPL1080HDUST No
Infocus UM_INL14xUST No
Infocus IN11Xxv & IN11Xxa series No
Infocus IN112xa No
Iroom iBezel Yes
Just add power 3G POE RX Yes
Just add power 3G+AVP Yes
Jvc DLA-X790R No
Jvc TH-A5R No
Jvc DLA-X5900BE No
Jvc DLA-X7900WE No
Jvc DLA-X7900BE No
Jvc DLA-X9900BE No
Jvc DLA-X590R No
Jvc DLA-N5W No
Jvc DLA-X990R No
Jvc DLA-Z1 No
Jvc DLA-RS520 No
Jvc DLA-NX7 No
Jvc DLA-NX5 No
Jvc DLA-NX9 No
Jvc DLA-X970 No
Jvc DLA-X770 No
Jvc DLA-X5900WE No
Jvc DLA-RS620 No
Jvc DLA-X9500B No
Jvc DLA-RS4500 No
Jvc DLA-RS420 No
Jvc DLA-X5500W No
Jvc DLA-X5500B No
Jvc DLA-X7500W No
Jvc DLA-X7500B No
Jvc DLA-N7B No
Jvc DLA-N5B No
Jvc HR-S7950EU No
Jvc DLA-X570 No
Key digital KD-MLV4x2Pro No
Key digital KD-pro No
Key digital KD-CX800 + KD-IP120 No
Key digital KD-AMP220 No
Kindermann QuickSelect 2.0 Yes
Kindermann HDMI 41 Yes
Kindermann KX-3450 Yes
Kindermann KX-3400 Yes
Kindermann KX-3300 Yes
Kindermann KX-3250 Yes
Kindermann KX-3200 Active Yes
Kindermann KX-3200 Yes
Kindermann KX-3460W Yes
Kindermann Quickselect 3.0 Yes
Kindermann KX-3250W Yes
Kindermann Multishare 41 Automatic Yes
Kindermann Multishare 31 HDBaseT Yes
Kindermann KX-6000W Yes
Kindermann KX-535W Yes
Kindermann KX-525W Yes
Kindermann KX-5050 Yes
Kindermann KX-5000 Yes
Kindermann MMC 84 No
Kindermann Klick&Show No
Kindermann dQS No
Kindermann KX-3200W Yes
Kindermann dQS No
Kindermann HDMI share advanced 41 automatic V2 Yes
Kiss DP-558 Yes
Kramer VP-553xl No
Kramer VP-773A No
Kramer WP-5VH2 No
Kramer 691 No
Kramer FC-340S No
Kramer FC-340 No
Kramer VS-3232DN-EM No
Kramer VS-1616DN-EM No
Kramer vp-61n/XL No
Kramer VP-558 No
Kramer VS-401USB No
Kramer VM-212DT No
Kramer VP-440 No
Kramer VP-445 No
Kramer VP-440H2 No
Kramer VP-461 No
Kramer VP-724ds (old protocoll) No
Kramer VP-553 No
Kramer VP-724 xl No
Kramer VS-801USB No
Kramer SID-X3N Yes
Kramer DIP-31 No
Kramer VP-61N Yes
Kramer WP-20 No
Kramer VM-4HDT No
Kramer VP-4x1CS No
Kramer DIP-20 No
Kramer VP-770 No
Kramer WP-20 No
Kramer VM-212DT No
Kramer VM-4HDT No
Kramer VP-28 No
Kramer 691 No
Kramer VP-23/xl No
Kramer VS-3232DN No
Kramer SID-X2N No
Kramer VP-558 No
Kramer SID-X3N No
Kramer VS-611DT No
Kramer VS-211UHD No
Kramer DIP-31M No
Kramer VS-411UHD No
Kramer VP-81SIDN No
Kramer VS-21HDCP-IR No
Kramer VP-81KSi No
Kramer DIP-31 No
Kramer FC-340S No
Kramer Protocol 3000 No
Kramer VS-84HN No
Kramer VS-66HN No
Kramer VP-774A No
Kramer VP-771 No
Kramer VS-41HDCP No
Kramer VP-460 No
Kramer WP-5VH2 No
Kramer FC-340 No
Kramer VP-460 No
Kramer VS-44HN No
Kramer VSM-4x4HFS No
Kramer VP-461 No
Kramer VP-771 No
Kramer VP-770 No
Kramer VP-774A No
Kramer VP-553xl No
Kramer VP-773A No
Kramer VP-553 No
Kramer VS-1616D No
Kramer VS-44DT No
Kramer DIP-31 No
Kramer VS-88UHDA No
Kramer VS-42UHD No
Kramer VS-88HDxl No
Kramer VS-62HA No
Kramer VP-8x8AK No
Kramer VP-16x18AK No
Kramer VP-439 No
Kramer VP-734 No
Kramer VM-24HC No
Kramer VS-48HN No
Kramer VS-44UHDA No
Kramer VP-778 No
Kramer VP-8x4AK No
Kramer VS-1616DN No
Kramer VS-88DT No
Kramer VS-88HN No
Kramer VP-8x8TP No
Kramer VP-88K No
Kramer VP-885 No
Kramer VP-4x8AK No
Kramer VS-44HDCP No
Kramer VS-42HDCP No
Kramer VS-82HDxl No
Kramer VP-732 No
Kramer VS-88SDI No
Kramer VP-444 No
Kramer VP-4x4K No
Kramer VP-27 No
Kramer VS-88UHD No
Kramer VSM-4x4A No
Kramer VS-62DT No
Kramer VP-438 No
Kramer VP-733 No
Kramer VS-62H No
Lab.gruppen LUCIA 60/1-70 No
Lab.gruppen LUCIA 60/2 No
Lab.gruppen Lucia series No
Lab.gruppen LUCIA 240/2M No
Lab.gruppen LUCIA 120/1-70 No
Lab.gruppen LUCIA 120/2 No
Lab.gruppen LUCIA 120/2M No
Lab.gruppen LUCIA 240/1-70 No
Lab.gruppen LUCIA 240/2 No
Lab.gruppen LUCIA 60/2M No
Lectrosonics Aspen SPN812 Yes
Lectrosonics Aspen SPN2412 Yes
Lectrosonics Aspen SPN1612 Yes
Lectrosonics Aspen SPN1624 Yes
Legamaster ETX-6520-PLUS No
Legamaster ETX-7520-PLUS No
Legamaster ETX-8620-PLUS No
Legamaster ETX-5520 No
Legamaster STX-6550UHD No
Legamaster XTX-5500UHD No
Legamaster STX-8650UHD No
Legamaster STX-7550UHD No
Legamaster XTX-7500UHD No
Legamaster XTX-8600UHD No
Legamaster ETX-8620 No
Legamaster ETX-7520 No
Legamaster ETX-6520 No
Leyard PS5562 No
Leyard QE9850-Touch No
Leyard PS4662T No
Leyard QE7550-Touch No
Leyard PS6562 No
Leyard PS6562T No
Leyard SL4364K No
Leyard SL5064K No
Leyard SL5564K No
Leyard UR8651-MX No
Leyard QE7550 No
Leyard PS5562T No
Leyard EP5024K No
Leyard QE8650 No
Leyard QE9850 No
Leyard EP6524K No
Leyard SL6564K:SL7564K No
Leyard SL8664K No
Leyard UR7551-MX No
Leyard UR9851 No
Leyard EP5024K-T No
Leyard EP5824K No
Leyard EP5824K-T No
Leyard QE8650-Touch No
Leyard EP6524K-T No
Lg 55LV640S No
Lg SM5D No
Lg 55LV751H No
Lg 43LV751H No
Lg 43LV570H No
Lg 49LV300C No
Lg 32LV570H No
Lg 55LV560H No
Lg 49LV640S No
Lg SM3D No
Lg 65EV960H No
Lg 49LV661H No
Lg 43LV661H No
Lg 40LV570H No
Lg 49UV560H No
Lg 43LV300C No
Lg 32LV300C No
Lg 49LU642H No
Lg 43LU642H No
Lg 65LV570H No
Lg 55SM5KD No
Lg 49LV570H No
Lg 49LV560H No
Lg 49UV570H No
Lg 55UV560H No
Lg 55UV570H No
Lg 65UV560H No
Lg 65UV570H No
Lg 43UV661H No
Lg 55LV570H No
Lg LV661 No
Lg 55UV661H No
Lg SM3C No
Lg SE3D No
Lg 98LS95D No
Lg LV761H No
Lg 84WS70BD No
Lg 75UH5E-B No
Lg 86UH5E-B No
Lg 98UH5E-B No
Lg 43UV770H No
Lg 75UV341C No
Lg 65UV341C No
Lg 32LV340H No
Lg 49LV751H No
Lg 65EW960H No
Lg 55EW960H No
Lg 55LV340H No
Lg 49LV340H No
Lg SM5C No
Lg 40LV340H No
Lg 49UV661H No
Lg 65LW731H No
Lg UH5E Series No
Lg 49UH5E-B No
Lg 55UH5E-B No
Lg 65UH5E-B No
Lg UH5C No
Lg 43LV340H No
Lg 65UU770H No
Lg UW761H No
Lg 43UU670H No
Lg 49UU670H No
Lg 49UU770H No
Lg 55UU670H No
Lg 43UV340C No
Lg 65UU670H No
Lg 55LV340C No
Lg 75UU770H No
Lg 32LV541H No
Lg 55LV341H No
Lg 49LV341H No
Lg LV641 No
Lg UV661 No
Lg 55UU770H No
Lg 28LW341C No
Lg 65UV761H No
Lg 49LW731H No
Lg 55UV961H No
Lg 55UV761H No
Lg 32LV560H No
Lg 43UV340H No
Lg 24LW341C No
Lg 49LV541H No
Lg 32LW731H No
Lg 43LW731H No
Lg 32LV751H No
Lg 55LV541H No
Lg 32LV341H No
Lg 43LV541H No
Lg 65UV970H No
Lg 75UU340C No
Lg 49UV340C No
Lg 49UV340H No
Lg 55UV340C No
Lg 55UV340H No
Lg 65UV340C No
Lg 65UV340H No
Lg 40LV560H No
Lg LV541 No
Lg 86UU340C No
Lg 65UV961H No
Lg 65UU340C No
Lg 55UU340C No
Lg 49UU340C No
Lg 43UU340C No
Lg 43LV341H No
Lg 75UV340C No
Lg 43UV560H No
Lg 49UV770H No
Lg 55UV770H No
Lg LV341 No
Lg 65UV770H No
Lg 43UV570H No
Lg UW950H No
Lg LG-V9800 No
Lg 43LV560H No
Lg 49UV761H No
Lg 55LW731H No
Lg 43LV640S No
Lg 55UV970H No
Liberty INT-PS82-H2 No
Liberty DL-AS21C No
Liberty DL-HDM44A-H2 No
Liberty AS-1H1DP-WP-B No
Liberty DL-HDM88-FS No
Liberty DL-HDM44A-H2 No
Liberty DL-AS61 No
Liberty DL-SCU21C No
Liberty INT-HD52 No
Liberty INT-88HDX No
Liberty INT-BSR4K-H2 No
Liberty INT-88HDX No
Liberty DL-AS61U-H2 No
Liberty AS-2H-WP-W No
Liberty AS-1H1V No
Liberty AS-1H1V-WP-W No
Liberty AS-1H1V-WP-B No
Liberty DL-AS31-2H1DP No
Liberty DL-AS31-2H1DP No
Liberty DL-44E-KIT-H2 No
Liberty DL-HDM88-FS No
Liberty AS-2H No
Liberty DL-S41-H2 No
Liberty AS-1H1DP No
Liberty AS-1H1DP-WP-W No
Liberty FLX-64 No
Liberty DL-SE3H1V-C No
Liberty INT-44HDX No
Lifesize Express 220 Yes
Lightware MMX8x4-HT420M No
Lightware VINX-110 No
Lightware VINX-120 No
Lightware HDMI-TPS-RX110AY Yes
Lightware UMX-TPS-TX140 Yes
Lightware MMX6x2-HT220 Yes
Lightware MX12x12DVI-Plus No
Lightware MX-FR17 No
Lightware MMX8x4-HT400MC No
Lightware MMX8x8-HDMI-4K-A No
Lightware MMX6x2-HT220 No
Lightware MMX6x2-HT210 No
Lightware MMX6x2-HT200 No
Lightware MX9x9DVI-Plus No
Lightware MX16x16DVI-Slim No
Lightware MX9x9DVI-Slim No
Lightware MX4x4DVI No
Lightware MX4x4DVI-DL No
Lightware MX8x4DVI-PRO No
Lightware MX8x8DVI No
Lightware MX8x8DVI-DL No
Lightware UMX-HDMI-140 No
Lightware UMX-TPS-TX140 Yes
Lightware MX16x16DVI-Plus No
Lightware MX2-8X8-HDMI20-Audio-L No
Lightware MX6x6DVI-DL No
Lightware MX6x6DVI No
Lightware MX-FR9 No
Lumens VC-A71P No
Lumens ol No
Lumens VC-A51 No
Lumens VC-A51S No
Lumens VC-A61P No
Lumens VC-A50PN No
Lumens VC-A60S No
Lumens VC-A70H No
Lumens VC-A50P No
Lumens VC-A52S No
Lutron RadioRA 2 No
Lutron Grafik eye No
Marantz PMD-526C No
Marantz PMD-500D No
Matrox Mura No
Maxell MP-WU8801W No
Maxell MP-TW3001 No
Maxell MP-EU5002 No
Maxell MP-TW4011/MP-TW3011 No
Maxell MP-TW4011 No
Maxell MP-TW4001 No
Maxell MP-WX5503 No
Maxell MP-5503 No
Maxell MP-WU8701B No
Maxell MP-WU8801B No
Maxell MP-WU8701W No
Maxell MP-AW4001 No
Maxell MP-AW3001 No
Maxell MP-AX3001 No
Maxell MC-WU8601W No
Maxell MC-WU8601B No
Maxell MC-WX8751W No
Maxell MC-WX8751B No
Maxell MC-WX8651W No
Maxell MC-WX8651B No
Maxell MC-X8801W No
Maxell MP-WU9101B No
Maxell MC-EW4051 No
Maxell MP-WU5603 No
Maxell MC-X8801B No
Maxell MC-EX4551 No
Maxell MC-WU8701W No
Maxell MC-X8170 No
Maxell MC-WX8265 No
Maxell MC-WU8460 No
Maxell MC-BX301 No
Maxell MC-BW301 No
Maxell MC-8701B No
Maxell MP-WX5603 No
Maxell MC-CX302E No
Maxell MC-EX4051 No
Maxell MC-EX3551 No
Maxell MC-EX3051 No
Maxell MC-EW5001 No
Maxell MC-EX5001 No
Maxell MC-TW3506 No
Maxell MC-EW3551 No
Maxell MC-WU5506M No
Maxell MC-X5551 No
Maxell MC-X5555 No
Maxell MC-WX5501 No
Maxell MC-WX5505 No
Maxell MC-WU5501 No
Maxell MC-WU5505 No
Maxell MC-EW3051 No
Maxell MC-WX5506M No
Maxell MC-TW3006 No
Mimio 863U No
Mimio 652U No
Mimio 702U No
Mimio 752U No
Mimio 862U No
Mimio X26N No
Mimio BOSTON X30N No
Mimio WX32NST No
Mimio 280T No
Mimio 751U No
Mimio WX35NXT No
Mimio X30N No
Mimio 841U No
Mimio LIWH No
Mimio X32NST No
Mimio X27NST No
Mimio 701H No
Mimio 651U No
Mimio 651H No
Mimio WX31NST No
Mimio WX36N No
Mimio WX33NST No
Mimio X37NST No
Mimio X33N No
Mimio 753U No
Mimio WX32N No
Mimio 653U No
Mimio P12 No
Mimio BTW No
Mimio 280I No
Mimio LTWH No
Mimio BIW No
Mimio 240 No
Mimio 551 No
Mitsubishi XD110U No
Mitsubishi XD110U- new No
Mitsubishi XD500U Yes
Mitsubishi SD510U Yes
Mitsubishi XD400U No
Mitsubishi XD510U Yes
Mitsubishi XL59xx U/UL No
Mitsubishi XD520U Yes
Mitsubishi DX1000U/2000U No
Mitsubishi EX100U No
Motorola DC series No
Nad C388 No
Nad C 510 No
Nec NP-M260WS No
Nec LT 280 - LT 380 No
Nec NP-PX803UL-W-18 No
Nec NP-UM361XI-TM No
Nec NP-UM361X-WK No
Nec NP-UM361X No
Nec NP-UM352W-WK No
Nec NP-UM351W-WK No
Nec NP-U321HI-WK No
Nec P451X No
Nec NP-U321H-WK No
Nec NP-PX803UL-BK No
Nec NP-PX803UL-B-18 No
Nec PX803UL-BK No
Nec NP-PH1202HL1 No
Nec PX1005QL-B No
Nec NP-PX1005QL-W No
Nec NP-PX1005QL No
Nec NP-PX2000UL No
Nec NP-U321HI-TM No
Nec NP-VE280 No
Nec NP-UM351WI-TM No
Nec NP-V230 No
Nec NP-V302H No
Nec NP-V302W No
Nec NP-V302X No
Nec NP-V332W No
Nec NP-V332X No
Nec NP-U321H No
Nec NP-VE281 No
Nec NP-PX803UL-WH No
Nec NP-VE282X No
Nec NP-VE281X No
Nec NP-VE280X No
Nec NP-VE303 No
Nec NP-VE303X No
Nec NP-V311W No
Nec NP-PA500X No
Nec NP-VE282 No
Nec P553 No
Nec NP-PA500U No
Nec X464UNS No
Nec X474HB No
Nec X554UNS No
Nec X464UNV No
Nec X554UN No
Nec X464UN No
Nec NP-P502WL-2 No
Nec P703 No
Nec NP-P525UL No
Nec P463 No
Nec P403 No
Nec NP-V311X No
Nec NP-V281W No
Nec NP901W Yes
Nec NP-UM352W-TM No
Nec NP-UM351WI-WK No
Nec P801 No
Nec PA804UL-W No
Nec P451W No
Nec NP-PA600X No
Nec NP-PH1400U No
Nec NP-PH2601QL No
Nec NP-PH1000U No
Nec NP-P350W No
Nec NP-P350X No
Nec NP905 Yes
Nec PA804UL-B No
Nec NP-PA550W No
Nec PA1004UL-B No
Nec PA1004UL-W No
Nec NP-PA1004UL No
Nec NP-PA500U No
Nec NP-P554U No
Nec NP-P605UL No
Nec NP-525WL No
Nec NP-P502HL-2 No
Nec NP-PH1002HL No
Nec NP-M353WS No
Nec NP-M303WS No
Nec NP-M333XS No
Nec NP-M403H No
Nec NP-M323H No
Nec NP-M353HS No
Nec P501X No
Nec NP-M303HS No
Nec ME331W No
Nec PA703UL No
Nec UM361X Yes
Nec NP-PA622U No
Nec UM351W Yes
Nec UM330W Yes
Nec NP-UM361XI-WK No
Nec NP-M260XS No
Nec NP-M323HS No
Nec NP-M363X No
Nec ME301X No
Nec ME331X No
Nec ME361X No
Nec Multeos No
Nec V984Q No
Nec V864Q No
Nec V754Q No
Nec NP-M323X No
Nec ME361W No
Nec NP-M403X No
Nec NP-M323W No
Nec NP-M363W No
Nec NP-M403W No
Nec ME401X No
Nec ME301W No
Nec C651Q No
Nec NP-M283X No
Nec P501X No
Nec LT-265 Yes
Nec NP-P554U No
Nec E557:E657 No
Nec VT-695 No
Nec VT-670 No
Nec X754HB No
Nec X555UNV No
Nec NP-P554W No
Nec X554UNV No
Nec NP-P474W No
Nec PA500U Yes
Nec PA500X Yes
Nec PA550W Yes
Nec PA600X Yes
Nec P404 No
Nec PE501X No
Nec P401W No
Nec X555UNS No
Nec UM280W Yes
Nec NP-PH3501QL No
Nec C751Q No
Nec C861Q No
Nec C981Q No
Nec UM330X Yes
Nec NP-P420X No
Nec X651UHD No
Nec NP-P474U No
Nec X841UHD No
Nec V554 No
Nec UM280X Yes
Nec UM301W Yes
Nec UM301X Yes
Nec NP-PE523X No
Nec NP-P523X No
Nec NP-P603X No
Nec NP-P604X No
Nec X981UHD No
Nec LT-25 No
Nec E905 No
Nec E705 No
Nec E805 No
Nec Exx7 series No
Nec E327 No
Nec E437 No
Nec NP-M230X No
Nec ME401W No
Nec E556 No
Nec C431 No
Nec C501 No
Nec C551 No
Nec P452H No
Nec NP-UM301X No
Nec NP-PX1004UL-BK No
Nec P502W No
Nec E507 No
Nec NP-ME382U No
Nec NP-M302WS No
Nec V484-T No
Nec NP-M322W No
Nec NP-M282X No
Nec NP-M322X No
Nec NP-M362X No
Nec NP-M402X No
Nec E326 No
Nec NP-M402W No
Nec E506:E436 No
Nec NP-ME372W No
Nec NP-M300WS No
Nec NP-M300XS No
Nec NP-M350XS No
Nec NP-M260W No
Nec NP-M300W No
Nec P502HL-2 No
Nec NP-M362W No
Nec MultiSync UN551S No
Nec P452W No
Nec V462 No
Nec V422 No
Nec P702 No
Nec P404 No
Nec P552 No
Nec P462 No
Nec V651 No
Nec MultiSync V323-2 No
Nec V322 No
Nec P754Q No
Nec V554-T No
Nec V404 No
Nec P484 No
Nec V484 No
Nec P554 No
Nec V404-T No
Nec MultiSyncP402 No
Nec NP-M300X No
Nec NP-M332XS No
Nec P502WL-2 No
Nec MT1050 No
Nec Multeos M40/M46 Yes
Nec MultiSync UN551VS No
Nec MultiSync X555UNS No
Nec MultiSync X555UNV No
Nec V551 No
Nec NP-M260X No
Nec P502H No
Nec NP-M350X No
Nec NP-M420XV No
Nec NP-M420X No
Nec X551S No
Nec X461S No
Nec V552 No
Nec V652 No
Nec V554 No
Nec NP-PA653U No
Nec NP-PX602WL-BK No
Nec NP-PX602WL-WH No
Nec NP-PX602UL-BK No
Nec NP-PX602UL-WH No
Nec NP-PA621X No
Nec PA803UL No
Nec NP-PA903X No
Nec PE505XL No
Nec NP-PA853W No
Nec NP-PX800X2 No
Nec NP-PA723U No
Nec NP-PA803U No
Nec LT-280 Yes
Nec NP-PA653UL No
Nec E656 No
Nec NP-PA803UL No
Nec NP-M352WS No
Nec NP-PA703W No
Nec NP-UM352W No
Nec NP-UM361X No
Nec NP-UM301W No
Nec NP-UM351W No
Nec NP-V260 No
Nec NP-V230X No
Nec NP-V260W No
Nec NP-V300W No
Nec NP-PX700W2 No
Nec NP-V300X No
Nec NP-PX700W2-08ZL No
Nec PX803UL-WH No
Nec PX1004UL-BK No
Nec PX1004UL-WH No
Nec NP-PX750U No
Nec NP-PX800X No
Nec NP-PX700W No
Nec NP-PX750U2 No
Nec PE455WL No
Nec NP-V260X No
Nec NP-MC382W No
Nec X552S No
Nec X462S No
Nec V423 No
Nec V463 No
Nec X551UN No
Nec X463UN No
Nec X401S No
Nec NP-PE401H No
Nec NEC GT950 No
Nec NP-PA600X No
Nec NP-MC372X No
Nec NP-ME301X No
Nec NP-ME402X No
Nec NP-M361W No
Nec NP-M271W No
Nec NP-M311W No
Nec NP-M271X No
Nec gt950 No
Nec NP-PA622X No
Nec PE455UL No
Nec NP-PA721X No
Nec NP-PA571W No
Nec NP-PA671W No
Nec X462UNV No
Nec NP-PA621U No
Nec V801 No
Nec NP-PA722X No
Nec NP-PA572W No
Nec NP-PA672W No
Nec NP-PA522U No
Nec NP-PA622U No
Nec NP-PA550W No
Nec NP-PA500X No
Nec NP-M311X No
Nec NP-PA521U No
Neets 312-0003 Yes
Neets 312-0002 Yes
Neets 312-0001 Yes
Neets Sound Bar - SB1 Yes
Neets Switching Relay - 8 Yes
Neets 312-0001 with level indication Yes
Neets 312-0002 with level indication No
Neets 312-0003 with level indication Yes
Neets KNX IP interface No
Netio products PowerCable Modbus 101x No
Netio products PowerDIN 4PZ No
Netio products PowerPDU 4C No
Netio products PowerPDU 4PS No
Netio products PowerBOX 3Px No
Newline NAOS IP No
Newline X7 No
Newline TT-7518VN No
Newline MIRA No
Newline TT-6520HO No
Newline TT-7520HO No
Newline TT-8620HO No
Newline NT series No
Newline TT-8619IP No
Newline TT-6519IP No
Newline TT-9818RS No
Newline TT9819 NT No
Newline TT8519 NT No
Newline VN series No
Newline TruTouch RS series No
Newline TT-6518VN No
Newline TT-6518RS No
Newline TT-7518RS No
Newline TT-8618RS No
Newline TT-7519IP No
Newline ATLAS No
Newline X8 No
Newline X6 No
Newline TT-8618VN No
Newline X9 No
Newline X5 No
Newline TT-8620ER No
Newline TT-7520ER No
Newline TT-6520ER No
Newline X4K series No
Onkyo TX-NR575E No
Onkyo TX-NR474 No
Optoma W401 Yes
Optoma ZU550T No
Optoma ZU500TST No
Optoma OP751RK No
Optoma 5861RK No
Optoma W505 No
Optoma ZW210ST No
Optoma ZH510T No
Optoma W351 Yes
Optoma W515 Yes
Optoma W515T Yes
Optoma WU1500 No
Optoma WU515 Yes
Optoma WU515T Yes
Optoma X501 No
Optoma ZH400USTi No
Optoma ZH300UW No
Optoma WU630 No
Optoma W415 Yes
Optoma W402 Yes
Optoma W320UST Yes
Optoma ZW550T No
Optoma W320USTi Yes
Optoma PS200T No
Optoma EH320USTi Yes
Optoma EH200ST No
Optoma 5751RK No
Optoma EH505 No
Optoma EH503 No
Optoma W305ST No
Optoma EP 782 Yes
Optoma X605 No
Optoma PS200 No
Optoma EP 758 No
Optoma W316ST No
Optoma EP 761 Yes
Optoma EP 752 Yes
Optoma Optoma EH501 No
Optoma UHD65 No
Optoma W313 Yes
Optoma W307USTi Yes
Optoma IN 42 No
Optoma X319USTir No
Optoma EH320UST Yes
Optoma W504 No
Optoma EH319USTi No
Optoma EH319UST No
Optoma DS309 No
Optoma X305ST No
Optoma W319USTi No
Optoma EH504 No
Optoma W319UST No
Optoma S316 Yes
Optoma X316ST No
Optoma X319UST No
Optoma EP 763 Yes
Optoma EH415 Yes
Optoma EH515 Yes
Optoma EH515T Yes
Optoma EH7700-M No
Optoma W319USTir No
Optoma ZU660e No
Optoma ZW400UST No
Optoma ZW400USTi No
Optoma ZW300UST No
Optoma ZW300USTi No
Optoma ZU510T No
Optoma ZX310STe No
Optoma ZU850 No
Optoma W307UST Yes
Optoma ZK750 No
Optoma ZH406ST No
Optoma ZU650+ No
Optoma ZU650 No
Optoma Zu606Te No
Optoma ZU606Te No
Optoma ZU1050 No
Optoma FHDQ130 No
Optoma 5651RK No
Optoma ZU750 No
Optoma ZH510Te No
Optoma W316ST No
Optoma S311 Yes
Optoma PS300T No
Optoma EP 776 Yes
Optoma ZH500T No
Optoma ZH500UST No
Optoma ZH400UST No
Optoma ZK1050 No
Optoma ZH403 No
Optoma ZH506 No
Optoma ZH506Te No
Optoma ZU506 No
Optoma ZU506Te No
Optoma ZW506 No
Optoma ZH420UST No
Optoma ZH406 No
Optoma W306ST Yes
Optoma ZK507-W No
P5 future now FNIP-8x10A Yes
P5 future now FNIP6x2AD Yes
P5 future now FNIP-4xSH Yes
P5 future now FNIP-12xPWM Yes
Panasonic PT-VX61K No
Panasonic PT-BX655NC No
Panasonic PT-BX631C No
Panasonic PT-BX630C No
Panasonic PT-VW530 No
Panasonic PT-VZ570 No
Panasonic PT-VZ580 No
Panasonic PT-XW25SR No
Panasonic PT-TW231REA No
Panasonic PT-RZ575 No
Panasonic PT-RS30K No
Panasonic TH-55LFV5 No
Panasonic TH-55LFV8 No
Panasonic TH-49LFV8 No
Panasonic PT-FRZ575C No
Panasonic PT-FRZ570C No
Panasonic PT-TW231RE No
Panasonic TH-70SF2H No
Panasonic TH-80SF2H No
Panasonic PT-RZ570 No
Panasonic PT-SRZ31KC No
Panasonic PT-VX615N No
Panasonic PT-RZ31K No
Panasonic PT-RS11K No
Panasonic PT-SRZ12KC No
Panasonic PT-RZ12K No
Panasonic SA-XR10 No
Panasonic PT-BZ575NC No
Panasonic PT-BW535NC No
Panasonic PT-VX605N No
Panasonic PT-VX51K No
Panasonic PT-SRS30KC No
Panasonic PT-BW370C No
Panasonic PT-FRW330C No
Panasonic PT-FRZ370C No
Panasonic PT-FRZ470C No
Panasonic PT-RZ370 No
Panasonic PT-RZ470 No
Panasonic PT-VX42 No
Panasonic PT-SW280C No
Panasonic PT-VX410 No
Panasonic PT-SX320A No
Panasonic PT-VW340 No
Panasonic PT-BX431C No
Panasonic PT-BX430C No
Panasonic PT-VW545N No
Panasonic PT-VW535N No
Panasonic PT-VZ575N No
Panasonic PT-BX420C No
Panasonic PT-TX310 Yes
Panasonic PT-TX210 Yes
Panasonic PT-VW340Z Yes
Panasonic PT-VX410Z Yes
Panasonic PT-VX406EA No
Panasonic PT-VW345NZ No
Panasonic PT-VW340Z No
Panasonic PT-FRZ15C No
Panasonic PT-TX400 Yes
Panasonic PT-FRZ30C No
Panasonic PT-TX300 Yes
Panasonic PT-SW280A No
Panasonic PT-SW1100 No
Panasonic TH-47LFX60 No
Panasonic PT-SX300A No
Panasonic TH-75BQE1 No
Panasonic PT-TW231RU No
Panasonic PT-VX415NZ No
Panasonic TH-80LF50 No
Panasonic TH-47LFV5 No
Panasonic TH-55LFV70 No
Panasonic TH-55LF8 No
Panasonic TH-65LFE8 No
Panasonic PT-VZ580K1 No
Panasonic PT-RZ475 No
Panasonic PT-BX620C No
Panasonic TH-70LF50J No
Panasonic PT-RZ670 No
Panasonic TH-70LF50 No
Panasonic TH‐55VF1H No
Panasonic TH-55LFV6 No
Panasonic TH-55LFV60 No
Panasonic TH-65BFE1 No
Panasonic TH-43SF2 No
Panasonic TH-80LF50J No
Panasonic PT-XW2731STC No
Panasonic AW-HE68 No
Panasonic PT-X281C No
Panasonic PT-UX283C No
Panasonic PT-TW341R No
Panasonic PT-TW341RJ No
Panasonic PT-TW340 No
Panasonic PT-VX46EA No
Panasonic PT-TW250 No
Panasonic TH-65SF2 No
Panasonic PT-TX400 No
Panasonic PT-X3530STC No
Panasonic PT-TX310 No
Panasonic PT-X3230STC No
Panasonic PT-TX210 No
Panasonic PT-X2730STC No
Panasonic PT-XW3232STC No
Panasonic TH-42LF8 No
Panasonic PT-BW530C No
Panasonic PT-BZ570C No
Panasonic PT-VX60 No
Panasonic PT-VX600 No
Panasonic PT-VX610 No
Panasonic PT-VW540 No
Panasonic TH-49SF2 No
Panasonic TH-49LF8 No
Panasonic PT-RQ32K No
Panasonic TH-55LF80 No
Panasonic TH-49LF80 No
Panasonic TH-42LF80 No
Panasonic TH-55SF1H No
Panasonic TH-49SF1H No
Panasonic TH-42SF1H No
Panasonic TH-42AF1 No
Panasonic TH-32EF1 No
Panasonic TH-47LFX6N No
Panasonic TH-55FE8 No
Panasonic TH-48FE8 No
Panasonic TH-43FE8 No
Panasonic   No
Panasonic TH-65EF1 No
Panasonic PT-BX650C No
Panasonic TH-75EF1 No
Panasonic PT-BX621C No
Panasonic TH-55AF1 No
Panasonic TH-49AF1 No
Panasonic PT-SRQ13KC No
Panasonic PT-RQ13K No
Panasonic PT-SRS11KC No
Panasonic PT-SRQ32KC No
Panasonic TH-55SF2 No
Panasonic TH-84EF1 No
Panasonic PT-LW312 No
Panasonic PT-EW540 No
Panasonic PT-F200 Yes
Panasonic PT-F100NT Yes
Panasonic PT-LB330J No
Panasonic PT-LB382 No
Panasonic PT-UX413C No
Panasonic PT-X412C No
Panasonic PT-LB412J No
Panasonic PT-LB412 No
Panasonic PT-UW313C No
Panasonic PT-EW550 No
Panasonic PT-LW312J No
Panasonic PT-SLX62C No
Panasonic PT-UW363C No
Panasonic PT-XW362C No
Panasonic PT-LW362J No
Panasonic PT-LW362 No
Panasonic PT-FX400EA No
Panasonic PT-FX400E No
Panasonic PT-FX400U No
Panasonic PT-FW430EA No
Panasonic PT-FW430E No
Panasonic PT-FW430U No
Panasonic AW- UE150 No
Panasonic PT-XW312C No
Panasonic PT-LB80 Yes
Panasonic PT-EZ57 No
Panasonic AW-HN65 No
Panasonic AW-HN40 No
Panasonic AW-HN38 No
Panasonic AW-HE35 No
Panasonic AW-HE48 No
Panasonic AW-HE65 No
Panasonic AW-HE40 No
Panasonic AW-HE70 No
Panasonic AW-UN145 No
Panasonic PT-FRW430C No
Panasonic PT-EX510 No
Panasonic PT-VZ585N No
Panasonic PT-SLW65C No
Panasonic PT-LB75 Yes
Panasonic PT-LB55NTE Yes
Panasonic PT-F100 Yes
Panasonic PT-F200NT Yes
Panasonic PT-FRX70C No
Panasonic PT-SLX12KC No
Panasonic PT-EX12KE No
Panasonic PT-EX12KU No
Panasonic PT-EX16KE No
Panasonic PT-EX16KU No
Panasonic AW-HN70 No
Panasonic AW-UE155 No
Panasonic PT-SLW83C No
Panasonic PT-DZ10K No
Panasonic PT-RZ670 No
Panasonic PT-LB20NTE No
Panasonic PT-FW100NT Yes
Panasonic PT-DX820 No
Panasonic PT-SLX72C No
Panasonic PT-SLW75C No
Panasonic PT-SLZ69C No
Panasonic PT-EX610 No
Panasonic PT-EW640 No
Panasonic PT-EZ580 No
Panasonic TH-84LQ70 No
Panasonic PT-SLX80C No
Panasonic TH-98LQ70 No
Panasonic PT-SLZ77C No
Panasonic PT-EX800 No
Panasonic PT-EW730 No
Panasonic PT-EZ770 No
Panasonic PT-SLX64C No
Panasonic NV VP33 No
Panasonic NV-VP28 No
Panasonic PT-DW10000 Yes
Panasonic PT-D4000 Yes
Panasonic TH-84LQ70L No
Panasonic TH-98LQ70L No
Panasonic PT-SLX75C No
Panasonic PT-DS20K No
Panasonic AW-HE38 No
Panasonic AW-UN70 No
Panasonic AW-UE65 No
Panasonic TH-50BF1 No
Panasonic TH-65BF1 No
Panasonic TH-80BF1 No
Panasonic DMR-EH65EC-S No
Panasonic DVD-S1 No
Panasonic AW-UE63 No
Panasonic AW-HE75 No
Panasonic AW-HE42 No
Panasonic PT-RW630 No
Panasonic PT-SDZ21KC No
Panasonic AW-RP50 No
Panasonic PT-SDZ20KC No
Panasonic PT-DZ16K No
Panasonic PT-SDZ18KC No
Panasonic PT-DW17K No
Panasonic PT-SDW17KC No
Panasonic ET-YFB200G Yes
Panasonic NV-VP25 No
Panasonic Generic Yes
Panasonic PT-D10000 Yes
Panasonic PT-D5700E Yes
Panasonic PT-DW5100 Yes
Panasonic PT-DZ21K No
Panasonic PT-RZ970 No
Panasonic PT-FRW62C No
Panasonic PT-RW620 No
Panasonic PT-FRW73C No
Panasonic PT-RW730 No
Panasonic PT-FRX110C No
Panasonic PT-RX110 No
Panasonic PT-FRW93C No
Panasonic PT-RW930 No
Panasonic PT-FRZ67C No
Panasonic PT-RZ660 No
Panasonic PT-FRZ78C No
Panasonic PT-LB332 No
Panasonic PT-FRZ98C No
Panasonic PT-SX2000 No
Panasonic PT-X3231STC No
Panasonic PT-X3233STC No
Panasonic PT-TX312 No
Panasonic PT-X3833STC No
Panasonic PT-TX402 No
Panasonic PT-XW3333STC No
Panasonic AW-HE58 No
Panasonic PT-TW343RJ No
Panasonic PT-SLW67C No
Panasonic PT-UX334C No
Panasonic PT-X332C No
Panasonic PT-RZ770 No
Panasonic PT-TW240 Yes
Panasonic PT-BX425NC No
Panasonic PT-VX415N No
Panasonic PT-VW345N No
Panasonic PT-BX435NC No
Panasonic PT-VX425N No
Panasonic PT-BW405NC No
Panasonic PT-VW355N No
Panasonic PT-VX420 No
Panasonic PT-BW400C No
Panasonic PT-VW350 No
Panasonic PT-VX42Z No
Panasonic PT-RW630 No
Panasonic AW-UE70 No
Panasonic PT-SX320C No
Panasonic PT-TW250 Yes
Panasonic PT-TW330 Yes
Panasonic PT-TW340 Yes
Panasonic PT-XW23ST No
Panasonic PT-TW230EA No
Panasonic PT-TW230E No
Panasonic PT-TW230U No
Panasonic PT-SX1100 No
Panasonic PT-SX1000 No
Panasonic PT-SX301C No
Panasonic PT-SX300C No
Panasonic PT-TW343R No
Panasonic PT-VX410Z No
Panasonic PT-DW750 No
Panasonic PT-DZ13K No
Panasonic PT-DW750 No
Panasonic PT-DZ780 No
Panasonic PT-UX383C No
Panasonic PT-DW830 No
Panasonic PT-TW342 No
Panasonic PT-DX820 No
Panasonic PT-FRZ68C No
Panasonic PT-FRW63C No
Panasonic PT-LB423 No
Panasonic PT-TW351R No
Panasonic PT-DS12K No
Panasonic PT-DX820 No
Panasonic PT-DX100 No
Panasonic PT-DZ780 No
Panasonic PT-FX500 No
Panasonic PT-FW530 No
Panasonic PT-FZ570 No
Panasonic PT-SLX74C No
Panasonic PT-EX620 No
Panasonic PT-SLW77C No
Panasonic PT-EW650 No
Panasonic PT-SLZ71C No
Panasonic PT-EZ590 No
Panasonic PT-EX520 No
Panasonic PT-DW750 No
Panasonic PT-X330C No
Panasonic PT-X382C No
Panasonic PT-LB280 No
Panasonic PT-X303C No
Panasonic PT-LB300 No
Panasonic PT-DZ870 No
Panasonic PT-UX333C No
Panasonic PT-DW11K No
Panasonic PT-X331C No
Panasonic PT-LB330J No
Panasonic PT-LB330 No
Panasonic PT-UX363C No
Panasonic PT-X361C No
Panasonic PT-LW330 No
Panasonic PT-LW80NT Yes
Panasonic PT-LB360J No
Panasonic PT-LW330J No
Panasonic PT-XW331C No
Panasonic PT-UW332C No
Panasonic PT-LW280 No
Panasonic PT-XW281C No
Panasonic PT-UW282C No
Panasonic PT-LB80NT Yes
Panasonic PT-LB75NT Yes
Panasonic PT-LB360 No
Panasonic PT-LW280J No
Peavey MX32 No
Peavey Digitool Live No
Peavey Digitool MX-16 No
Peerless-av UV491 No
Peerless-av UV651 No
Peerless-av UV551 No
Philips xxHFL5014 No
Philips 75BDL3010T No
Philips BDL5535QL No
Philips 86BDL3050Q No
Philips xxHFL6114U No
Philips xxHFL5114U No
Philips xxHFL5114 No
Philips xxHFL6014U No
Philips BDL5585XL No
Philips 49BDL3050Q No
Philips BDL4256ET No
Philips BDL5556ET No
Philips BDL5551EL No
Philips BDL5520QL Yes
Philips BDL4271VL No
Philips BDL4671VL No
Philips BDL6520EL No
Philips BDL4270EL No
Philips BDL6551V No
Philips BDL6526QT No
Philips BDL9870EU No
Philips BDL6520QL No
Philips BDL3250EL No
Philips BDL5587XL No
Philips BDL4682XL No
Philips BDL4835QL No
Philips 10BDL3051T/02 No
Philips 65BDL3052T No
Philips 86BDL4150D No
Philips 65BDL3050Q No
Philips BDL6520Q Yes
Philips 75BDL3000U No
Philips BDL8470EU No
Philips BDL8470QU No
Philips BDL6524ET No
Philips BDL4335QL No
Philips 65BDL3000Q No
Philips 65BDL3051T No
Philips 65BDL3010T   No
Philips 49BDL3050Q No
Philips 55BDL3050Q No
Philips 65BDL3050Q No
Philips 86BDL3050Q No
Philips 43BDL4051T No
Philips 55BDL4051T No
Philips BDL3230QL No
Philips BDL4330QL No
Philips BDL4650EL No
Philips BDL5530QL No
Philips BDL4250EL No
Philips BDL3220QL No
Philips BDL4220QL No
Philips BDL4620QL No
Philips BDL5520QL No
Philips BDL4235DL No
Philips 32BDL4050D No
Philips BDL3260EL No
Philips BDL4260EL No
Philips BDL4660EL No
Philips BDL5560EL No
Philips BDL4765EL No
Philips 75BDL3003H No
Philips BDL4830QL No
Philips BDL4988XC No
Philips BDL4777XL No
Philips MCM240 No
Philips DVDR3450 No
Philips 55BDL1005X No
Philips BDL5588XC No
Philips BDL5586XL No
Philips BDL5588XL No
Philips BDL5586XH No
Philips BDL4988XL No
Philips BDL5570EL No
Philips BDL4970EL No
Philips 98BDL4150D No
Philips BDL4676XL No
Philips BDL8470QT No
Philips BDL5588XH No
Philips BDL4780VH No
Philips xxBFL2114 No
Philips 55BDL3002H No
Philips 55BDL1007X No
Philips   No
Philips VR-550 No
Philips BDL4677XL No
Philips SerialXpress No
Philips BDL4777XH No
Philips BDL5590VL No
Philips BDL4990VL No
Philips BDL4290VL No
Philips BDL5580VL No
Philips BDL4680VL No
Philips BDL4280VL No
Philips xxHFL4014 No
Philips 49BDL4050D No
Philips BDL4776XL No
Philips BDL4677XH No
Philips 75BDL3050Q No
Philips BDL5554ET No
Philips BDL4254ET No
Philips 43BDL4050D No
Philips BDL4252EL No
Philips 55BDL3050Q No
Philips 55BDL4050D No
Philips 65BDL4050D No
Philips 42BDL5055P No
Philips 42BDL5057P No
Philips 49BDL5055P No
Philips 49BDL5057P No
Philips 55BDL5055P No
Philips 55BDL5057P No
Philips BDL4678XL No
Philips BDL4652EL No
Pioneer DV-343 No
Pioneer DVR-230 No
Pioner PDP60MXE20 No
Planar VM49MX-X No
Planar VM Series55 No
Planar UR8651-MX No
Planar UltraRes Touch No
Planar VM55MX-X No
Planar UR9851-ERO No
Planar UR8651-MX-ERO No
Planar UR7551-MX-ERO No
Planar UR7551-MX No
Planar UR9851 Touch No
Planar UR8651-Touch No
Planar UR7551-MX-Touch No
Planar UltraRes No
Planar UR9851 No
Planar LO552-S No
Planar EP5024K-T No
Planar EP5824K No
Planar RAseries No
Planar RA5580 No
Planar QE Series No
Planar QE7550-T No
Planar QE8650-T No
Planar QE9850-T No
Planar PR5020 No
Planar EP5024K No
Planar LO552 No
Planar EP5824K-T No
Planar EP6524K No
Planar EP6524K-T No
Planar EPX100 No
Planar EPX100-T No
Planar VM55LX-U No
Planar VM49LX-U No
Planar VM55LX-M No
Planar VM55LX-X No
Planar VM55MX-M No
Planar LookThru No
Planar VM Series 49 No
Planar EP Series No
Planar RA4980 No
Projection design EVO 2 SX No
Promethean ActivPanel Touch 2 84" Yes
Promethean ActivPanel Titanium Pro No
Promethean ActivPanel Touch 2 84" No
Promethean ActivPanel 3 55"-HD No
Promethean ActivPanel i-65HD No
Promethean ActivPanel 3 65"-HD No
Promethean ActivPanel i-75-4K No
Promethean ActivPanel Touch 2 70" Yes
Promethean ActivPanel v5 No
Promethean ActivPanel Nickel No
Promethean ActivPanel Touch 2 55" Yes
Promethean ActivPanel 3 70"-HD No
Promethean ActivPanel 3 84"-4K No
Promethean ActivPanel 65-4K No
Promethean ActivPanel 70-HD No
Promethean ActivPanel 75-4K No
Promethean ActivPanel Touch 2 65" Yes
Promethean ActivPanel 4.5 80″-HD No
Promethean ActivPanel 4 75"-HD No
Promethean ActivPanel 4 65"-HD No
Promethean ActivPanel 4 65"-4K No
Promethean ActivPanel 4 75"-4K No
Promethean ActivPanel 4 84"-4K No
Promethean ActivPanel 4 55"-HD No
Promethean ActivPanel Titanium No
Promethean ActivPanel 86-4K No
Promethean ActivPanel Cobalt No
Promethean ActivPanel 4.5 70″-HD No
Promethean ActivPanel 4.5 No
Promethean ActivPanel Touch 2 55" No
Promethean ActivPanel Touch 2 65" No
Promethean ActivPanel Touch 2 70" No
Promethean ActivPanel Cobalt and Nickel No
Promethean ActivPanel 2 and 3 No
Promethean ActivPanel 4 No
Promethean ActivPanel i-Series No
Ptzoptics 12X-SDI Yes
Ptzoptics 12X-USB Yes
Ptzoptics 20X-USB Yes
Ptzoptics 20X-SDI Yes
Purelink HTX-8800-U No
Purelink HX-8800-U No
Purelink MAX-FR102 No
Purelink MAX-FT101 No
Purelink MAX-CR102 No
Purelink MAX-CT101 No
Purelink PM-32X No
Purelink PM-64X No
Purelink PM-8X No
Purelink HX-8400-U No
Purelink UX-4400 No
Purelink PM-48X No
Purelink PT-PSW-61E No
Purelink PS-6300S No
Purelink UX-8800 No
Purelink PM-16X No
Purelink PM-80X No
Purelink HX-4200-U No
Purelink HX-4400S No
Purelink HX-8200-U No
Purelink HX-4400-U No
Purelink HTX-4400-U No
Puretools PT-MA-HD44UHD No
Qomo QD3800 No
Qomo Journey14 75" No
Qomo QPC80H2 No
Qomo Journey14 86" No
Qomo Journey13 86" No
Qomo Journey13 No
Qomo Journey 13 65" No
Qomo Journey 13 75" No
Qomo Journey14 55" No
Qomo QD1200 No
Qomo QD1600 No
Qomo QD3600 No
Qomo QD3300 No
Qomo QD3200 No
Qomo QPC70 No
Qomo QD700 No
Qomo QD3700 No
Qomo QD750 No
Qomo QD3900 No
Qomo DG880 No
Qomo QD6100SX No
Qomo QD600 No
Qomo QD3900H1 No
Qomo QD3300H1 No
Qomo Journey14 65" No
Qomo DP580 No
Qomo Journey14 No
Rako RAV232 No
Rgblink Flex 8M No
Rgblink FLEX 16M No
Rgblink Flex 16M No
Rgblink FLEX 8M No
Rgblink X1 PROe No
Ricoh PJ WU5570 Yes
Ricoh PJ S2240 Yes
Ricoh PJ WX2240 Yes
Ricoh PJ WXL4540 Yes
Ricoh PJ X5570 Yes
Ricoh PJ WXL5670 Yes
Ricoh PJ X2240 Yes
Ricoh D5520 No
Roland Roland VP-42H No
Roland VP-42H No
Roland VR-50HD No
Roland VR-50HD-MK2 No
Roland XS-62S No
Roland AR-3000SD No
Roland XS-42H No
Roland XS-84H No
Roland R-1000 No
Roland XS-1HD No
Roland V-40HD No
Roland Roland - V-800HD No
Roland V-800HD No
Roland V-800HD MK II No
Roland Roland - V-60HD No
Roland Roland- XS-1HD No
Roland Roland - V-600UHD No
Roland XS-83H No
Roland XS-82H No
Roland V-1SDI No
Roland V-60HD No
Roland M-200i No
Roland V-600UHD No
Roland Roland - V-40HD No
Roland VR-4HD No
Roland Roland XS-42H No
Roland Roland - V-1SDI No
Roland Roland - V-1200HD No
Roland V-1200HD No
Roland Roland - M-200i No
Rotel RSP-1098 No
Russound MCA-88Xi No
Sahara Clevertouch Plus 65" Yes
Sahara Clevertouch Plus 55" Yes
Sahara Clevertouch Plus 42" Yes
Sahara Clevertouch Plus 84" Yes
Sahara Clevertouch Plus 70" Yes
Samsung DM32E No
Samsung SH37F No
Samsung PM55F No
Samsung OM46D-W No
Samsung OM55D-W No
Samsung OM75D-W No
Samsung OM46D-K No
Samsung S-Box(SNOW-1703U) No
Samsung QM75F No
Samsung QM98F No
Samsung QH65H No
Samsung S5140 (Viasat) Yes
Samsung PM32F No
Samsung  PM32F-BC No
Samsung PM55F-BC No
Samsung PM43F-BC No
Samsung DVD-V5600 No
Samsung HLT Series HDTVs No
Samsung DM75E No
Samsung DH40E No
Samsung DM48E No
Samsung DH55E No
Samsung QM85F No
Samsung DC48E No
Samsung DM32E Yes
Samsung DM40E No
Samsung DM55E No
Samsung DM65E No
Samsung DC43J No
Samsung DC49J No
Samsung DC43H No
Samsung DC49H No
Samsung DC55H No
Samsung PM49F No
Samsung DC40E No
Samsung PM43F No
Samsung DC55E No
Samsung QB65H No
Samsung PM43H No
Samsung PM49H No
Samsung PM55H No
Samsung PH43F-P No
Samsung PH49F-P No
Samsung PH55F-P No
Samsung Generic Remote No
Samsung DC32E No
Samsung QB75H-N No
Samsung DB40E No
Samsung DB48E No
Samsung DB55E No
Samsung DB43J No
Samsung DB49J No
Samsung DH48E No
Samsung OM55D-K No
Samsung QB65H-TR No
Samsung QM65H No
Samsung DB32E No
Samsung QM49H No
Samsung QB75H-TR No
Samsung QB65H-N No
Samsung QB75H No
Samsung QB65H - QB75H No
Samsung OH55F No
Samsung OH75F No
Samsung QM55H No
Samsung OH85F No
Samsung QH55H No
Samsung LH55MLE No
Samsung OH46F No
Samsung LH32MLE No
Samsung QB65H No
Samsung QB75H No
Samsung QM75N No
Samsung QM43N No
Samsung OM75D-K No
Sanyo PLC-XU75 Yes
Sanyo PLC-XU78 Yes
Sharp PN-LE901 No
Sharp PN-C861H No
Sharp PN-C751H No
Sharp PN-CE701H No
Sharp PN-LE601 No
Sharp PN-LE801 No
Sharp PN-M401 No
Sharp PN-LE701 No
Sharp PN-UH861 No
Sharp PN-UH551 No
Sharp PN-UH501 No
Sharp PN-UH431 No
Sharp PN-L805H No
Sharp PN-L401C No
Sharp PN-L851H No
Sharp PN-L651H No
Sharp PN-L751H No
Sharp PN-E603 No
Sharp PG-F312X No
Sharp PN-R496 No
Sharp PN-R556 No
Sharp PN-R606 No
Sharp PN-R706 No
Sharp PN-B501 No
Sharp PN-M501 No
Sharp PN-HB651 No
Sharp PN-HB751 No
Sharp PN-HB851 No
Sharp PN-HM651 No
Sharp PN-HM751 No
Sharp PN-HM851 No
Sharp PN-V701 No
Sharp XR-40X No
Sharp PG-F262X No
Sharp PG-F212X No
Sharp XG-F260X No
Sharp XG-F210X No
Sharp PG-F200X No
Sharp PN-R603 No
Sharp XR-32S No
Sharp PN-R703 No
Sharp XR-30X No
Sharp PG-F320W No
Sharp PG-F310X No
Sharp PGM60X Yes
Sharp PN-E703 No
Sharp PN-R903A No
Sharp XR-32X No
Sharp PN-B401 No
Sharp XG-C335X No
Sharp XG-C330X No
Sharp XG-C465X No
Sharp XG-C435X No
Sharp XG-MB67X-L No
Sharp XG-MB65X-L No
Sharp XG-MB55X-L No
Sharp XR-10X-L No
Sharp XR-10S-L No
Sharp XG-P610X No
Sharp XG-P610X-N No
Sharp XG-PH70X No
Sharp XG-PH70X-N No
Sharp PN-R426 No
Sharp PN-Y326 No
Sharp PN-V600A No
Sharp PN-V601A No
Sharp PN-V602 No
Sharp PN-V602A No
Sharp PN-Y556 No
Sharp XG-PH50X No
Sharp PN-Y436 No
Sharp XG-PH50X-NL No
Sharp XG-C430X No
Sharp PNQ901 No
Sharp PNQ801 No
Sharp PNQ701 No
Sharp PNQ601 No
Sharp XR-30S No
Sharp PN-Y496 No
Sharp XG-F315X No
Shure DFR22 No
Shure ANI22 No
Shure ANI4IN No
Shure ANI4OUT No
Shure P300 No
Shure SCM820 No
Smart SBID-MX386 No
Smart SPNL-6055 No
Smart SBID-MX265 No
Smart SMART Board MX series No
Smart SPNL-6075P No
Smart SBID-MX275 No
Smart SBID-MX286 No
Smart SBID-MX175 No
Smart SBID-MX186 No
Smart SBID-7386 No
Smart SPNL-6365P No
Smart SPNL-6365-V3/SBID-6365 No
Smart SPNL-6375-V3 No
Smart SPNL-6265-V3/SBID-6265 No
Smart SPNL-6275-V3 No
Smart SPNL-6065-V3/SBID-6065 No
Smart SBID-MX365 No
Smart SPNL-6075 No
Smart SBID-MX165 No
Smart SPNL-6375P No
Smart SPNL-6265P No
Smart SPNL-6275P No
Smart SPNL-6065P No
Smart SPNL-6275 No
Smart SBID-MX375 No
Smart SPNL-6075-V3 No
Smart SBD-2075P No
Smart SBID-7086P No
Smart SBID-7075P No
Smart SBID-7086 No
Smart SBID-7075 No
Smart SBID-7286P No
Smart SBID-7275P No
Smart SBID-7286 No
Smart SBID-7275 No
Smart SBID-7386P No
Smart SBID-7375P No
Smart SMART Board 2000 series No
Smart SBD-2075 No
Smart SBD-2075P No
Smart SMART Board MX100 series No
Smart SBID-7375 No
Smart SPNL-6065-V2 No
Smart SPNL-6065 No
Smart SPNL-6265-V2 No
Smart SPNL-6375 No
Smart SPNL-6365-V2 No
Smart SMART Board 2000 series No
Smart LightRaise 60wi2 Yes
Smart SBD-2075 No
Smart SBID-7286P-V2 No
Smart SBID-7275P-V2 No
Smart SBID-7286-V2 No
Smart SBID-7275-V2 No
Smart SMART Board 7000 - 7000 Pro series No
Smart SPNL-6000-V3/SBID-6000 models No
Smart SPNL-6000-V2 and SPNL-6000P No
Smart SPNL-6000-V1 No
Sonance DSP8-130 No
Sonance DSP2-750 No
Sonance DSP2-150 No
Sony FW-75BZ35F No
Sony E200 No
Sony EX235 No
Sony EX234 No
Sony EX233 No
Sony EX231 No
Sony EX230 No
Sony EX251 No
Sony EW295 No
Sony EW315 No
Sony FW-85BZ35F No
Sony FWL-xxW705C Series No
Sony FWL-40W705C No
Sony FWL-48W705C No
Sony FWL-55W805C No
Sony EW256 No
Sony EW255 No
Sony EW236 No
Sony EW296 No
Sony EW435 No
Sony SRG-HD1M2 No
Sony FWL-75WD855C Yes
Sony FWL-55W805C Yes
Sony FHZ60 No
Sony FHZ66 No
Sony EX453 No
Sony EX450 No
Sony EX435 No
Sony EX433 No
Sony EX250 No
Sony EW455 No
Sony E300 No
Sony KDL-40W705C Yes
Sony E400/E500 No
Sony F630H No
Sony EX345 No
Sony EX340 No
Sony EX315 No
Sony EX310 No
Sony EW348 No
Sony EW345 No
Sony EX430 No
Sony PXZ10 No
Sony EW235 No
Sony SW631C No
Sony SW636C No
Sony SX621 No
Sony F535HZ No
Sony S200 No
Sony CH370 No
Sony SW235 No
Sony SX226 No
Sony S600 No
Sony F536HZ No
Sony TA370 No
Sony P500HZ No
Sony P500WZ No
Sony P500XZ No
Sony VPL-CW125 Yes
Sony VPL-CX120 Yes
Sony VPL-CH355 No
Sony CH355 No
Sony CH350 No
Sony CH353 No
Sony SX236 No
Sony VPL-CX120,VPL-CX125 No
Sony SonyWOL No
Sony FWD-55X70G No
Sony XD70 No
Sony FWD-55X70G No
Sony F531HZ No
Sony FWL-65W855C No
Sony FWL-75W855C No
Sony STR-DE335 Yes
Sony str-de497 No
Sony SW631 No
Sony VPL-CX100 No
Sony SRG-201M2 No
Sony VPL-CX150 No
Sony VPL-CX155 No
Sony VPL-CW125 No
Sony VPL-CX235 No
Sony VPL-CX238 No
Sony VPL-CW255 No
Sony UBP-X1100ES Yes
Sony U300 No
Sony U300WZ No
Sony STR-DG510 No
Sony EX254 No
Sony BRC-X401 No
Sony FHZ700L No
Sony FHZ700 No
Sony FW-65BZ35F No
Sony FW-55BZ35F No
Sony FW-49BZ35F No
Sony FW-43BZ35F No
Sony FW60 No
Sony F725HZL No
Sony EX253 No
Sony FWZ60 No
Sony EX255 No
Sony EX283 No
Sony EX290 No
Sony EX291 No
Sony EX293 No
Sony EX294 No
Sony EX295 No
Sony SLV 990 No
Sony Alpha No
Sony 970 No
Sony EX570 No
Sony F636HZ No
Sony F530HZ No
Sony F635H No
Sony F630W No
Sony F635W No
Sony F530W No
Sony F535W No
Sony EX455 No
Sony F700HZL No
Sony EW575 No
Sony FW-75XE9001 No
Sony EX573 No
Sony EX575 No
Sony FWL - 55W805C No
Sony P10-P500 No
Sony PHZ10 No
Sony PWZ10 No
Sony F631HZ No
Sony F630HZ No
Sony FWZ65 No
Sony EW578 No
Sony F530WZ No
Sony FH60 No
Sony F905ZL No
Sony F900ZL No
Sony F1205ZL No
Sony F1200ZL No
Sony FHZ90L No
Sony FHZ120L No
Sony FHZ58 No
Sony FW-55XE9001 No
Sony F635WZ No
Sony FW-49XE8001 No
Sony F535WZ No
Sony FWD-100ZD9501 No
Sony FHZ57 No
Sony FHZ65 No
Sony FHZ61 No
Sony SRG-X400 No
Sony SRG-X402 No
Sony F635HZ No
Sony BRC-X400 No
Sony F630WZ No
Sony F436HZL No
Sony SRG-X120 No
Sony FW65 No
Sony F530H No
Sony F535H No
Sony F535HZL No
Sony F536HZL No
Sony F430HZ No
Sony F431HZ No
Sony F435HZ No
Sony 4K XE8 Series No
Sony F435HZL No
Sony FW-43XE8001 No
Sony SW225 No
Sony FH65 No
Sony CH358 No
Sony FW-49XE9001 No
Sony FW-85XD8501 No
Sony FW-75XE8501 No
Sony FW-65XE8501 No
Sony FW-55XE8001 No
Sony FW-65XE9001 No
Sony F436HZ No
Sony VPL-VW60 No
Sony VPL-FX-51 No
Sony VPL-EX7 No
Sony VPL-EX7 No
Sony VPL-EX130 No
Sony VPL-EX50 Yes
Sony VPL-FH300L No
Sony VPL-FW300L No
Sony VPL-EX5 Yes
Sony VPL-VW1100ES No
Sony VPL-VW40 No
Sony VPL-EW5 No
Sony VPL-GT100 No
Sony VPL-EX5U No
Sony VPL-SW526C Yes
Sony VPL-SW536C Yes
Sony VPL-SX536 Yes
Sony VPL-VW1000ES No
Sony VPL-FX51 No
Sony VPL-FX52L No
Sony VPL-FX52 No
Sony VPL-VW200 No
Sony VPL-EX120 No
Sony VPL-EX50 No
Sony VPL-EX5 No
Sony VPL-EX4 No
Sony VPL-ES4 No
Sony VPL-EX3 No
Sony VPL-CX276 Yes
Sony VPL-EW226 No
Sony VPL-EW246 Yes
Sony SX631 No
Sony VPL-EX145 No
Sony VPL-SW536 Yes
Sony VPL-EW276 Yes
Sony VPL-CX80 No
Sony VPL-CX150 Yes
Sony VPL-CX236 Yes
Sony VPL-EX4 No
Sony VPL-EW5 Yes
Sony VPL-EW130 No
Sony VPL-CX155 Yes
Sony VPL-CX125 Yes
Sony VPL-EX175 No
Sony VPL-EW245 No
Sony VPL-FH35 No
Sony VPL-FW41L No
Sony VPL-EX242 Yes
Sony VPL-SW526 Yes
Sony VPL-EX246 Yes
Sony VPL-EX276 Yes
Sony VPL-EX272 Yes
Sony VPL-EX100 No
Sony VPL-EX222 Yes
Sony VPL-ES3 No
Sony VPL-FH30 No
Sony VPL-EW275 No
Sony VPL-EX226 Yes
Sony VPL-EW225 No
Sony VPL-EX275 No
Sony VPL-EX245 No
Sony VPL-EX225 No
Sony VPL-CW258 No
Sony VPL-CW276 Yes
Sony VPL-CX100 Yes
Sony VPL-CW256 Yes
Sony CH378 No
Sony CH375 No
Sony CH373 No
Sony VPL-EX3 No
Sony VPL-FHZ65 No
Sony VPL-FE40 No
Sony VPL-FHZ700L No
Sony VPL-FX40 No
Sony VPL-FX40L No
Sony VPL-FX30 No
Sony VPL-FHZ55 Yes
Sony VPL-FE40L No
Sony VPL-FX41 No
Sony VPL-FX500L No
Sony VPL-FX41L No
Sony VPL-FH500L No
Sony VPL-FH36 No
Sony VPL-FH31 No
Sony VPL-FW41 No
Sony VPL-FX35 No
Symetrix Solus 8 Yes
Tascam AV-452 No
Televic conference D-CERNO CU-R MICS No
Televic conference D-Cerno CU-R No
Toa 9000 Series No
Toshiba 42C3000PG Rev 1 No
Toshiba TDP-ST20 Yes
Toshiba TDP-EW25 Yes
Toshiba TLP-X2000 Yes
Toshiba TLP-X2500 Yes
Toshiba TDP-T250 No
Toshiba TLP-WX2200 Yes
Toshiba 32C3030DG No
Toshiba TDP-T90/S20 Series No
Toshiba TDP-EX20 Yes
Toshiba TDP-T90/S20 Series No
Toshiba TLP-X3000 Yes
Triumph board PJ2000 Yes
Triumph board 75″ No
Triumph board PJ2000i Yes
Triumph board PJ3000i Yes
Triumph board PJ1000 No
Triumph board IFP UHD Display Series No
Triumph board 65″ No
Triumph board PJ3000 Yes
Triumph board 86″ No
Triumph board 98″ No
Triumph board 55″ No
Undefined D963HD No
Undefined test No
Undefined D952HD No
Undefined Undefined No
Undefined D950HD No
Undefined Vivitek No
Undefined Eiki No
Undefined EK-100W No
Vaddio ConferenceSHOT AV Yes
Vaddio PowerVIEW HD-22 Yes
Vaddio ClearVIEW HD-20SE Yes
Vaddio ConferenceSHOT AV Yes
Vaddio RoboSHOT 30 HD-SDI Yes
Vaddio RoboSHOT 12 USB Yes
Vaddio ConferenceSHOT AV RS232 Yes
Vaddio RoboSHOT 12 HDMI Yes
Vaddio PowerVIEW HD-30 Yes
Vestel IFM55TH652/4 No
Vestel IFXD65TI752/3 No
Vestel IFC65TH652/4 No
Vestel IFC65TI632/6 No
Vestel VW49X503B/6 No
Vestel VW55X503B/7 No
Vestel VW49U453B/6 No
Vestel IFM86TH650B/4 No
Vestel VW55U503C/6 No
Vestel VW55U703B/6 No
Vestel VW65SU703B/6 No
Vestel VW55X703B/6 No
Vestel IFD86TI640B/A3 No
Vestel VW55X503B/6 No
Vestel PD55U01 No
Vestel IF65T722/6 No
Vestel IFM65TH752/4 No
Vestel IF75T633/6 No
Vestel IFM75TH653/4 No
Vestel IFX65TI752/4 No
Vestel IFD75TH653/3 No
Vestel IFXD65TH752P/3 No
Vestel IFD75T643/A3 No
Vestel IFD65TH752/3 No
Vestel IFD65T642/A3 No
Vestel IFD55TH652/3 No
Vestel UEM55F35/6 No
Vestel IFX65TH752P/4 No
Vestel IFD86TH650B/3 No
Vestel VW55R503B/6 No
Vestel STM49UG32/6 No
Vestel STM49UH82/2 No
Vestel ED24V78/D No
Vestel ED32V78/D No
Vestel ED43V78/D No
Vestel PDU86SF80B/4 No
Vestel PDU98S31B/7 No
Vestel PDU98SF81B/4 No
Vestel STM43UH82/2 No
Vestel PDH49UH82/4 No
Vestel PDH43UH82/4 No
Vestel PDM43UG32/6 No
Vestel PDM43UH82/2 No
Vestel PDM49UG32/6 No
Vestel PDM49UH82/2 No
Vestel PDM55UH82/2 No
Vestel UHM55UH82/4 No
Vestel UHM65UH82/4 No
Vestel UHM75UH83/4 No
Vestel UEM49F35/6 No
Vestel PDX55S257/H No
Vestel PEH49F35/6 No
Vestel PDX75S237/H No
Vestel VB49B/2 No
Vestel VB55B/2 No
Vestel VM49B/4H No
Vestel VM55B/4H No
Vestel PEM55F35/6 No
Vestel PEM49F35/6 No
Vestel PEH55F35/6 No
Vestel STM43UG32/6 No
Vestel UHM86SH80B/4 No
Vestel PDX75U36/6 No
Vestel PDH55UH82/4 No
Vestel PDX75UF86/4 No
Vestel PDU65UF82/4 No
Vestel PDU75UF83/4 No
Vestel PDU86S30B/7 No
Viewsonic PG701WU No
Viewsonic PG706WU No
Viewsonic PG706HD No
Viewsonic PX700HD No
Viewsonic PJD6552LWS No
Viewsonic PJD6350 No
Viewsonic PJD5555w_Tiger No
Viewsonic PJD6352 No
Viewsonic PJD5153 No
Viewsonic PJD6352LS No
Viewsonic PX701HDP No
Viewsonic PG705WU No
Viewsonic PX701HD No
Viewsonic PX703HD No
Viewsonic PJD6351LS No
Viewsonic PG705HD No
Viewsonic PA501S No
Viewsonic PX702HD No
Viewsonic PA502X No
Viewsonic PA502SP No
Viewsonic PG800W No
Viewsonic PJD5250 No
Viewsonic PJD6552LW No
Viewsonic PJD5255 No
Viewsonic PX727-4K No
Viewsonic PG800HD No
Viewsonic PG800X No
Viewsonic PJD5151 No
Viewsonic PJD5155 No
Viewsonic PJD5253 No
Viewsonic PA502S No
Viewsonic PS501W No
Viewsonic PRO10100 No
Viewsonic PJD7720HD No
Viewsonic PJD6252L No
Viewsonic PJD6551W No
Viewsonic PJD7326 No
Viewsonic PJD7526W No
Viewsonic Pro9800WUL No
Viewsonic Pro9510L No
Viewsonic PJD6550LW No
Viewsonic Pro9530HDL No
Viewsonic Pro8520WL No
Viewsonic PS500X No
Viewsonic PS750X No
Viewsonic PS750W No
Viewsonic PS700X No
Viewsonic PS700W No
Viewsonic PS750HD No
Viewsonic PS600W No
Viewsonic PS600X No
Viewsonic Pro9520WL No
Viewsonic LS810 No
Viewsonic PG703W No
Viewsonic PJD6551LWS No
Viewsonic PX725HD No
Viewsonic PX727 No
Viewsonic PX747 No
Viewsonic PX706HD No
Viewsonic PX705HD No
Viewsonic PA505W No
Viewsonic Pro8800WUL No
Viewsonic LS820 No
Viewsonic Pro8510L No
Viewsonic PJD7720HD No
Viewsonic PJD7526W No
Viewsonic PJD7326 No
Viewsonic PJD6551W No
Viewsonic PJD6252L No
Viewsonic Pro7827HD No
Viewsonic Pro8520HD No
Viewsonic Pro8530HDL No
Viewsonic PX800HD No
Viewsonic LS830 No
Viewsonic LS830 No
Viewsonic CDE4302-H No
Viewsonic CDM4900R No
Viewsonic CDM5500T No
Viewsonic CDM5500R No
Viewsonic SWB8452B No
Viewsonic SWB7061B No
Viewsonic PA503XP No
Viewsonic CDM4300T No
Viewsonic LS820 No
Viewsonic CDX5552 No
Viewsonic LS810 No
Viewsonic LS800WU No
Viewsonic LS800HD No
Viewsonic CDE4302 No
Viewsonic CDE5502 No
Viewsonic CDE4803 No
Viewsonic LS625W No
Viewsonic LS900WU No
Viewsonic PA502S No
Viewsonic LS800HD No
Viewsonic LS800WU No
Viewsonic PA502XP No
Viewsonic PA503W No
Viewsonic PA503SP No
Viewsonic PA503X No
Viewsonic PA500X No
Viewsonic CDM4300R No
Viewsonic PA500S No
Viewsonic CDE4803-H No
Viewsonic CDE8600 No
Viewsonic IFP7500 No
Viewsonic EP3220T No
Viewsonic CDX4952 No
Viewsonic CDX5562 No
Viewsonic CDX5560 No
Viewsonic CDX5554 No
Viewsonic PA503S No
Viewsonic PG700WU No
Viewsonic IFP6550 No
Viewsonic IFP5550 No
Viewsonic LS620X No
Viewsonic LS750WU No
Viewsonic LS850WU No
Viewsonic LS860WU No
Viewsonic LS700-4K No
Viewsonic CDE5502-H No
Viewsonic PX747-4K No
Viewsonic IFP8650 No
Viewsonic LS625X No
Viewsonic LS700HD No
Viewsonic PA502X No
Viewsonic PX702HD No
Viewsonic PA501S No
Viewsonic PG603W No
Viewsonic PG603X No
Viewsonic PS501X No
Viewsonic CDE5561T No
Viewsonic CDE3204 No
Viewsonic CDE5502 No
Viewsonic CDE4803 No
Viewsonic CDE4302 No
Viewsonic CDE5510 No
Viewsonic CDE6502 No
Viewsonic CDE6510 No
Viewsonic CDP9800 No
Viewsonic IFP7550 No
Viewsonic CDE6561T No
Viewsonic CDE8452T No
Viewsonic SWB5561B No
Viewsonic SWB6561B No
Viewsonic CDE7500 No
Viewsonic IFP7560 No
Viewsonic IFP6560 No
Viewsonic PG703X No
Viewsonic CDE7061T No
Vivitek Qumi Q6 Yes
Vivitek DH4661Z No
Vivitek DX3350 No
Vivitek DW3320 No
Vivitek DH3331 No
Vivitek DH3330 No
Vivitek DU3340 No
Vivitek DU3341 No
Vivitek DW3321 No
Vivitek DX3351 No
Vivitek DU4671Z No
Vivitek DW882ST Yes
Vivitek DW770UST No
Vivitek DU6771 No
Vivitek DX813 No
Vivitek DW4650Z No
Vivitek DX4630Z No
Vivitek DU9000 Yes
Vivitek UHK268 No
Vivitek DW3321 Yes
Vivitek DU70X No
Vivitek DU7095Z No
Vivitek DU71X No
Vivitek DU6693Z No
Vivitek DH772UST No
Vivitek DW771USTi No
Vivitek DX6731 No
Vivitek DH765Z-UST No
Vivitek VW268 No
Vivitek MH3000K No
Vivitek HK2288 No
Vivitek LK6530i No
Vivitek LK7530i No
Vivitek LK8630i No
Vivitek LK9810i No
Vivitek H5098 No
Vivitek H1186 No
Vivitek UHK328 No
Vivitek HK1288 No
Vivitek DX881ST No
Vivitek DX761Z-UST No
Vivitek DW814 No
Vivitek DW763Z-UST No
Vivitek DX831 No
Vivitek DW932 No
Vivitek DX931 No
Vivitek DW832 No
Vivitek DX881ST Yes
Vivitek DX977-WT Yes
Vivitek H1188 No
Vivitek DH773USTi No
Vivitek DW882ST No
Vivitek DU9800Z No
Vivitek HK2200 No
Vivitek DX281-ST No
Vivitek D967 Yes
Vivitek DH3660Z No
Vivitek DU3661Z No
Vivitek DH559ST No
Vivitek DS262 No
Vivitek DX263 No
Vivitek D5010 Yes
Vivitek DH268 No
Vivitek D5110W Yes
Vivitek DK8500Z No
Vivitek DH976-WT Yes
Vivitek DH833 No
Vivitek DH758USTIR Yes
Vivitek DH758UST Yes
Vivitek DU978-WT Yes
Vivitek DW265 No
Vivitek D757WT No
Vivitek D557WH Yes
Vivitek D966HD Yes
Vivitek D912HD Yes
Vivitek D910HD Yes
Vivitek D867 Yes
Vivitek D865W Yes
Vivitek D5005 Yes
Vivitek D791ST Yes
Vivitek DU4771Z No
Vivitek D756USTi UM No
Vivitek D557W Yes
Vivitek D555 Yes
Vivitek D5380U Yes
Vivitek D5290U Yes
Vivitek D5190HD Yes
Vivitek D795WT Yes
Vivitek DU8190Z No
Vivitek DH3330 No
Vivitek DH3331 No
Vivitek DW3320 No
Vivitek DX3350 No
Vivitek DX5630 No
Vivitek D968U Yes
Vivitek DW5650 No
Vivitek DU8195Z No
Vivitek DH5661 No
Vivitek DU3340 No
Vivitek DW282-ST No
Vivitek DU8193Z No
Vivitek DU8090Z No
Vivitek DU3341 No
Vivitek DX4730Z-WH No
Vivitek DU477AZAA No
Vivitek DU4771Z-WH No
Vivitek DU5671 No
Vivo link VL120028 No
Vivo link VL 120000 No
Vivo link VL120026 No
Vivo link VL120012 No
Vivo link VL120005 No
Vivo link VL120004 No
Vivo link VL 120011 No
Vivolink VL 120000 No
Vivolink VLCAM230 No
Vivolink VL120004 No
Vivolink VL120005 No
Vivolink VL120012 No
Vivolink VL120026 No
Vivolink VL120028 No
Vivolink VLSW141H Yes
Vivolink VL 120011 No
Wolfvision VZ-P38 Yes
Wolfvision VZ-9.4F Yes
Wolfvision VZ9Plus-3 Yes
Wolfvision VZ9Plus Yes
Wolfvision VZ-C12-II Yes
Wolfvision VZ-8Light-4 Yes
Wolfvision VZ-8Plus-4 Yes
Wolfvision VC-C12-3 Yes
Wolfvision VZ-P18 Yes
Wolfvision VZ-C32-3 Yes
Wolfvision VZ-3 Yes
Wolfvision EYE-14 Yes
Wolfvision EYE-12 Yes
Wolfvision VZ-9.4L Yes
Wolfvision VZ-C32 Yes
Wolfvision VZ-C3D Yes
Wolfvision VZ-C6 Yes
Workpro Digiline MX Yes
Wyrestorm MXV-0408-H2A No
Wyrestorm MX-1010-HDBT-H2X No
Wyrestorm MX-0808-PP-POH-4K No
Wyrestorm MX-1616-HDBT-H2X No
Wyrestorm MX-1616-H2XC No
Wyrestorm MXV-0606-H2A-70 No
Wyrestorm EXP-MX-0404-KIT No
Wyrestorm MX-1010-H2XC No
Wyrestorm MX-0808-PP-POH No
Wyrestorm MX-0808-H2A No
Wyrestorm MX-0808-4K No
Wyrestorm MXV-0606-H2A No
Wyrestorm MX-0808-PP No
Wyrestorm MXV-0404-H2A-KIT No
Wyrestorm MX-0808-HDBT-H2C No
Wyrestorm MX-0808-HDBT-H2L No
Wyrestorm MX-0606-H2A No
Wyrestorm MX-0606-HDBT-H2L No
Wyrestorm MX-0808-HDBT-H2 No
Wyrestorm MX-0606-HDBT-H2C No
Wyrestorm SW-1001-HDBT Yes
Wyrestorm MX-0404-H2 No
Wyrestorm MX-0404-PP-KIT No
Wyrestorm MX-0404-HDBT-H2-KIT No
Wyrestorm EX-SW-0301-H2 No
Wyrestorm MX-0606-H2 No
Wyrestorm MX-0606-PP No
Wyrestorm EXP-MX-0808-KIT No
Wyrestorm MX-0404-H2A No
Wyrestorm EXP-MX-0404-H2 No
Wyrestorm EXP-MX-0402-H2 No
Wyrestorm SW-0501-HDBT No
Wyrestorm NHD-SW-0501 No
Wyrestorm MXV-0808-H2A No
Wyrestorm MX-0606-HDBT-H2 No
Wyrestorm MXV-0808-H2A-70 No
Wyrestorm RX-70-4K-SCL No
Wyrestorm SP-0208-HDBT-H2 No
Wyrestorm SW-0402-MV-HDBT No
Wyrestorm SW-0402-MV-HDMI No
Xantech MX-42 No
Xantech SW-21 No
Xantech MX-44 No
Xantech HDBT MX-44 No
Xantech SW-41 No
Yamaha RX-V557 No
Yamaha CS700-V No
Yamaha CS700-1 No
Yamaha CS700-A No
Yamaha CX-A5200 No
Yamaha MRX7 No
Yamaha MTX5-D No
Yamaha MTX3 No
Yamaha DVD rec No
Yamaha RX-V692RDS No
Yamaha RX-V1700 No
Yamaha RX-V No
Yamaha dvd-s-557 No
Yamaha PC406-D No
Yamaha PC406-DI No
Yamaha PC412-DI No
Yamaha PC412-D No
Yamaha PC Series No
Yamaha RX-V1500 No
Yamaha CDX-493 No
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