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NEC projectors and LAN control

We have experienced that NEC projectors have an extra expert (service) mode.

Here it is possible to access more energy saving settings, especially on the LAN part.

It is important to disable standby mode otherwise you will experience LAN connection drop out after several hours of standby. This will result in loss of control over the projector through the LAN port and also connection through HDBaseT.

To enter these expert settings you need to do the following:


Help then enter

Help then enter

Help then enter

HOLD – Menu for 3secs

Password dialog:

Up, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Up, Up than Enter

If the password was entered correctly the password entry box will disappear.  Hit “Menu” again to bring up the menu and look for the words “SERVICE” in the bottom right corner.

A normal menu dialog box will now say service in the lower right-hand corner.
Enter the service menu:



-click right to the last setup tab option: EXPERT

-Standby mode setting

-change to disable

Set the Standby mode to disable.

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