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Project Designer 1.20.0

New Features:

  • Added option to replace control system
  • Added improved device search. Devices created as 'related' devices in Device Editor, will now be searchable in PD and display a timing popup.


  • Default LAN speed is now set to Autonegotiate

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved project upload stability over LAN
  • Fixed some graphical buttons disappering during page change
  • Fixed printing labels only outputting blank pages until the scaling option has been changed.
  • Fixed Clickshare devices not bringing the system off if the active state isnt linked to a source.
  • Fixed the 'Location' field of a controlsystem not being saved
  • Fixed a graphical button could become stuck if pressed fast enough
  • Fixed graphical slider not behaving visually satisfying when dragged to 0
  • Fixed graphical buttons inheriting lock times from devices that are not directly controlled by them
  • Misc. KNX datatype optimization improvements
  • Optimized device search for model names that contained a special character
  • Fixed firmware not always being upgraded when uploading a project over LAN
  • MODULE: Fixed bug where a project could only contain 35 feedback sequences
  • MODULE: Fixed KNX communication only working if the device was added as the first LAN device to project
  • MODULE: Fixed UDP devices would blink the off button TCP style
  • FIRMWARE: Timeout during uploading to QueBec Pro
  • FIRMWARE: Fixed LAN communication on extension devices not working
  • FIRMWARE: Improved stability when loading the webinterface
  • FIRMWARE: Fixed IR not working on extension devices
  • FIRMWARE: Fixed firmware upload over LAN not working on Oscar and Echo Plus
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