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I can not control the volume of Sound Bar - SB1 from my TV

When connecting the Neets Sound Bar – SB1 to a TV or projector you can experience that the volume from the sound bar always stays the same.

What you encounter is that the sound output from the TV or projector is a monitor output that gives a fixed output and does not follow volume set by the remote control.

A fixed output is common on the optical output (TOSLINK).

So what can you do the get fix this problem. The solution depends on the TV or projector you have selected. Possible solutions could be:

  • Check the settings in the TV or projector and see if you can change the output from monitor output to volume.
  • If you have been using the optical input try to change to the RCA input if TV or projector has this output.

If the above mentioned solutions do not help you, the TV/projector you have selected do not support controlling the level on its output.

The best way to solve this is to install a simple control system next to the TV or screen. A four buttons controller like the Neets Control BraVo would do. You could also select the Neets Control EcHo that beside basic control also gives the end-user the possibility to change between the 3 EQ settings and control other functions on the TV.

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