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Touch screen never turn off when enabling the proximity sensor

By default, the Neets Touch panel have its proximity sensor enabled. When this function is enabled, the screen will automatically turn off after 10 min(defult value) and turn on again when a person is near the screen.

If you experience that, the screen never turn off when this function is enabled, you need to adjust the trigger level for the proximity sensor.

To do this simply follow this guide:

  1. Entre the settings of the Touch screen.touch-panel-settings-button.png
  2. Next scroll down to the "Debug overlay" in the bottom of the settings and activate it.touch_panel_debug_overlay.PNG 
  3. Now scroll to the top again and select "Connect to the control system".
  4. You will now see an overlay on top of everything with important information, like the Lux and proximity value.
    Locate the Proximity value and step 1 meter (3 ft.) away from the Touch screen. Now take the Proximity value and add 5 to the value (10 if the value is higher than 100).
  5. Enter the settings again (Like in step 1) and scroll down to the "Proximity sensitivity" and enter the value you found in step 4.
  6. The calibration is now done and the touch screen will now turn off the screen when no present has been detected for 10 min(defult value).



Note: If the calibration do now work try to increase the value you entered in step 5.



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