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Control system properties

You can change many things in the properties of the control system. You can access this view by clicking the controller in the Systems page.

Basic information

Name and Location are used easy indication when you are trying to find the controller with the LAN look up feature and in Neets Central Control. Use Notes for extra information.

LAN settings

You can choose different connection types, e.g. IP, DHCP or Host name.

Press Use DHCP if you do not want to hassle with IP settings, just know that if you are using a touch interface, it will be necessary to know the IP address in order to enter it in the Neets App. Use static IP in order to gain full control of the assignment of IP adresses.

It is also possible to use Host name which is more and more used in bigger networks.


E-mail account settings

Use auto settings in order to use the Neets mail server or choose a manual setting where the AV system sits behind a closed network.

Press Send E-mail in order to test your configuration.


The Whitelist is for limiting the access to the graphical user interface, you can limit by using the IP- and MAC-address of the touch interface, use Dynamic in order to limit the access with a lease timer; the timer starts after you exit the interface on your touch device.

LED settings

The LED behaviour is set to a default by Neets, but you can here tweak the colors and blinking frequency of the different types of sequences. 



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