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Firmware revisions

The listing below shows all of the firmware updates for the Neets product portfolio and their content.

The products using this firmware are; Neets Control Systems, Audio Amplifiers and Switching Relays.


  • BUG: Import Subpage not in the project after saving is resolved
  • BUG: When using the "Replace device" new timing are not used
  • BUG: Slider in PD not the same in HTML
  • BUG: IGMP opens up for all multicarst address
  • BUG: PIR sensor not updating power state according to devise
  • BUG: TL-SG1005P with IGMP Snooping are not allowing multicarst trafic between Neets units
  • BUG: (.bin) file not deleted issue resolved on Firmware end


  • BUG: Cisco Touch 10, not always include when uploading to control system
  • BUG: Reset Neets Control UniForm by pressing button 1 and 4 when connection power is now working
  • BUG: Login information to Cisco Touch 10 was not correct handled when controlling via RS232


  • BUG: When uploading a old project 2 strings was missing in the weblanguage
  • BUG: When double click on a project file, the installation of Project Designer is restarted
  • BUG: Whats new video was not displayed as startup


  • BUG: Max TELNET connections limit on Kinetis and ColdFire
  • BUG: Sending a UDP message to a non exsisting IP will halt the system
  • BUG: Fix problem when import of graphical pages
  • BUG: Telnet timing out
  • BUG: Level start/stop. Stop commmand is not send
  • BUG: NEB Level never stops counting
  • BUG: Live monitor will not show more than 3 Neets LAN extensions
  • BUG: 2 x Unifom on Tango, do not show the right label
  • BUG: Uniform with Tango as extension, Live monitoring is not working


  • BUG: Atlona device drivers fix multiple Telnet connections
  • BUG: AMP 2:25 Command OFFDELAY supports up to 8 hours
  • BUG: UDP will not receive any data
  • BUG: Null terminating feedbacks are allowed in protocols other than Telnet


  • BUG: IR does not work on UniForm
  • BUG: UDP port issues
  • BUG: Clickshare issue with more than 3 buttons
  • BUG: Error when PD is making memory calculation
  • NEW FEATURE - AMP 2:25, the command OFFDELAY should support up to 4 hours


  • NEW FEATURE - NEETS Control UniForm
  • NEW FEATURE - LED behavior change in Passive model
  • NEW FEATURE - NCC send keye events on Port 5009
  • BUG: Neets Audio AMP 2:25 loss of settings on factory reset issue solved


  • BUG: Quebec Pro HDMI changes not notified to script
  • BUG: Tango reboot after 9 sec


  • BUG: QueBec Pro with SN 18xxxxx is always detecting a signal
  • BUG: When uploading this project the Tango freeze
  • BUG: UDP packet delivery fails in busy networks


  • NEW FEATURE - TELNET Client support for Coldfire Control Systems
  • NEW FEATURE - NEETS Control System LiMa added
  • BUG: RS232 Transmit function sends only 250 bytes
  • BUG: LiMa Control Relays not working from PD
  • BUG: Telnet client do not lost connection to script
  • BUG: Login is not working if the search string is not a string
  • BUG: When sending a command over Telnet the Control system reboots
  • BUG: SR-4 is not selecting to full duplex in Auto


  • BUG: SR-4 is not selecting to full duplex in Auto


  • BUG: Control systems works, but flashes for "missing Extension"
  • BUG: When reconnecting to extension device, the relays are deactivated
  • NEW FEATURE - QueBec Pro Switching speed improvement based on hardware revision number
  • NEW FEATURE - Multi graphical interface support for control systems


  • Fixed QueBec Pro would not turn monitor off in some instances after disconnecting VGA input
  • Fixed LED and key lock status not being correct on extension devices after a power cycle


  • QueBec Pro I/Os are now in input state by default.

  •  Switching Relay - 4/8 didn't change state when used as Screen mode, and changing to Output mode.


  • QueBec Pro stability


  • The protocol for Central Control is now transmitting time for lamp and filter in minutes instead of seconds


  • Stability on QueBec Pro HDMI signal and audio


  • Time between commands didn't work as expected
  • TCP connections was not disabled if ethernet connection was lost
  • Neets amplifier did not properly unmute if a source change occurs while being muted


  • When using the NEB bus on a DelTa, external EMC could make the system enter a deadlock.


  • Control system clock speed was 120 MHz, but should be 150 MHz
  • Commands placed on keypads was not sent on RS-485 port on NEB expansion
  • RC5 IR codes was not transmitted correctly.
  • Fixed memory leak on control systems with a graphical UI on a poor network connection


  • AMP2:25: Improved upload speed during FW update
  • AMP2:25: Mute from PC when USB input is selected
  • Added LockButton function to lock individual HW keys
  • Access to NEB bus from scripts
  • Car can now control LAN devices
  • Risk of RS232 connection errors with extension devices on startup
  • AMP2:25: JSON parsing fails if commands has been removed
  • AMP2:25: Auto power on/off on USB broken
  • Control system as extension device does not work with DHCP enabled


  • RS232 connection to extension device: Serial Number is no longer required
  • http://neetsweb is no longer available from LAN, only using USB RNDIS network
  • Risk of RS232 connection errors with extension devices on startup
  • AMP2:25: JSON parsing fails if commands has been removed
  • AMP2:25: Auto power on/off on USB broken
  • Control system as extension device does not work with DHCP enabled
  • Reduced internal stack load when updating LED's (status message is delayed 100ms)
  • EcHo & EcHo Plus: Fixed clearing NEB error after reconnect of NEB keyboard.


  • NCC support for extension control systems (updated to protocol version 3)


  • Bugfix for possible connection loss with Barco Clickshare CSE-200
  • Bugfix for QuebecII - Improved VGA detection


  • Support for Barco Clickshare CSE-200 with Secure socket communication. (SieRRa II, AlFa II & DelTa)
  • Improved LAN upload speed on SieRRa II, AlFa II & DelTa
  • Bugfix for Level Control decrease input (EcHo, EcHo Plus)
  • Bugfix for SendEmail
  • Bugfix for LAN upload not working (OsCar, EcHo Plus)
  • Bugfix for DelTa Preamp settings not preserved after FW update
  • KNOWN BUG: UART TX with 2 stop bits is not working! (SieRRa II, AlFa II, DelTa, SR-4, SR-8)
  • KNOWN BUG: Extension control systems (Systems connected as slaves) must have an empty project uploaded (with static IP address of slave system)


  • Web application cache was disabled on control systems with built in webserver
  • New Neets Audio Amplifier - 2:25 and Neets Audio Preamplifier was not controllable from the following control systems: EcHo Plus, EcHo and OsCar
  • Bugfix for more than 2 NEB keypads connected
  • Bugfix for amplifier flash
  • Bugfix for Neets Central Control communication


  • Support for Neets Audio Amplifier 2:25 and Neets Audio Amplifier PreAmp
  • USB RNDIS interface (Network via USB) (SieRRa II, AlFa II, DelTa, SR-4, SR-8)
  • Support for connecting control systems as extension devices
  • Support for MD5 checksum calculation (for ClickShare support)
  • OS update (SieRRa II, AlFa II, DelTa, SR-4, SR-8)
  • TCP/IP stack update.
  • Updated and simplified command interpretion (SR-4, SR-8, DelTa PreAmp, Neets Audio Amplifier 2:25, Neets Audio Amplifier PreAmp)
  • USB PID/VID is changed (SieRRa II, AlFa II, DelTa, SR-4, SR-8)
  • 'StackAddCallback' script function now supports up to 2 parameters
  • Bugfix for possible Device Stack overflow
  • KNOWN BUG: UART TX with 2 stop bits is not working! (SieRRa II, AlFa II, DelTa, SR-4, SR-8)
  • KNOWN BUG: Extension control systems (Systems connected as slaves) must have an empty project uploaded (with IP address of slave system)
  • KNOWN BUG: Only up to 3 extension control systems possible on EcHo Plus, 8 for all others


  • LAN control of SR4/8 from EcHo Plus
  • Support for video conference from ClearOne
  • Processor speed increased on SieRRa II, AlFa II and DelTa
  • Cleanup in .inc files
  • Fix for returning I/O output state
  • Fix for KeyboardLockPress event fired twice (Now only on KeyDown events)
  • Fix for DHCP lease time, when no Renewal or Rebinding timers are received from DHCP server
  • Fix for not closing WebSockets when TCP stack requests socket close (AlFa II, SieRRa II and DelTa)
  • Fix for no disconnect of RS232 loopthrough on SR4/8 devices when controled by Neets devices
  • Fix for not working Disable2Way function for RS485 ports (DelTa)
  • Fix for non-working memcpy command on SieRRa II, AlFa II and DelTa
  • Fix for timeout with IR Learner on DelTa (at first Learn attempt)
  • Fix for HTTP Whitelist
  • Fix for lagging sliders in SieRRa II, AlFa II and DelTa
  • Fix for not working RS485 port (DelTa)


  • Fix for issue with NEB Level Control indication on EcHo Plus


  • Fix for incorrect version for SR4/8 in FW 3.6.5


  • Fix for DHCP lease time, when no Renewal or Rebinding timers are received from DHCP server
  • Fix for web interface "Connection lost" issue (AlFa II, SieRRa II and DelTa)


  •  Improved NEB error handling and reconnection on all systems.
  • When sending data on NEB Expansion boards (on DelTa), data was not transmitted on the correct port (both RS232 and RS485)


  • Neets extension device firmware included
  • When connecting the Neets SR-4/8 to the PC you get a RS232 where you can control the Neets SR-4/8
  • Neets SR-4/8 now need to be upgraded by the Project Designer. This provide a easy firmware upgrade of the Neets SR-4/8 on all Windows computers
  • The DelTa now reconnect more stable to SR-4/8 when power is connected
  • On QueBec II/III, OsCar, BraVo, EcHo and EcHo Plus the script event @IOStateChange had swapped the IO pins state


  • Quebec III was by mistake using the wrong pin for HDMI detection. Introduced in firmware 3.6.1


  • When sending Lamp and filter hours to NCC the minutes became hours


  • Support for SieRRa II
  • Problem when controlling SR-4/8 from 3.Part systems. Connection closed and Reboot of SR-4/8 was required


  • Not possible to upgrade the Neets switching relay 4 and 8
  • When controlling Neets switching relay 4 and 8, sometimes it could loose connection and only turning off and on the unit will fix it


  • Changes made to support Central Control in EcHo Plus and OsCar


  • Support Telnet connection when controlling Video conference
  • Support for QueBec II/III, Bravo, Oscar, EcHo and EcHo Plus
  • Support for 4 addresses on NEB keyboards


  • The LAN interface could sometime go into a deadlock where all LAN communication stopped and a reboot was required to fix it


  • The IP transmit buffer has been change from 100 to 512 byte
  • When controlling a SR4/8 over TCP the connection could end up in a state where a reboot was required to make a connection to it


  • Updating the Web socket handling of ACK after sending a TCP frame
  • PreAmpReceive are no longer visible in the system code
  • When using NEB level Control the Control was rebooting
  • Possible to send 2 stop bit on RS-232 ports


  • Not possible to IR learn


  • Support for sub pages
  • Improved the websocket operation to prevent sending wrong data
  • When uploading a project over LAN the data was sometime corrupt


  • Screen control wasn't working
  • Improved memory handling
  • Moved frequently used files to ram to improve speed


  • Support for seamless connection between DelTa and SR-8 over LAN
  • When uploading a new project to the control system, the HTTP server are now stopped


  • Not possible to show DelTa preamp setup page


  • Files with high writing activity are moved to RAM for increase writing speed
  • Changes made that improve the NEB-bus recovering function
  • The Float library was missing tags to be used in the Project Designer
  • The IR transition has been improved to send a more precise IR signal


  • The way the system attempts to reconnect to NEB units has improved. This make the NEB bus withstand more EMC noise


  • Not all the settings the Preamp in the DelTa was not saved and loaded correct
  • The Keyboard lock on the GUI was not working


  • Possible to get individual status on TCP connections
  • When entering the Pre-amplifier mode on DelTa setup, the channel in the preamplifier was changing to channel 1 on both output 1 and output 2
  • When downloading a project file from DelTa by USB the sent data was wrong.
  • When uploading by LAN, the files existing on SD card was not overwritten correctly


  • Support for Save and load data to SD card from script code. (LoadFromSDCard and SaveToSDCard)
  • The GUI is not updated if the total stack delay are less than 500 ms
  • Possible to upload a project file using LAN
  • Problem with changing IP address from upload dialog is now possible
  • Support IO keyboard with 16 buttons
  • Possible to receive data on UDP connections
  • Possible to have the 10 TCP/UDP connection that are available in Project Designer
  • If sending a command of 1-5 bytes to the DelTa Preamp, the system could get unstable


  • Upload using LAN is working
  • Improvement SD card handling. (If you have problem with wrong displayed images, reformat the SD card and use this firmware)


  • First release ;-)


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