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Project Designer 1.8.0

Release date: 27-04-2016

New Features:

  • Use Neets control systems just like Switching Relay - 4/8, so you can extend the amount of ports and keypads to use in the system. Please note the following limitations: EcHo Plus can only be extended with 3 control systems.
  • Support for Neets Audio Amplifier - 2:25 and Neets Audio Preamplifier.
  • Easy ClickShare integration (CSC-1, CSM-1 and CSE-200).
  • New feedback events: 'System idle' to use for e.g. Auto shutdown and 'System started' to use for initializing device on system startup.
  • Setup white list access to the graphical user interface in properties for the control system.
  • Choose in which power states a button is activated.
  • It is now possible to have multiple distinct level sequences on the same button/slider.
  • Right click on a device in the System diagram to remove it.
  • Auto generated graphical states, to make manual state change redundant.
  • Group buttons to affect visual behaviour on keypad keys and graphical buttons.
  • Change the default state of LEDs and manually change the LED state for physical keys.
  • When using the PressButton function it is now possible to set the selected logical state on toggle buttons.
  • Dark theme is now available. Theme can be changed in Options window


  • Complete redesign of the Feedback workspace, to make it more intuitive.
  • The control system would request the source status from a device, even though the power state was off. This is changed so source requests is only made when power state is on.
  • The title of project is now shown in the title bar.
  • When adding an Neets amplifier level sequence on a Neets NEB level control, compensation is now the default adjustment mode.
  • The buttons for project templates is now larger, to support more text and images.
  • Updated German, French and Chinese translations.
  • The 'What's new' video, is no longer auto played.
  • I/O ports in the System workspace now displays Up/Down when adding a screen to an I/O port, so it behaves like when adding on a relay port.
  • Improved the quality of the control system images in the backstage.
  • 'Default audio settings' setup website on DelTa's built-in audio mixer is now shown in OS's default browser.

Bug Fixes:

  • When upgrading Project Designer from 1.6.8 to 1.7.0 the General Introduction video was shown instead of the What's new in 1.7 video.
  • Copy text in Help window was not working with Ctrl+C.
  • Multiple level sequences from different devices on the same button was not possible.
  • Output and Screen dialog selections did not expand automatically when a device was selected.
  • Sub page backgrounds were not shown on the Graphical User Interface.
  • The project backup file was not deleted in some scenarios when saving the current project.
  • When adding a sequence from a device attached to an extension device in script code, the space before the SN, was counted as a part of the SN and was therefore invalid.
  • On a newly opened project, when adding a sequence on a keypad button, the save-button was not enabled.
  • Filter settings in device list and graphical elements toolbox, together with the docking layout and expanded states in properties in System and Interface workspaces was not saved from one version of Project Designer to another.
  • Jump page functions were deleted when deleting a resolution.
  • The down and up timings for a screen was switched.
  • It was possible to enter an invalid serial number for the specific type of extension device.
  • In some cases, if having an invalid entry in the device database, an exception could occur.
  • When closing the 'What's New' video dialog, it could sometimes continue in the background making Project Designer unresponsive.
  • Editing the title of a resolution in the Interface workspace was not possible without changing the width or height.
  • The font 'Arial Black' did not display properly on the graphical user interface and has been removed. All graphical elements using the font is converted to 'Arial' with bold font weight.
  • When dropping an extension device that supports both RS-232 and LAN in the System workspace, depending on the type of control system only LAN was selectable in the dialog.
  • If a continuous level sequence had a delay between sending commands of 0 ms, a compile error occurred.
  • The 'Change button appearance' function was possible to add on a level slider. This resulted in compile errors, and is not possible anymore.
  • A corrupted RecentFiles.xml file is now deleted so it can be regenerated as an empty file.
  • When loading some projects with graphical elements that were grouped, an error occured. The project can now be loaded, but the invalid groups are excluded from the graphical interface.
  • In projects created in Project Designer before version 1.5.0, some functions were not loaded on buttons.
  • If two resolutions had the same name, one of them was always selected even on different resolutions on the clients.
  • The number of characters supported for a graphical label could exceed the maximum number of bytes (500) allowed, resulting in an exception when uploading.
  • Copying graphical elements with UTF-8 characters (E.g. Chinese) was not supported.
  • The background on the graphical user interface in the Neets Remote Android app was black instead of white for EcHo Plus and OsCar.
  • When using German language (maybe others as well), the help video icon in the 'Add ouput' dialog in the Function workspace was not visible due to longer text.
  • When using language settings on the PC where separator for decimals is ',' instead of '.' the website for EcHo Plus and OsCar didn't align the buttons correctly.
  • When undoing a graphical button deletion, which has a Press Button Functions referenced to it from feedback, the function is now no longer ignored.
  • Script code functions placed in the 'Time and escape' 'Button pressed again or timeout' was not included in the final script.
  • Attaching an I/O keypad to a QueBec II/III the buttons didn't work. This bug was introduced in an earlier version of Project Designer.
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