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Project Designer 1.8.4

Release date: 02-09-2016


  • It is now possible to attach an extension device on an RS-232 port without entering the serial number.
  • Updated Zoom/Pan/Tilt sequences in Cisco C20-C40-C60 Video conference device driver, so that they are supported even if IR is disabled on the codec.

Bug Fixes:

  • After introduction of Neets control systems being supported as extension devices (Version 1.8.0), it was not possible to add I/O keypads to Neets Switching Relay - 4/8 if main control system already had native keypad or I/O keypad attached.
  • Project Designer would show an error on startup, if helpfiles were previously downloaded or unpacked unsuccessfully.
  • In rare occasions when installing Project Designer, the unpacked web, module or firmware packages might be empty resulting in an error when uploading the project to the control system.
  • When Project Designer runs for the first time, Device Indexer could fail to start due to missing registry entries.
  • When a device is edited and the 'Copy functions' was used in the Device Editor and all sequences was overwritten, all the sequences that was placed inside an IF condition (e.g. Power on) was not removed from the project resulting in the project not being able to be opened again after saving it.
  • If an inc/dec level sequence is attached to a graphical slider, and editing the level sequence to become a none-inc/dec level, the sequence wasn't removed from the slider.
  • If a level sequence was edited and then having missing data, the sequence wasn't removed from the sequence list.
  • When adding a 'Press button' function in the script code dialog, the inserted code was invalid and could not compile.
  • If a LAN port was occupied with normal LAN devices, it was not possible to add Neets extension devices (e.g. Switching Relay, Amplifier - 2:25).
  • On startup, if Device Driver database is corrupt, Project Designer would fail to load.
  • In the 'Upload' dialog the Start button was initially disabled when selecting custom IP.
  • A physical key [A] linked to another physical key [B] now has the 'Change button appearance', if any, of [B] applied to [A].
  • Auto LED control was not working correctly on Neets extensions devices.
  • When adding feedback support to a device by using 'Edit device' the Feedback workspace was not updated to include the device.
  • When opening a project file from Microsoft Outlook and save the project you might see an error message due to unauthorized access.
  • Fixed missing key labels in Central Control on a Neets extension control system's native keypad.
  • In the System diagram, details regarding IP address was shown even if the control system was using DHCP.
  • Older projects with Neets extension devices might have pure RS-232 ports instead of RS-232/IR ports.
  • Older projects where a Neets extension device was attached to RS-232, collapsing the extension device in the System diagram and expanding again would result in port 1 being visible.
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