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Project Designer 1.10

Release date: 05-12-2016

New Features:

  • Support for Neets Control - TanGo.
  • Support for Kramer VIA (Connect Pro, Collage and Campus).

Bug Fixes:

  • The manual for EcHo was pointing to the EcHo plus manual.
  • Some text was cut off (e.g. in German) in the Output control dialog.
  • If a feedback item was relating to a control sequence, it was checking whether the control sequence was on a mute button, which would fail when compiling the project.
  • An NEB Level control did only work if there was only one per address. Fx. one address 'A' on two different extension devices did not work.
  • If a control system was fully equipped with LAN devices and at least one of them was a Neets extension device, replacing one of the LAN devices would give an error.
  • Updated manuals and templates from the Neets website would sometimes not be downloaded correctly.
  • FIRMWARE: Control system clock speed was 120 MHz, but should be 150 MHz.
  • FIRMWARE: Commands placed on keypads was not sent on RS-485 port on NEB expansion.
  • FIRMWARE: RC5 IR codes was not transmitted correctly.
  • FIRMWARE: LAN control through extension devices was not working.
  • FIRMWARE: Fixed memory leak on control systems with a graphical UI on a poor network connection.
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