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Project Designer 1.8.3

Release date: 17-06-2016


  • Auto feedback is disabled as default.

Bug Fixes:

  • If a graphical toggle button had no functions on state 2, Change Button Apperance was still auto generated which would give a pre-compiler error.
  • NEB level control indication LED's was not reflecting the current volume.
  • Linked sliders was not reflecting the value of the primary slider.
  • Instead of showing the user an unhandled error, the user is now warned if a device contains an invalid level sequence configuration.
  • Fixed unhandled error when adding a button on a master page to a group, which has other buttons linked to it.
  • Guard for invalid DB connection string when starting Project Designer. The string is defaulted.
  • Fixed LED's of physical buttons not lighting up according to the button type (e.g. off, on, source ) when linked to graphical buttons.
  • ClickShare: Compile error either when the 'inactive' and 'active' buttons are both linked to source sequences or when no source sequences are in the project.
  • FIRMWARE: NCC support for extension control systems (updated to protocol version 3).
  • MODULE: Baudrate could not be set on NEB expansion board.
  • MODULE: Mute buttons did not work on devices without Power off buttons.
  • MODULE: Mute buttons now follow power state defined for each button in ribbon in Project Designer.
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