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Project Designer 1.9.0

Release date: 05-12-2016

New Features:

  • Combine rooms by using built-in 'If RoomsCombined' condition.
  • Lock specific keys to disable user input. For example use it in combination with combined rooms.
  • We have added a completely new theme for your graphical interfaces called 'Matterhorn'. If you had any filters applied for graphical elements, they are reset.
  • FIRMWARE: AMP2:25: Improved upload speed during FW update.
  • FIRMWARE: AMP2:25: Mute from PC when USB input is selected.
  • MODULE: Support for custom NEB/I2C events. Use the @NEBEvent in SystemCode.


  • Neets Control - OsCar can now control LAN devices including Neets extension devices (e.g. Switching Relays and new Amplifiers).
  • The functions toolbox is now split into groups to get a better overview.
  • The small icons indicating functions on a button is re-arranged.
  • Validation of user inputs is redesigned.
  • Graphical elements from existing themes have been removed. This has been done to assist the user in making a more coherent visual design and, as a consequence, create a better experience for the end user. The previous graphical elements are available for download at

Bug Fixes:

  • Memory optimization when compiling a project.
  • Tooltip wasn't shown on the small 'function icons' on graphical buttons.
  • It was not possible to drop functions on top of 'function icons'.
  • It was possible to enter invalid e-mail data, and still be able to successfully compile a project.
  • When uploading a project by LAN, a warning was displayed even if DHCP was enabled in the project.
  • It was possible to drag a non-inc/decrement level sequence into the action list for a slider.
  • Undo/redo wasn't working for the 'Press button' function when it was edited.
  • When using the 'SendCommand' method in script code for sending IR commands on extension devices the SN wasn't used.
  • The 'Change button appearance' function didn't work if set to 'After' and when placed on a feedback item.
  • Sliders on subpages were not initialized correctly (bug introduced in 3.8.0).
  • In some situations, when reading the expanded states in the action tree, an error could occur, typically when creating a new project.
  • Trying to download a project file from a control system configured in Project Editor could give an error.
  • When pressing F1 in the 'Change button appearance'-, 'Link element'- and 'Press button' dialogs the proper help file wasn't shown.
  • Resetting filters for graphical elements when no default filters where saved, didn't reset the type filters and didn't apply the filters.
  • Keypads on control systems as extension devices was not included in documentation and when printing labels.
  • The 'Signal detection' interface for QueBec II/III is now included in PDF and Word documentation.
  • FIRMWARE: Risk of loosing TCP data when closing connection.
  • FIRMWARE: IR transmission on extension device or extension control system might fail.
  • FIRMWARE: Project upload might fail when using NEB bus (EcHo, EcHo Plus).
  • FIRMWARE: UDP connection data was accumulated (OsCar, EcHo Plus).
  • MODULE: LED indication for connecting to LAN device (TCP) wasn't cleared on connect when no OFF button was defined.
  • MODULE: Feedback 'out-of-sync' with multiple devices (if device status was changed while previous feedback change was being processed).
  • MODULE: A cyclic button press could occur, if using the 'Press button'.
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